=302= My God Is: Forgiving

Well, -sigh- failed today…. But the Lord, still reigns! I slowly realised the distance between God and me and I realised again how freaking weak I am… 😦 Well, I recall having this idea of asking everyone if you had one word to discover God. What would it be? So I was just thinking, instead of that, I am going to take up a journey discribing God with different words every week! Cool thing is that, I will continue the list! You will see! 🙂 I might give context, so yeah! 

My God is Forgiving!

=301= Thanksgiving: Estreme

Well, yesterday was one of the most extreme days in terms of emotions. For work yesterday i did the stupidest thing ever; I dropped someone’s camera… -sigh- While moving a box yesterday, the strap of the camera snagged onto something and it fell down. Spoiling B’s lens. I was like “I am a freaking idiot”. Even so, he told me not to worry about it. He still went on normally. Crap. He afterwards went on to tell me that the lens wasn’t his. Sure he may own it, but it was God that blessed him with it, He gives and He can take it away. Going further as to ask me if i had lost my ability for drumming what will i do. Even so, I told him that i will settle half the cost of the repair or replacement. Today, he called me up to me that the church will cover the full cost of the repair.

I still felt really bad… 😦 However, B is really someone to admire. To have such character and to have processed stuff so fast and got over it so fast, that was just amazing. To have such response even though he isn’t rich. He has been taking great great care of me ever since I entered the internship. I really pray that such mistakes and carelessness will not happen again. Even with the church paying, i really feel like i just wasted the church’s money. Grace surprisingly came in a very unexpected place.

Then, when i got to my grandma’s house, had dinner and waited fro my mum to come down too! Then while surfing Facebook, i read D saying that he received his results! So i checked mine! and what i saw was just…. WOW! I received VERY good results. Like REALLY REALLY good! I was so shocked! I mean i really thought that my GPA will go down this sem, but instead, it went up significantly! Praise God!

Then, I really like the manga, “Assassination Classroom”! Like it has been awhile since a manga was such a blend of humour, action and drama! The concept was such a strange one with no clear protagonist(at first) and yet slowly, each character was able to come out and you will slowly recognise each character! Then it unraveled such an interesting back story to Koro-Sensei! Just incredible! The one that i really liked before this was “Beelzebub”. Beelzebub really had such story and humour! They are able to make a serious scene become REALLY funny and yet not affecting the quality of the manga! It was an idiot’s manga, but i really enjoyed it! The author had a one shot recently and the sense of randomness and humour is still the same!

Well, watched the movie, se7en. Well, liked the concept, but yeah, i think to have it condensed into 2 hours was a bit too much info for the movie. If they had made each part more significant, i would have enjoyed it better! But that might just be me with the small laptop screen! And i felt that the antagonist’s character should be further developed! Like, with a character as psychopathic as that, wouldn’t it be more interesting for John himself to challenge the police to catch him before him completes his masterpiece in the first sin? Then, have his foreshadowing role play a more significant role! SO when it blew people’s heads, it will. Maybe have him actually have a conversation with the Mills. David’s role in the movie isn’t exactly likeable. Perhaps someone less short tempered and more cool? However, it could be because it was based on the comics! Someone should totally do a re-boot of this movie!

=300= Days to Remember: Steve Gadd

Well, I began my day with waking up and watching a few videos on the 9 o clock show and of course 118! 118 is just so good that it breaks people’s hearts! Chow Chor Meng’s acting was unbelievably believable! Incredible actor! Actors that went through the older generation tends to act a lot better than the actors today. The fight between MeiMei and DaMing, in front of the family, let ShunShui reveal that DaMing had fainted earlier on that day. Then Shun Shui delivered a great speech on why DaMing had to be strong and not crumble before his family in terrible times like this. Chow Chor Meng’s acting and then speech was just WOW. Everyone on screen was crying and it just broke my heart. JinZhi had lost her memory and can only remember Zhang Mei You and Xiao Bao. The heartbroken family crying together was just such a scene. Since I had been watching this show for so long, I had developed feelings for the characters. To see them like that was Aiyo…. 😦 Just to prove that 118 and Singaporean dramas can actually meet the mark!

Then I went for drum lessons and we practiced Sunday Morning! Well, it was good!

Then I went for a movie! I initially wanted to watch like “The man from UNCLE” or “Inside out” for both movies seemed to have a good response! I decided upon UNCLE! But the show was 3.20, a bit late for me. So it was either inside out or just wait that long! I was ready to wait for UNCLE but I saw the poster for “Me, Earl and the Dying Girl” and that it has gotten two awards! I did the most spontaneous thing and I jumped to watched it! The show was at 2.50! Great! I went in and WOOOOWWWWW! It was absolutely stunning! The storyline was tight, easy to understand and good. The acting was superb! However that wasn’t the best point of the movie! The best point were the shots! It was visually stunning and it employed so many shot techniques! From depth of field and it breaking the axis of action. It was so technical and beautiful! Well a film on someone doing film, had to have great shots! Then the cuts were good, everything was pieced very well together! The soundtrack was great! It is just a movie I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend! It will break your heart too! 🙂

Then I walked towards Esplanade just to ensure I knew where the pre show talk was! I first saw J, I totally forgot that the second batch of NP students were interning there! Haha! I also saw T and N’s boyfriend!

Then, I went for dinner then the Steve Gadd talk! Well, the first person I recognised was the owner from Singpore Drum Shop, he had brought all his Zildjian cymbals to get them signed by Steve! -sigh- I should have got mine too!

Then the talk. I felt like I was really out of place. The people in the talk were all people that have some prior knowledge to jazz. I am just a simple drummer boy that likes Steve’s playing from a YouTube video…. So when they spoke of jazz musicians I was just like… Ok…. Haha! Nevertheless, Steve’s presence really inspired me! I knew that I needed to at least ask one question! I want him to be speaking TO ME! But I didn’t know what to ask! I don’t want to ask unintelligent questions or like questions that the Jazz snobs already can answer! So was formulating the question and my heart was beating really fast cause you know, star struck! 😀

I went with, “Hi Steve, with you playing for such a long period of time already, do you still make mistakes on stage? And if you do, how do you cover it up?” 

The second line cracked the audience up! <totally not planned!>

Steve at the talk show! 😀

Then Steve replied with an equally funny statement, “I repeat it 8 bars later!” HAHAHAHA! He went on to say that he still does make mistakes and he repeats it so it doesn’t seem like a mistake, but what he tries to do now is to not beat himself up too much over that mistake! Which is a great lesson to learn! I mean just the past weekend I really did beat myself up over the awkward pause over in G2’s service… -sigh- He also said FEAR stands for Face Everything And Return, so let’s go! I also found out that he was the original drummer for Frank Sintatra for Mack the Knife! :O

The concert was good! Of course Jazz isn’t my kind of music. In fact, songs without lyrics are hard to appreciate. Really hard, especially if what was being played are songs that are just technically proficient and not catchy. However, I can’t say that about Steve Gadd’a band! They really know how to make a song interesting even though it didn’t had words! Normally, I would be bored by the first song, but this time round I was only finding myself tired in the middle of the fourth song! Might be because I paid for it, but yeah, after that fourth song they picked it up a notch and played an uptempo song! That got my attention back again! At the end of it, I really liked how the Band was so tight! All the pauses together and great feel and dynamics!

I was just amazed at how simple Steve Gadd was! Like you would think one of the best drummers in the world will be super technical and has an amazing amount of fill ins. Indeed Steve Gadd do have a lot, but the times where is purposely played simple was just incredible! The fill that I kept seeing him do is simply one note on the floor Tom! Just like that! I did not notice him doing crescendo build ups! I really do think that those are like the most important fills in the world. Seems like Jazz is doesn’t require that fill! Next is that, with Steve as a Jazz drummer you would expect that he plays soft all the time! At times he does play soft, but the times he hit loud they were REALLY loud! Just to show how much dynamics he can get! Steve, being his show does a few funny things like talking to the crew to up his monitor mix in between songs! He also walked all the way to the mic end of his bass drum to fix something! Which was kinda funny!

I learned something about how the Jazz crowd works! In a rock band setting, everyone claps on “2” and “4”, songs along with the song and at the end of the song, welcomed with a large applause! Of course, we did clap at the end of the song for Steve as well! However there seems to be another time where people clap! For each song, there seems to be a stanza where it is the ground 1 stanza! After that stanza, will come a stanza that showcases a band member! Allowing that member to play sick stuff! then after that stanza, they will return back to the ground 1 stanza and everyone will clap! It was almost like it as after a guitar solo in a rock band!

After the concert, I decided to buy both of their CDs! Since like they only had 2 CDs out! If i got then signed it will worth a lot more! Might as well invest in it now! while queuing up, I saw Jiaxing! didn’t know that he was here too! he didn’t buy the CDs though! Haha!

I think i was rather fortunate! I managed to be inside the queue for the post show signature giving rather early! Though the staff said no taking photos with the artistes, but I really wanted one with Steve Gadd! so i asked him personaly when it was my turn! so i took one! Yay! But i looked rather awkward… :/

So yeah! Great day!


=299= Reflections: Internship

Well, I honestly thank God for my internship! There are so many things about it to give thanks for!

1. Doesn’t clash with ministry & family.
One of the hardest requirements to find in a job is find one that doesn’t include working during the weekends or too late at night. With working hours like 9.30-5.30 is just amazing, considering that I am working for a media team, which normally involves late nights and on weekends. The last internship in Esplanade was only like that because I asked for it and that it was a short period(1 month). I don’t really know if I will be able to do the same if it was 6 months… :/ Then the Bro Chris even let’s me include cell and service into my working hours! This amount of flexibility is just great!

2. I am earning money!
Haha! Well, this might be a shock to you, but in my one month internship at Esplanade, I wasn’t paid…. ._. This was because Esplanade is a charity… :/ Well, we were paid with polar cakes. Oh well, on the bright side, church is paying me infinity times better! Yay!(because you know, anything over zero is infinity! Hehe!) But really! Church is paying me really well, it is a very decent pay for an internship! So yeah, gonna save up for my cymbals! Maybe before that I should reshell my triple fi 10! Sounds like a really good idea! If can, I should ask if I can do my 6 months internship for school, in church!

3. I am learning stuff that I would never otherwise learn.
The thing about an internship is to learn more about the industry(whether is it, working style, lingo, equipment, etc etc)with experienced people. So that you will have a better idea about what to do next time!
In my internship in Esplanade, we honestly did not learn as much as we would have liked. I mean, we wanted to apply what we have learned there or like try something new, but with such a short period and so many events and crew working, it was hard to learn or try stuff because the time spent on setting up/tearing down was so little… :/ so yeah…
To give Esplanade credit though, the experience was unlike any other! You really feel like you are in something big and the 6 months internship will definetely be better! In church, of course I am not put in a role with many responsibilities yet, but with less crew, you get to make relationships and you get to learn more, because they will track your progress! Which brings me to my next point!

4. The environment is great!
And that is an understatement! The workers in Esplanade gives good environment, but church media team just gives a different feeling. I guess a result of godly people working together! People there depend on God and pray. Both sides mess around and play, but in church, I find that it is a better environment to work! Several factors I guess!

5. My colleagues are great people!
Every single time we go for lunch, one person will pay for everyone’s drinks! Ever since I started work, I have never ever paid for my drinks! I really should pay one day! On top of teaching me technical stuff they also teach me stuff like working ethics; when is something acceptable, when it is not. They are very patient with me! With so many things to do I thought that they will get impatient and ask me to do my job faster, never did anyone of them did that yet!

6. <MIGHT> Enter the new G1 building early!
Haha, ask S and you would know that another big reason for me to enter internship during this period of time was because I wanted to enter G1 early! Well, it will be very possible considering that I will be helping out for the pioneer event! Hehe! Can’t wait!

Well, I am just glad that I am so blessed with so many opportunities!

Thank you God!


On the side note, I think it is safe to remove “Melancholic Reflections” alltogether and replace it with just “Reflections”! Well, the more gloomy post will still be “Words of Melancholy” and the happier ones will still be “Words of Joy”. Reflections will just be me reflecting upon the week or a significant event! So yeah! Haha!

=298= Thanksgiving of the Week

Trying to bring this back! But so difficult to be consistent man!

Thanksgiving 6/9/2015:
Got up
Went for drum lessons
Sian, really off form!
Went to Mustafa, saw the orient star that I wanted
Checked out the sistem51 swatch watch, seems a bit cheap, but it supposed to have a 90 hours power reserve!
Got myself the 13 dollars Casio watch!
Went off to Kallang wave
Kallang wave is boring… 😦
Like I walked like the whole mall and had nothing to buy… D:
Bought myself a marble slab ice cream, been really long since I last had one!
Then bought two cables!
Went home
Practiced quite a bit!
Good dinner! 🙂
118 is ending in 30+ episodes… 😦 NO….
Watched the 9 and 10 o clock shows! 😀
Watched the videos of VP!
Got to sleep
Woke up
Had two croissants for breakfast!
Went to church
Was early!
Well, the staff are friendly! 🙂
Lunch was good
Had this course for the video mixer, was a bit sleepy… :/
Oh well, either way still pretty alright!
Caught up to 945!
Caught up to 72!
Got home
Bought Rojak
Went to grandma’s!
Good dinner
Watched all the shows! So nice to be able to not think about anything else at home!
Got to work
Measured all the drum sizes for the old G1 chapel kit!
Need to rid of my fear of heights man!
Then followed Uncle FuLong around to clean all the mics and equipment!
Took the van to J333!
Had really nice wanton mee! 🙂
Went to help Rowell with the stuff
Learned a bit about the board and stuff!
Went for supper
Had a nice chat with Kiat, Wan Hui and Augustine! 🙂
Got home!
Went off to work
Went to tune the drums
The sanctuary kick drum is a HASSLE… D:
Needs more dampening!
Then lunch
Then cleaned up Narnia!
Got a free More Like You CD! YAY!
Cutters up a carpet
Went off!
Jam though… Never gonna take 985 during peak hours again! :<
Got home
Went to work
Rowell only!
Had a nice chat with him!
How he came to Grace was super cool! HAHA!
Got off work early
Talked to Yu Zhe and Darren
Told Darren my thoughts
Well, slightly regretted it, but it is good to get it out of my system
Asked for prayer from the three pillars
One of them totally made me break down…. 😦
Good breakfast
Wasted a ton of time on shows
Went to swim after such a long time! Was SOOOOO enjoyable! 😀
Good dinner
Went off to work
Well, did the lights… -sigh- did so badly… stupid boy…. 😦
Then, went for cell
Shared about the issues of the heart, haha, something about the heart that just brings people together…
Well, shared the C story again!
Good lesson! 🙂
Went off
Service was alright
Met Enoch! Hope he will settle with us! 🙂
J called me to ask about the sermon
I refuse to tell him.
Got a bit angry
Had Vera talked to Ga
Went off to the MRT with D! 😀
Managed to talk quite a bit!
J joined us too! Was fun with him! 🙂
Wanted to take the MRT with D but I stopped myself from going out of the way.
Well, got home
Had laksa!
Played guitar
Watched Death Note’s drama
Soooooo Disapointinggggzzz…. 😦
Why in the world is the confident and proud Yagami Light so wimpy and pathetic? Like come on! Such a bad character change… Just shut up and be evil!
Then L is too cool looking… He probably seems more like Mello rather than L! Like no….
Watched the live action movie instead, still wowed by how the production team managed to change the plot to become so succinct and interesting and yet still more or less sticking to the original characters and plot of the manga! In fact, they even added plots in so that the whole movie will be better! Amazing production team!
Felt further away from someone… 😦
Well, pray that it will be better!

=297= Melancholic Reflections: Honesty

Well, recently I have a two of my boys that stopped going for service. Then one of them, kept asking me what was the sermon about today. I thought that he was being good. Turns out, he was asking so that he will be able to answer his brother and mother when they ask him about the sermon.

He called me yesterday and I refused to tell him. A mistake that I made was not explaining myself. I will not help him lie to his parents. If he doesn’t want to come for service, he jolly well be a man and face the consequences. Don’t be such a coward. If you dare to do it, face it! Shut up and face it! Well, I am not guilty of doing anything wrong. So I am not afraid.

Yesterday was a delightful day! I really enjoyed teaching cell lesson and talking to D! Haha! Well, it was an awesome time!

Thank you Lord!