=301= Thanksgiving: Estreme

Well, yesterday was one of the most extreme days in terms of emotions. For work yesterday i did the stupidest thing ever; I dropped someone’s camera… -sigh- While moving a box yesterday, the strap of the camera snagged onto something and it fell down. Spoiling B’s lens. I was like “I am a freaking idiot”. Even so, he told me not to worry about it. He still went on normally. Crap. He afterwards went on to tell me that the lens wasn’t his. Sure he may own it, but it was God that blessed him with it, He gives and He can take it away. Going further as to ask me if i had lost my ability for drumming what will i do. Even so, I told him that i will settle half the cost of the repair or replacement. Today, he called me up to me that the church will cover the full cost of the repair.

I still felt really bad… 😦 However, B is really someone to admire. To have such character and to have processed stuff so fast and got over it so fast, that was just amazing. To have such response even though he isn’t rich. He has been taking great great care of me ever since I entered the internship. I really pray that such mistakes and carelessness will not happen again. Even with the church paying, i really feel like i just wasted the church’s money. Grace surprisingly came in a very unexpected place.

Then, when i got to my grandma’s house, had dinner and waited fro my mum to come down too! Then while surfing Facebook, i read D saying that he received his results! So i checked mine! and what i saw was just…. WOW! I received VERY good results. Like REALLY REALLY good! I was so shocked! I mean i really thought that my GPA will go down this sem, but instead, it went up significantly! Praise God!

Then, I really like the manga, “Assassination Classroom”! Like it has been awhile since a manga was such a blend of humour, action and drama! The concept was such a strange one with no clear protagonist(at first) and yet slowly, each character was able to come out and you will slowly recognise each character! Then it unraveled such an interesting back story to Koro-Sensei! Just incredible! The one that i really liked before this was “Beelzebub”. Beelzebub really had such story and humour! They are able to make a serious scene become REALLY funny and yet not affecting the quality of the manga! It was an idiot’s manga, but i really enjoyed it! The author had a one shot recently and the sense of randomness and humour is still the same!

Well, watched the movie, se7en. Well, liked the concept, but yeah, i think to have it condensed into 2 hours was a bit too much info for the movie. If they had made each part more significant, i would have enjoyed it better! But that might just be me with the small laptop screen! And i felt that the antagonist’s character should be further developed! Like, with a character as psychopathic as that, wouldn’t it be more interesting for John himself to challenge the police to catch him before him completes his masterpiece in the first sin? Then, have his foreshadowing role play a more significant role! SO when it blew people’s heads, it will. Maybe have him actually have a conversation with the Mills. David’s role in the movie isn’t exactly likeable. Perhaps someone less short tempered and more cool? However, it could be because it was based on the comics! Someone should totally do a re-boot of this movie!


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