=304= Reflections: Birthday 2015

People that had followed this space for about a year would know that in a way, i dread my birthday.

Don’t get me wrong, i love getting presents and cards from people! In fact, no need for my birthday luhh, just write me a card! HAHA! I am not afraid of getting older either. It is fast, but it is exciting too! 🙂 I am at an age that has the liberty to do many things too, I am blessed, it is all good!

I dread my birthday because I hate how lonely it makes me feel. Birthdays are always so pumped up and fun with friends. Well, I don’t really have a group of peers that I can safely be vulnerable with. I want to be close to people my age, but it is so tough. Mainly because of splitting to our different schools and class, it is just so hard to stay in contact and to put in the effort to meet up and stay in contact! I have lost so many friends in the short period of three years. Both school friends and church friends. Then, being in the youth ministry it really is quite lonely with many of your peers being in YA. I want companions that will continue journeying life with me for long periods of time. I don’t really know if it will be possible.

However, that said, this birthday wasn’t THAT bad luhh! I am sorry for making my birthday sound horrible! Haha!

Well, it started with me checking my phone. Well, D didn’t text me at 12am! Haha! Well, we kinda had like a unspoken tradition texting each other at 12am on our birthdays! Something i really give thanks for! But i don’t blame D luhh! She had a paper that day! She did text me at a later time! 😀 Then, I went off to work!

Well, Rowell asked me if i was able to go down to G1 for work tmr on Sunday. I agreed because i really wanted to visit the new building! So yeah, who cares if it was my birthday! People will still have to work if it was a full time job! SO yeah! I visited the building early! Yay! Then I was just shocked at just how much that still needed to be done in G1! None of the halls are done… None of the halls had instruments. Some of the LED walls are still missing panels. Bethel Hall was the worse… It was SOOO dusty! They were still repainting the wall, installing antennas and monitor screens. It was quite a sight… Over the past week, being able to see the transformation of the place was just such a privilege! The elevators and escalators weren’t working for the days we had to install instruments. It was so tiring to move stuff one by one up and down to the halls. Was just… whew…. I managed to tune and set up the ludwig Questlove kit! Gotta love it man! I mean Questlove is one of the grooviest drummers around! The drum kit was nice! The cymbals was just WOW! ZIldjian K customs! So dark and smooth! And SOFT…. 😀 Can’t wait to rehearse and serve there man! It was nice opening all the new instruments! I met Nigel from Drum Resources! Which was cool! Such a veteran and a drum refurbish guy! Very interesting to see him work! 😀 Very fun to have helped out with everything! On Friday, seeing the youths come down to do the decor was very interesting too! They are just so adorable sia! HAHA! When Pastor Calvin said that people are going to the hall to pray, the whole productions team walked out of the hall and ran to the Emmaus hall to clear their decor! It was very funny! Then PJ asked me for a mic, I freaked out a bit! I mean, sure i am a media team intern, but i don’t really know stuff like the board. I will try! Somehow or another i managed to get the signal in and out and got the mic working! Thank God! Well, still a long way to go being a Sound Engineer or a Lighting Engineer. I couldn’t even get the lights to on… ._. I really want to expand my capabilities as a technical person.

Then, I went to Far East for Saveur. Which was alright i guess! When to Cedele for my cake! Ok, let me just say something ok? I dislike cakes that are too sweet! Meaning chocolate cake is definitely out! Something like carrot cake, cheese cake or fruit cake is good! 🙂

Well, I didn’t really feel lonely this birthday I guess! I caught up with a few people! Some people that are close to me wished me so that is nice! 😀 Leb wrote a long message for me too! HAHA! Some of my guys wished me too! It was nice! Working kinda distracts me too! 🙂 It was good!

I believe I will dread my birthday next year too, but yeah, this year’s wasn’t as bad as the past few years’! Birthdays can be good too i guess!

Let’s just see what happens! 🙂



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