=300= Days to Remember: Steve Gadd

Well, I began my day with waking up and watching a few videos on the 9 o clock show and of course 118! 118 is just so good that it breaks people’s hearts! Chow Chor Meng’s acting was unbelievably believable! Incredible actor! Actors that went through the older generation tends to act a lot better than the actors today. The fight between MeiMei and DaMing, in front of the family, let ShunShui reveal that DaMing had fainted earlier on that day. Then Shun Shui delivered a great speech on why DaMing had to be strong and not crumble before his family in terrible times like this. Chow Chor Meng’s acting and then speech was just WOW. Everyone on screen was crying and it just broke my heart. JinZhi had lost her memory and can only remember Zhang Mei You and Xiao Bao. The heartbroken family crying together was just such a scene. Since I had been watching this show for so long, I had developed feelings for the characters. To see them like that was Aiyo…. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Just to prove that 118 and Singaporean dramas can actually meet the mark!

Then I went for drum lessons and we practiced Sunday Morning! Well, it was good!

Then I went for a movie! I initially wanted to watch like “The man from UNCLE” or “Inside out” for both movies seemed to have a good response! I decided upon UNCLE! But the show was 3.20, a bit late for me. So it was either inside out or just wait that long! I was ready to wait for UNCLE but I saw the poster for “Me, Earl and the Dying Girl” and that it has gotten two awards! I did the most spontaneous thing and I jumped to watched it! The show was at 2.50! Great! I went in and WOOOOWWWWW! It was absolutely stunning! The storyline was tight, easy to understand and good. The acting was superb! However that wasn’t the best point of the movie! The best point were the shots! It was visually stunning and it employed so many shot techniques! From depth of field and it breaking the axis of action. It was so technical and beautiful! Well a film on someone doing film, had to have great shots! Then the cuts were good, everything was pieced very well together! The soundtrack was great! It is just a movie I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend! It will break your heart too! ๐Ÿ™‚

Then I walked towards Esplanade just to ensure I knew where the pre show talk was! I first saw J, I totally forgot that the second batch of NP students were interning there! Haha! I also saw T and N’s boyfriend!

Then, I went for dinner then the Steve Gadd talk! Well, the first person I recognised was the owner from Singpore Drum Shop, he had brought all his Zildjian cymbals to get them signed by Steve! -sigh- I should have got mine too!

Then the talk. I felt like I was really out of place. The people in the talk were all people that have some prior knowledge to jazz. I am just a simple drummer boy that likes Steve’s playing from a YouTube video…. So when they spoke of jazz musicians I was just like… Ok…. Haha! Nevertheless, Steve’s presence really inspired me! I knew that I needed to at least ask one question! I want him to be speaking TO ME! But I didn’t know what to ask! I don’t want to ask unintelligent questions or like questions that the Jazz snobs already can answer! So was formulating the question and my heart was beating really fast cause you know, star struck! ๐Ÿ˜€

I went with, “Hi Steve, with you playing for such a long period of time already, do you still make mistakes on stage? And if you do, how do you cover it up?” 

The second line cracked the audience up! <totally not planned!>

Steve at the talk show! ๐Ÿ˜€

Then Steve replied with an equally funny statement, “I repeat it 8 bars later!” HAHAHAHA! He went on to say that he still does make mistakes and he repeats it so it doesn’t seem like a mistake, but what he tries to do now is to not beat himself up too much over that mistake! Which is a great lesson to learn! I mean just the past weekend I really did beat myself up over the awkward pause over in G2’s service… -sigh- He also said FEAR stands for Face Everything And Return, so let’s go! I also found out that he was the original drummer for Frank Sintatra for Mack the Knife! :O

The concert was good! Of course Jazz isn’t my kind of music. In fact, songs without lyrics are hard to appreciate. Really hard, especially if what was being played are songs that are just technically proficient and not catchy. However, I can’t say that about Steve Gadd’a band! They really know how to make a song interesting even though it didn’t had words! Normally, I would be bored by the first song, but this time round I was only finding myself tired in the middle of the fourth song! Might be because I paid for it, but yeah, after that fourth song they picked it up a notch and played an uptempo song! That got my attention back again! At the end of it, I really liked how the Band was so tight! All the pauses together and great feel and dynamics!

I was just amazed at how simple Steve Gadd was! Like you would think one of the best drummers in the world will be super technical and has an amazing amount of fill ins. Indeed Steve Gadd do have a lot, but the times where is purposely played simple was just incredible! The fill that I kept seeing him do is simply one note on the floor Tom! Just like that! I did not notice him doing crescendo build ups! I really do think that those are like the most important fills in the world. Seems like Jazz is doesn’t require that fill! Next is that, with Steve as a Jazz drummer you would expect that he plays soft all the time! At times he does play soft, but the times he hit loud they were REALLY loud! Just to show how much dynamics he can get! Steve, being his show does a few funny things like talking to the crew to up his monitor mix in between songs! He also walked all the way to the mic end of his bass drum to fix something! Which was kinda funny!

I learned something about how the Jazz crowd works! In a rock band setting, everyone claps on “2” and “4”, songs along with the song and at the end of the song, welcomed with a large applause! Of course, we did clap at the end of the song for Steve as well! However there seems to be another time where people clap! For each song, there seems to be a stanza where it is the ground 1 stanza! After that stanza, will come a stanza that showcases a band member! Allowing that member to play sick stuff! then after that stanza, they will return back to the ground 1 stanza and everyone will clap! It was almost like it as after a guitar solo in a rock band!

After the concert, I decided to buy both of their CDs! Since like they only had 2 CDs out! If i got then signed it will worth a lot more! Might as well invest in it now! while queuing up, I saw Jiaxing! didn’t know that he was here too! he didn’t buy the CDs though! Haha!

I think i was rather fortunate! I managed to be inside the queue for the post show signature giving rather early! Though the staff said no taking photos with the artistes, but I really wanted one with Steve Gadd! so i asked him personaly when it was my turn! so i took one! Yay! But i looked rather awkward… :/

So yeah! Great day!



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