=309= Reflections: A Good Boss

It is about time that I gave one of my posts to my one and a half months in the media team of GAOG!

Well let me talk about something else first!

I remembered chatting with a group of friends and I recalled one of them asking another if his/her boss is good. The person replied that no boss is good.

I have to say that this internship proved this statement wrong! I think my bosses were amazing people and I truly admire them!

Throughout this attachment, the person I really grew to admire was Bro Chris! He is really the ideal boss! He is stern and strict for certain issues because he has to be(as a boss, one really need to be stern sometimes to get things done), yet, he finds the right line to jump over and be loose and joke around with his subordinates! He is probably the one that puts in the most effort in the media team! Skipping meals to settle stuff, constantly on the ball to do things; giving his all to ensure that the media for the church doesn’t go wrong! He protects his crew when they get heat from the other departments. He spends money to treat us even though he doesn’t need to! I have seen this man work his ass off for the church and I really admire him! He always has this sense of composure!

 The night after the dedication service, when I stayed back to listen to the media team have a meeting from 11.30pm-1am was an incredible sight. Well, the full dress rehearsal wasn’t very good and he had the media team stay back to brainstorm on how to settle the problems. It is never easy when one has to be in the shoe of a leader/boss trying to get everyone to work together! His ability to lead and point everyone back to the main point was very good! Lord, if I do become more a leader, can I be one like that?

Rowell, technically my supervisor was incredible too! Rowell is not only a boss to me, he is also a friend! I find that whenever there is someone of higher standing, it is hard to find the balance between Friend and boss! Somehow or another, Rowell managed to balance both! I really give thanks that he saw me as an equal even though I was only an intern! He has taught me much! From technical things to work ethics! I can’t ask for a better supervisor! πŸ™‚

Brian! Well, I really cannot miss the first person I knew from the media team. I am so sorry for dropping your camera(if you ever read this). I am really sorry! I am amazed at how fast your can get over things! I am amazed at how much you rely and depend on God! Brian! Thank you for looking out for me so much!

Long Ge! Thank you for being the person to show me the ropes! From helping me to learn how to on/off the system to teaching me how to set up something! I am really thankful that you were patient with me! 

Thank you for this experience!

I really admire everyone in the media team for how they balance work with their family! You enter Esplanade and you hear people giving up a lot of time with family to work for the show, but I much rather want to be a man that balances between the two! Lord, please help me to do that even now!

Lord, please help me in this area! Father, please give me opportunities to help me! Father, help me to trust that you are good and that my future is in your hands!

Thank you Lord!


On another side note, I noticed that someone friendlier to me now, well, I give thanks! πŸ™‚


=308= Gear Talk: Omega Watch

Or the day I got a watch that is as old(or even older) than my parents!

I just bought a vintage omega Seamaster off this guy named Dave from Carousell!

Just look at it! How the sun light gets refracted on the face! The touch to details on the markers and logo is splendid too! I should show you the buckle! 

So nice right? Haha! The omega buckle is something else man! 

For people that I have shared with, they would know that I really liked the vintage omega seamasters! The current seamasters, though worn by James Bond since 1995, is in my opinion, too sporty and generic. I mean, divers watches are so common now sia! Every watch(even fashion) company has their own version of a diver’s watch! This is most probably because of the market! There is now a lot of demand for bigger diver watches! Now a standard size for a men’s watch is 40-44mm!

Why is that shocking? This is because the watch I have on my hands now is 34mm! Almost 1cm of difference! Back then, back in the 1950s/1960s men’s watches 34mm is the standard size! In our society now, a 34mm watch would be considered a ladies watch!

In the world of watches, people need to know about the quartz revolution! Quartz work by running a current through a Quartz crystal and the crystal would provide a signal of one signal per second! Hence giving the second hand the Tick, tick, tick! In 1970s/1980s, Quartz technology, that Seiko came out with, almost crippled the Swiss watch industry! It made it possible to have a very accurate watch at a very cheap price! Today you can buy a Quartz watch at like $2! Swiss mechanical watches only made it’s comeback afterwards!

Before the Quartz revolution, Omega and Rolex were competing toe to toe! Can you imagine? A watch company that was competing with Rolex! :O

Omega is still competing with Rolex now! I think that even now, Omega is probably the next company after Rolex! However, they don’t make these kinda watches anymore… 😦 Their line nowadays are lines that are bigger and sportier! The vintage watches back then look REALLY good! Like just incredible!

Look at that 18k rose gold man! Just wow! πŸ˜€

The movement is different too! My vintage watch houses a bumper type automatic movement! It is an older technology than the standard rotor now! A movement that came out during the 50s! Instead of turning 360 degrees! It can only turn like 130 degrees! Bumping towards a spring! Very cool!

It has a silverish dial(face) rather than a white dial! Kinda gives it a 3D effect when you view it with the domed crystal! πŸ™‚

This watch also has my own personal significance! It is my first Swiss watch! It is my first Omega watch! Finally, it is the first watch that I paid with my own money! It is just beautiful!

However, it is not all good; I got disappointed on a few factors.

1. The leather strap isn’t original… 😦
Well, it is asking a bit too much if you want the original watch strap to last 50-40 years of age! The leather strap is a new one with the original omega buckle in it. I guess I would be happy with just the original buckle in the watch!

2. It doesn’t have anything engraved behind
This watch was build in a time before Omega did the seamaster engravement. Though there are photos and on the lid’s back, proving that it is real, but having the engravement behind would really add to the watch’s beauty!

3. The hands and dial are a bit dirty
Unavoidable I guess. It is a watch that went through so much time!

4. Most importantly, it gains like approximately 2 minutes everyday
A reason why Quartz almost crushed the Swiss watch industry was because it was very accurate at a very cheap price! A cheap $2 Quartz watch is more accurate than even a 100 thousand dollars mechanical Patek Phillippe! My watch, though still working, doesn’t keep time well. That is quite a disapointing factor for me. I mean the primary function of a watch is to keep time! With it not keeping time, was just sad for me!

However, on the bright side, the watch still working is a testament to how good these watches are! Lasting 40-50 years of age! Is just wow! Just imagine the history the watch had seen! It could have been older than Singapore! :O And just when did this watch enter Singapore? How many countries has it seen? Just Super cool!

Well, I don’t regret buying it! It will be my dress watch from now onwards! So yeah! Let’s see how it would turn out! πŸ™‚


=307= Reflections: Peers

Haha, I didn’t want it to sound too moody or sad, because I am not! So yeah!

Well, I noticed that whenever I am in a period for me to think about who I want to be, I will withdraw from doing much and interacting with people. Sounds really loner, but really not that bad luhh! It helps me to observe stuff! πŸ™‚

I observed today! I observed that Tertiary seems to be such a wonderful place. Haha! I miss being in a cell with people and continue to be together enjoying each other’s presence, being loose and vulnerable and just have fun together! They looked like such a great cell! Having fun together even without a leader’s presence! When a cell enjoys their each other’s presence, they will grow further as friends and form strong friendships!

I miss having peers to have fun with! I guess that is the side effect of leading youths after my batch had moved up to YA. 

Lord, will you provide me with peers that will journey with me? I want to have people my age or older so I don’t have to be the big Brother! I want to just be part of the group! πŸ™‚

I don’t really have a place to stand! Haha! Well, I should really make more friends! Lord, I pray that you will help me trust people more! I pray that you will help me to be vulnerable! Help me to be someone relatable and approachable!

At the end of it, I went to talk to J! I didn’t know that he repeated… 😦 Then, I showed him my video! Then more and more people came and watch! Haha! Their cell is so cute! They all gathered and watched it! The horror one was so funny! I shouted Boo halfway and I think Evana got shocked! HAHA! They were very entertaining! Lord, I pray that you allow me to have such a cell and a group like that! And Lord, give me more friends! Haha!

I want more sincere and strong friendships that will withstand the test of time! Give me people that will rely on me and will let me rely on them!

Allow me to be comfortable to be alone and yet put in an insane amount of effort to invest and make friends! Help me Lord!

Thank you Father!


=306= Reflections: 118

Well, 118 just ended and I am quite sad! Honestly speaking, 118 had been one of the best shows Singapore had in a long time! πŸ™‚

This is what I think the Singaporean industry should be focusing on! Making dramas and music that is unique to our country! Instead of copying a culture that is not even our’s!

So what if other countries cannot understand the humour? I watched Jap shows and I don’t understand every joke! It isn’t a matter about trying to reach people from other countries! It is a matter of having other countries reach us!

May Singapore be blessed with a culture, arts, music and drama that people will come from all over the world to see us! πŸ™‚


=304= Reflections: The Intern

Nope, not talking about myself! I am talking about the movie! πŸ™‚ The Intern was awesome! I dunno whether if it is just me, but the movies I watch recently are just that good! πŸ™‚ Me and Earl and the Dying Girl was amazing in filmography, plot and acting! The Intern’s shots weren’t as artistic or nice as Me and Earl and the Dying Girl(and seriously, the grammar for the title is just wrong!) but it shines in a different way! It is richer in plot! 

Spoiler alert from here on! So don’t read further if you don’t want to be spoiled with information!

I actually saw the trailer for this movie when I was watching Me and Earl and the Dying Girl! Oh did I mention I love watching movies alone! HAHA! It really isn’t that loner! It is just practical! I mean, one person in the cinemas means easier to find seats, you can do spontaneous movie change(like what I did with Me and Earl and the Dying Girl), follows your time schedule and you can watch whatever show you want! πŸ™‚ Of course, that doesn’t mean that I dislike watching movies with friends! I love that too! For different things! πŸ™‚

Yeah, I saw the trailer and I thought that it will make a good comedy! Like the movie, The Internship! It did, but it brought a taste of drama and slice of life too! Which doesn’t make the movie bad! It kinda improved certain things! Very nice! πŸ™‚

The main plot was this 70 years old man, named Ben, was widowed 3 years ago, retired from a phone book printing company after 40 years working there! He feels that he needs to keep moving! He saw a fashion company hiring senior interns and he went for it!

The story progresses with Ben eventually got hired and was placed under the company’s CEO, Jules! Jules is an amazing woman that managed to bring her online business to great success in a short period of time! Ben eventually finds favour with Jules and they form such an interesting friendship!

Spoiler alert alert!

This movie works on so many levels! πŸ™‚ 

Level 1, gentlemen behaviour and work ethics! What better way to be taught, how to be a gentlemen, than from an actual old gentlemen? Ben with 40 years of experience in an old school company wears a suit to work everyday! Brings a Super good looking 1973 suitcase(I am in love with it too) with old school things and carries a handkerchief for the ladies when they cry. I noticed that he wore an Omega watch too! I think it is a vintage Omega Seamaster! They don’t make them anymore! There is something about wearing a suit to work that kinda gives honour and prestige to the job! He has work ethics unlike anybody’s! He doesn’t leave work until the boss leaves! His attention to detail and initiative towards the boss is just great! πŸ™‚ I think this teaches my generation something about the old working life that we should have never thrown away!

Level 2, the unique friendship between Ben and Jules. I think they are actually a perfect fit for a partner! In a totally platonic kinda way! I mean Ben is like 70 and Jules is probably in her 30s/40s, kinda impossible to have romantic love right? Why they are a perfect fit is because, Ben wants to move! He needs to keep going after retirement kept him stationary for a while. Jules needs to rest! She does so much for the company! Handling almost everything by herself! They supply what each needs! Ben gets some work to move will Jules gets someone to calm her down and support her! The defining moment was when Ben was transferred and Jules beg him to come back! Jules know that Ben is a great person and Jules need him to help her! Their relationship goes further and each party admires the other! Ben admires Jules commitment and ability to her company. Jules admires Ben’s wisdom and attention to detail. It was very cool to see this kinda relationship going on and not just a cliche boy falls in love with girl relationship! 

Level 3, How smart the humour was in the show. While I enjoy dumb laughs movies, like Dumb and Dumber, I appreciate how people develop serious humour! Serious humour for people who are unaware of it, is humour that is funny to us as the audience but in the actor’s role, they are totally serious! For example, can you imagine someone’s Grandmother being old with wrinkles come up to you and tells you, “ζˆ‘ηš„εε­—ζ˜―Elizabeth!” With a straight face! To us as the audience, with stereotypes of singaporean grandmothers not knowing english, we will laugh at it! However the Grandmother isn’t joking at all! She is serious! This movie had a very good serious humour scene! 

So Jules accidentally sent her message complaining about her Mother to her Mother! I mean who can blame her? Matt is right above Mom. When she realised that she did it, her reaction was hillarious! Then she actually went into her company to ask the company to help her resolve this issue! Ben then suggested that he and a bunch of guys break in to her mom’s place and steal her laptop! Jules had the “are you insane” tone at first then it went to, “that’s genius!”

It then went to an incredible scene with the guys trying to delete that one message! First, was that the spare key was under the flower pot. Then reached to find many flower pots there<people laughs>. Then there was actually an alarm there! Which Jules claims to be a fake alarm. They went up and the alarm sounds out! Oh no! One of the guys says, “since when is there such a thing as a fake alarm!” <people laughs> they had two laptops, which one? Somehow the chaos works and it was good! Then when they got down back into the car, they found the guy mending the car inside the driver’s seat with music blasting and he is dancing with it totally unaware that the cops are coming and that they are in trouble! Until, one of the guys went, “OPEN THE F***ING CAR!”<which obviously people laughs> the whole situation was unlikely, hence it made it exciting and hysterical! 

Level 4, How brutally real Jules’ husband was. Matt, Jules’ husband, was a house husband. He was later on found cheating on his Wife. It might be wrong to say this, but I actually sympathise with Matt. Being a house husband really hurts the pride of a man. Matt sounds like the kinda guy that everyone loves. Friendly and hospitable. Totally not like a house husband at all. Doing things like playing house and his turn being Ariel. I felt a bit embarrassed for him when he actually said that! I was like, he is a great Father! After developing him to be an all rounded nice guy, they dropped the bomb that he had a mistress, which made us feel depressed for Jules and yet understanding Matt in a way. This is good, because it made us think in Jules’ shoes. Did commiting so much into the company hurt her marriage? She would later then almost give her company up for the slight chance that her marriage will get back on track. Another struggle was when Ben found out of the affair. We see his internal struggle between telling Jules and make her unhappy, or not telling her altogether but might hurt her even more in the future! Really a testing of this Favourite quote from Mark Twain, “It is never wrong to do what is right”

This is just a little to capture the amazing plot of this movie! πŸ™‚

The ending was to some point anticlimactic! Jules finally made up with Matt and she finds Ben to tell him what happened. She found him at the Tai Chi place which we first saw in the movie. Then Ben had Jules do Tai Chi with him! It kinda just ended there! However, it was quite a good scene to end the movie! It kinda captures how Ben clams and slows Jules down. A very simple scene! πŸ™‚
Great movies! More please! Haha!


=304= Reflections: Birthday 2015

People that had followed this space for about a year would know that in a way, i dread my birthday.

Don’t get me wrong, i love getting presents and cards from people! In fact, no need for my birthday luhh, just write me a card! HAHA! I am not afraid of getting older either. It is fast, but it is exciting too! πŸ™‚ I am at an age that has the liberty to do many things too, I am blessed, it is all good!

I dread my birthday because I hate how lonely it makes me feel. Birthdays are always so pumped up and fun with friends. Well, I don’t really have a group of peers that I can safely be vulnerable with. I want to be close to people my age, but it is so tough. Mainly because of splitting to our different schools and class, it is just so hard to stay in contact and to put in the effort to meet up and stay in contact! I have lost so many friends in the short period of three years. Both school friends and church friends. Then, being in the youth ministry it really is quite lonely with many of your peers being in YA. I want companions that will continue journeying life with me for long periods of time. I don’t really know if it will be possible.

However, that said, this birthday wasn’t THAT bad luhh! I am sorry for making my birthday sound horrible! Haha!

Well, it started with me checking my phone. Well, D didn’t text me at 12am! Haha! Well, we kinda had like a unspoken tradition texting each other at 12am on our birthdays! Something i really give thanks for! But i don’t blame D luhh! She had a paper that day! She did text me at a later time! πŸ˜€ Then, I went off to work!

Well, Rowell asked me if i was able to go down to G1 for work tmr on Sunday. I agreed because i really wanted to visit the new building! So yeah, who cares if it was my birthday! People will still have to work if it was a full time job! SO yeah! I visited the building early! Yay! Then I was just shocked at just how much that still needed to be done in G1! None of the halls are done… None of the halls had instruments. Some of the LED walls are still missing panels. Bethel Hall was the worse… It was SOOO dusty! They were still repainting the wall, installing antennas and monitor screens. It was quite a sight… Over the past week, being able to see the transformation of the place was just such a privilege! The elevators and escalators weren’t working for the days we had to install instruments. It was so tiring to move stuff one by one up and down to the halls. Was just… whew…. I managed to tune and set up the ludwig Questlove kit! Gotta love it man! I mean Questlove is one of the grooviest drummers around! The drum kit was nice! The cymbals was just WOW! ZIldjian K customs! So dark and smooth! And SOFT…. πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to rehearse and serve there man! It was nice opening all the new instruments! I met Nigel from Drum Resources! Which was cool! Such a veteran and a drum refurbish guy! Very interesting to see him work! πŸ˜€ Very fun to have helped out with everything! On Friday, seeing the youths come down to do the decor was very interesting too! They are just so adorable sia! HAHA! When Pastor Calvin said that people are going to the hall to pray, the whole productions team walked out of the hall and ran to the Emmaus hall to clear their decor! It was very funny! Then PJ asked me for a mic, I freaked out a bit! I mean, sure i am a media team intern, but i don’t really know stuff like the board. I will try! Somehow or another i managed to get the signal in and out and got the mic working! Thank God! Well, still a long way to go being a Sound Engineer or a Lighting Engineer. I couldn’t even get the lights to on… ._. I really want to expand my capabilities as a technical person.

Then, I went to Far East for Saveur. Which was alright i guess! When to Cedele for my cake! Ok, let me just say something ok? I dislike cakes that are too sweet! Meaning chocolate cake is definitely out! Something like carrot cake, cheese cake or fruit cake is good! πŸ™‚

Well, I didn’t really feel lonely this birthday I guess! I caught up with a few people! Some people that are close to me wished me so that is nice! πŸ˜€ Leb wrote a long message for me too! HAHA! Some of my guys wished me too! It was nice! Working kinda distracts me too! πŸ™‚ It was good!

I believe I will dread my birthday next year too, but yeah, this year’s wasn’t as bad as the past few years’! Birthdays can be good too i guess!

Let’s just see what happens! πŸ™‚


=303= Reflections: Vietnam

This is severely overdue! I actually tried typing this down, but i got so tired over the week due to G1! I will put it down on another post

Well, let’s start on my trip to Vietnam! Honestly speaking right, I am the type of person that really dislikes my plans to go wrong! Like even though I knew this trip was coming up, but I didn’t realise that it happened during the last week in furama… 😦 same for the next week, I have to attend my cousin’s wedding and hence can’t go for the first service in the new building… 😦

Oh well! But Vietnam was really nice! There are several parts to this trip let me start on the first.

The part where I fell in love with a Rolex
Erm, HAHAHA! What can I say about this! Well, we entered into the airport’s duty free shopping and along the way I saw a watch shop selling Rolex! With Rolex being so exclusive and expensive, you normally will be unable to check the prices online. Therefore, I checked the prices there! And Wah… It is insanely expensive! I looked around and saw the Rolex Datejust! And there were many variations and it looks good! At that time, I didn’t really like the fluted bezel of the watch, so I didn’t really cared to look at those! Instead I naturally went to see the pieces with the rounded bezel! It looked great! At it was $8k+…. 😦 so expensive!!!!

Then the following days in the trip, I will do my research on the Rolex Datejust whenever I had wifi! I was just thinking, if I ever got a Rolex, it will probably be my first and my last one! They are just so expensive you know… So if I buy a piece, I want it to look more expensive than a sports watch(aka, Rolex Submariner/Daytona). Even though a Sub might resell better, but, yeah, I watch a more dressy watch!

Just look at these two! I want the Roman numerals with a fluted white gold bezel! And with the oyster bracelet! The Datejust being one of the watches that Michael Buble wore just made me want it even more!

But of course, it is VERY expensive… $8k+ is obviously no joke! I want it though! Let’s save up and one day get it!
The part where I fall in love with my Casio F-94W
This watch

This is the $13 army watch! People who talked to me about this watch before will know that I don’t really like thick and bulky digital watches! I find them fat and tacky! Like I can see that it is trying to imitate the shape of a traditional watch, but hey, there is really no point doing that! It looks ugly! This watch however, goes against that! It is thin, small and sleek! Despite it being my cheapest watch, it probably has the most functions! You have to understand that in a Quartz or Mechanical watch, functions like that is a a feat of mechanical expertise! For a digital one, I don’t really know how it works, but it definitely is a whole other thing altogether! It has a day & date function. It allows you to see time in either AM/PM or 24 hour time!It has an LED light for you to see in the dark.  It has an alarm clock! It has a stopwatch. It is definitely more accurate than a mechanical. It is easy to set the time! It is just a great watch!

I remembered reading an article about how wearing certain watches would send messages to people. Wearing a Rolex for example, sends the message, “I’ve made it”. However, it can be used in a different way! Imagine a judge wearing a Casio, the message he would be sending is, “I am incorruptible”. To push this example even further, just imagine a pastor wearing a Rolex. The congregation would probably think that he had spent the offerings on his own personal watch! Therefore, it really isn’t the more expensive the better!

The Casio seemed a bit better! I think this watch is very practical especially for traveling! πŸ™‚

I also started wearing this watch on the reverse side of the wrist! I saw some people do it and it looked great! It gives off a different feel altogether! However, I am not prepared to wear a thick mechanical watch on the other side! Reason being that it doesn’t look as good and it is uncomfortable for me!

Hence, i have been thinking of a design that is designed specially for people to wear on the reverse side of the wrist!

The part where I saw the huge difference between real and fake goods
It is REALLY different! On our first night in Ho Chi Minh, we went to the night market. We went around to shop for dried goods! Then we saw a glass case full of watches; filled up with fake Rolexes, Omegas, probably all the high end luxury watch brands! That actually got me interested! I mean hey! I know it is fake, but at the first glance, it looks real right? So I took a surveying glance but i didn’t buy any!

Then, on out last day, we were brought to a bugis streeet like place! Hence, i started to actually ask about the price of watches, to observe them properly and i was aghast! It was SOOO fake! I first asked to see an Omega speedmaster that i found to be quite nice! Took it up, tried the chronograph and it doesn’t work AT ALL! 😩 I am like, guys! Having three buttons on a watch isn’t just for looks only! It is like a stop watch! Hence, i decided if i was to buy a fake, it has to be without a chronograph! However, most designs has three buttons… -.- Even the patek Philippe designs…. I can’t believe how little work they put in to make a fake! I saw one “patex philippe” took it up and wore it, the “leather” strap buckle was falling apart. I took up a “Rolex Submariner” and the metal case and strap was probably aluminium! Just… -.-

The part where we fall in love with Vietnam
Vietnam is really a beautiful place! We went to Mui Ne and it had such beautiful scenery! They were very hospitable and friendly! Claire told me this before but i didn’t really get it until i got there! In Hong Kong, if you asked for the price for something and walk away they will scold you! Vietnam, they don’t do that at all! I quote my sis, they aren’t as cut throat as other countries! Their portions of food is VERY generous! Every meal we had was like a 9 course meal! Not that we are complaining, but we just found it to be quite wasteful! :/ The food there is pretty nice! Banh Mi, bread filled with stuff, was interesting! Pho of course, was VERY tasty! The fish sauce there was good! It was just a nice trip!

This is really such a beautiful place! πŸ™‚

The part where we give thanks for our tour guide
This trip is rather different! We didn’t go on a guided tour! We hired a driver and a tour guide to drive us around! It was good! Our tour guide is really the best! When we were running out of Vietnamese money(dong) and wanted to pay in USD, the stall owner jacked up the price. Our tour guide without informing us, pulled out 1 million dong(yeah, 1 million there is like $63SGD) to pay for us! Then the next day, because we wanted to try their fried bananas, he actually bought it and waited at the hotel lobby for us! He told us that the average Vietnamese earns $250USD per month; that is like $356SGD. That is really little… Our tour guide reminds me of a man that works hard and excells in what he does! Someone like Mr Loh! It is amazing how these people can be such masters of their field! And I feel sad for them that they aren’t as recognised even though they are so amazing!

The part where we give thanks for staying in Singapore
There is just so much that we take for granted in Singapore that we don’t realise that it is a luxury. Exhibit A was the water. Drinkable water comes to us in our taps! In Vietnam, there are taps, but they are not good for drinking! Everyone drinks bottled water. It was so inconvenient. When we boiled water in the hotel, we couldn’t use tap water.  The water made me suffer a rash throughout the trip, it really made me give thanks for Mr Lee Kuan Yew again! Exhibit B, Traffic.  There are about 6 million scooters/motorcycles in the city! :O Crossing the road in Ho Chi Minh was just impossible. No one follows traffic lights or zebra crossings. Just…. Safety is another thing! I was always paranoid walking on the streets. Singapore is really blessed!

Over all, Vietnam was a fun trip! πŸ™‚