=295= Words of Joy: Thankful

Oh I found out that some more of my classmates reads my blog! :O J & N I am watching you! O_O HAHAHA! It’s ok luhh, thanks for reading!

I really think that my GPA will drop Sia… 😦 This Sem has been insane! Even without a CCA like my classmates, I was struggling like mad. Well, the VP project was the toughest, it was incredibly difficult to do everything from the planning to the filming. Like the easiest thing was the editing, so thankful for good shots! Then, the MP project spent a lot of time also… 😦 well, just blame it on me updating my laptop… But yeah, I think I did a pretty good job trying to mix with my earphones and added effects. Then Mindez improved it! The MUTS was a hassle because I had no Logic Pro X on my laptop… 😦 so whatever I want to do, I needed to be in school on a lab station. Well, it was more difficult to do the projects, but I think it was worth it! Well, both songs turned out quite nice! As a result of the project something happened, well, I dunno if I can reveal the details, but yeah working with some people on something now! 

On top of that, I had ministry. Well, I guess ministry is my CCA bah! I play drums on alternate weekends then, I am a cell leader every week. The difficult part isn’t the going to play or going to teach, the tough part was the preparation. I do not want to smoke anyone. I don’t want to not prepare and go up stage and act like I prepared, that is just lazy. I don’t want to not prepare a lesson and yet still teach lesson like I did. First of all, the kids aren’t stupid! They can tell if you prepared or not! Second, why are you short changing your kids of what they can learn? That is both lazy and selfish!

Then, family. I try my best to give as much time I can to my grandma and my immediate family. Giving them priority over many things. Well, I mean they took care of me for like 19 years of their lives! The least I could do is to just spend some time with them! It is a difficult thing to find balance in, but I will still try my best! 

I am so glad that the papers are over! Well, I only have like 4 days of rest before I start my work! So yeah! Looking forward to be able to work and learn more about media stuff! To be able to go to the new church to learn more about the systems there! So glad I actually plucked up enough courage to ask about the internship! 🙂

Well, balance in work and family, quite a tough thing to do, I am trying, but it isn’t easy… Well, hopefully, even while maintaining balance, I will be able to contribute and learn more!

I am really off form in my time-keeping in drums… 😦 need more practice with the metronome!

Going to watch a musical at Esplanade today! Then, most probably watching Steve Gadd when he comes! Excited man! 

Now, I am just thankful! 🙂