=304= Reflections: The Intern

Nope, not talking about myself! I am talking about the movie! πŸ™‚ The Intern was awesome! I dunno whether if it is just me, but the movies I watch recently are just that good! πŸ™‚ Me and Earl and the Dying Girl was amazing in filmography, plot and acting! The Intern’s shots weren’t as artistic or nice as Me and Earl and the Dying Girl(and seriously, the grammar for the title is just wrong!) but it shines in a different way! It is richer in plot! 

Spoiler alert from here on! So don’t read further if you don’t want to be spoiled with information!

I actually saw the trailer for this movie when I was watching Me and Earl and the Dying Girl! Oh did I mention I love watching movies alone! HAHA! It really isn’t that loner! It is just practical! I mean, one person in the cinemas means easier to find seats, you can do spontaneous movie change(like what I did with Me and Earl and the Dying Girl), follows your time schedule and you can watch whatever show you want! πŸ™‚ Of course, that doesn’t mean that I dislike watching movies with friends! I love that too! For different things! πŸ™‚

Yeah, I saw the trailer and I thought that it will make a good comedy! Like the movie, The Internship! It did, but it brought a taste of drama and slice of life too! Which doesn’t make the movie bad! It kinda improved certain things! Very nice! πŸ™‚

The main plot was this 70 years old man, named Ben, was widowed 3 years ago, retired from a phone book printing company after 40 years working there! He feels that he needs to keep moving! He saw a fashion company hiring senior interns and he went for it!

The story progresses with Ben eventually got hired and was placed under the company’s CEO, Jules! Jules is an amazing woman that managed to bring her online business to great success in a short period of time! Ben eventually finds favour with Jules and they form such an interesting friendship!

Spoiler alert alert!

This movie works on so many levels! πŸ™‚ 

Level 1, gentlemen behaviour and work ethics! What better way to be taught, how to be a gentlemen, than from an actual old gentlemen? Ben with 40 years of experience in an old school company wears a suit to work everyday! Brings a Super good looking 1973 suitcase(I am in love with it too) with old school things and carries a handkerchief for the ladies when they cry. I noticed that he wore an Omega watch too! I think it is a vintage Omega Seamaster! They don’t make them anymore! There is something about wearing a suit to work that kinda gives honour and prestige to the job! He has work ethics unlike anybody’s! He doesn’t leave work until the boss leaves! His attention to detail and initiative towards the boss is just great! πŸ™‚ I think this teaches my generation something about the old working life that we should have never thrown away!

Level 2, the unique friendship between Ben and Jules. I think they are actually a perfect fit for a partner! In a totally platonic kinda way! I mean Ben is like 70 and Jules is probably in her 30s/40s, kinda impossible to have romantic love right? Why they are a perfect fit is because, Ben wants to move! He needs to keep going after retirement kept him stationary for a while. Jules needs to rest! She does so much for the company! Handling almost everything by herself! They supply what each needs! Ben gets some work to move will Jules gets someone to calm her down and support her! The defining moment was when Ben was transferred and Jules beg him to come back! Jules know that Ben is a great person and Jules need him to help her! Their relationship goes further and each party admires the other! Ben admires Jules commitment and ability to her company. Jules admires Ben’s wisdom and attention to detail. It was very cool to see this kinda relationship going on and not just a cliche boy falls in love with girl relationship! 

Level 3, How smart the humour was in the show. While I enjoy dumb laughs movies, like Dumb and Dumber, I appreciate how people develop serious humour! Serious humour for people who are unaware of it, is humour that is funny to us as the audience but in the actor’s role, they are totally serious! For example, can you imagine someone’s Grandmother being old with wrinkles come up to you and tells you, “ζˆ‘ηš„εε­—ζ˜―Elizabeth!” With a straight face! To us as the audience, with stereotypes of singaporean grandmothers not knowing english, we will laugh at it! However the Grandmother isn’t joking at all! She is serious! This movie had a very good serious humour scene! 

So Jules accidentally sent her message complaining about her Mother to her Mother! I mean who can blame her? Matt is right above Mom. When she realised that she did it, her reaction was hillarious! Then she actually went into her company to ask the company to help her resolve this issue! Ben then suggested that he and a bunch of guys break in to her mom’s place and steal her laptop! Jules had the “are you insane” tone at first then it went to, “that’s genius!”

It then went to an incredible scene with the guys trying to delete that one message! First, was that the spare key was under the flower pot. Then reached to find many flower pots there<people laughs>. Then there was actually an alarm there! Which Jules claims to be a fake alarm. They went up and the alarm sounds out! Oh no! One of the guys says, “since when is there such a thing as a fake alarm!” <people laughs> they had two laptops, which one? Somehow the chaos works and it was good! Then when they got down back into the car, they found the guy mending the car inside the driver’s seat with music blasting and he is dancing with it totally unaware that the cops are coming and that they are in trouble! Until, one of the guys went, “OPEN THE F***ING CAR!”<which obviously people laughs> the whole situation was unlikely, hence it made it exciting and hysterical! 

Level 4, How brutally real Jules’ husband was. Matt, Jules’ husband, was a house husband. He was later on found cheating on his Wife. It might be wrong to say this, but I actually sympathise with Matt. Being a house husband really hurts the pride of a man. Matt sounds like the kinda guy that everyone loves. Friendly and hospitable. Totally not like a house husband at all. Doing things like playing house and his turn being Ariel. I felt a bit embarrassed for him when he actually said that! I was like, he is a great Father! After developing him to be an all rounded nice guy, they dropped the bomb that he had a mistress, which made us feel depressed for Jules and yet understanding Matt in a way. This is good, because it made us think in Jules’ shoes. Did commiting so much into the company hurt her marriage? She would later then almost give her company up for the slight chance that her marriage will get back on track. Another struggle was when Ben found out of the affair. We see his internal struggle between telling Jules and make her unhappy, or not telling her altogether but might hurt her even more in the future! Really a testing of this Favourite quote from Mark Twain, “It is never wrong to do what is right”

This is just a little to capture the amazing plot of this movie! πŸ™‚

The ending was to some point anticlimactic! Jules finally made up with Matt and she finds Ben to tell him what happened. She found him at the Tai Chi place which we first saw in the movie. Then Ben had Jules do Tai Chi with him! It kinda just ended there! However, it was quite a good scene to end the movie! It kinda captures how Ben clams and slows Jules down. A very simple scene! πŸ™‚
Great movies! More please! Haha!


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