=307= Reflections: Peers

Haha, I didn’t want it to sound too moody or sad, because I am not! So yeah!

Well, I noticed that whenever I am in a period for me to think about who I want to be, I will withdraw from doing much and interacting with people. Sounds really loner, but really not that bad luhh! It helps me to observe stuff! 🙂

I observed today! I observed that Tertiary seems to be such a wonderful place. Haha! I miss being in a cell with people and continue to be together enjoying each other’s presence, being loose and vulnerable and just have fun together! They looked like such a great cell! Having fun together even without a leader’s presence! When a cell enjoys their each other’s presence, they will grow further as friends and form strong friendships!

I miss having peers to have fun with! I guess that is the side effect of leading youths after my batch had moved up to YA. 

Lord, will you provide me with peers that will journey with me? I want to have people my age or older so I don’t have to be the big Brother! I want to just be part of the group! 🙂

I don’t really have a place to stand! Haha! Well, I should really make more friends! Lord, I pray that you will help me trust people more! I pray that you will help me to be vulnerable! Help me to be someone relatable and approachable!

At the end of it, I went to talk to J! I didn’t know that he repeated… 😦 Then, I showed him my video! Then more and more people came and watch! Haha! Their cell is so cute! They all gathered and watched it! The horror one was so funny! I shouted Boo halfway and I think Evana got shocked! HAHA! They were very entertaining! Lord, I pray that you allow me to have such a cell and a group like that! And Lord, give me more friends! Haha!

I want more sincere and strong friendships that will withstand the test of time! Give me people that will rely on me and will let me rely on them!

Allow me to be comfortable to be alone and yet put in an insane amount of effort to invest and make friends! Help me Lord!

Thank you Father!


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