=308= Gear Talk: Omega Watch

Or the day I got a watch that is as old(or even older) than my parents!

I just bought a vintage omega Seamaster off this guy named Dave from Carousell!

Just look at it! How the sun light gets refracted on the face! The touch to details on the markers and logo is splendid too! I should show you the buckle! 

So nice right? Haha! The omega buckle is something else man! 

For people that I have shared with, they would know that I really liked the vintage omega seamasters! The current seamasters, though worn by James Bond since 1995, is in my opinion, too sporty and generic. I mean, divers watches are so common now sia! Every watch(even fashion) company has their own version of a diver’s watch! This is most probably because of the market! There is now a lot of demand for bigger diver watches! Now a standard size for a men’s watch is 40-44mm!

Why is that shocking? This is because the watch I have on my hands now is 34mm! Almost 1cm of difference! Back then, back in the 1950s/1960s men’s watches 34mm is the standard size! In our society now, a 34mm watch would be considered a ladies watch!

In the world of watches, people need to know about the quartz revolution! Quartz work by running a current through a Quartz crystal and the crystal would provide a signal of one signal per second! Hence giving the second hand the Tick, tick, tick! In 1970s/1980s, Quartz technology, that Seiko came out with, almost crippled the Swiss watch industry! It made it possible to have a very accurate watch at a very cheap price! Today you can buy a Quartz watch at like $2! Swiss mechanical watches only made it’s comeback afterwards!

Before the Quartz revolution, Omega and Rolex were competing toe to toe! Can you imagine? A watch company that was competing with Rolex! :O

Omega is still competing with Rolex now! I think that even now, Omega is probably the next company after Rolex! However, they don’t make these kinda watches anymore… 😦 Their line nowadays are lines that are bigger and sportier! The vintage watches back then look REALLY good! Like just incredible!

Look at that 18k rose gold man! Just wow! πŸ˜€

The movement is different too! My vintage watch houses a bumper type automatic movement! It is an older technology than the standard rotor now! A movement that came out during the 50s! Instead of turning 360 degrees! It can only turn like 130 degrees! Bumping towards a spring! Very cool!

It has a silverish dial(face) rather than a white dial! Kinda gives it a 3D effect when you view it with the domed crystal! πŸ™‚

This watch also has my own personal significance! It is my first Swiss watch! It is my first Omega watch! Finally, it is the first watch that I paid with my own money! It is just beautiful!

However, it is not all good; I got disappointed on a few factors.

1. The leather strap isn’t original… 😦
Well, it is asking a bit too much if you want the original watch strap to last 50-40 years of age! The leather strap is a new one with the original omega buckle in it. I guess I would be happy with just the original buckle in the watch!

2. It doesn’t have anything engraved behind
This watch was build in a time before Omega did the seamaster engravement. Though there are photos and on the lid’s back, proving that it is real, but having the engravement behind would really add to the watch’s beauty!

3. The hands and dial are a bit dirty
Unavoidable I guess. It is a watch that went through so much time!

4. Most importantly, it gains like approximately 2 minutes everyday
A reason why Quartz almost crushed the Swiss watch industry was because it was very accurate at a very cheap price! A cheap $2 Quartz watch is more accurate than even a 100 thousand dollars mechanical Patek Phillippe! My watch, though still working, doesn’t keep time well. That is quite a disapointing factor for me. I mean the primary function of a watch is to keep time! With it not keeping time, was just sad for me!

However, on the bright side, the watch still working is a testament to how good these watches are! Lasting 40-50 years of age! Is just wow! Just imagine the history the watch had seen! It could have been older than Singapore! :O And just when did this watch enter Singapore? How many countries has it seen? Just Super cool!

Well, I don’t regret buying it! It will be my dress watch from now onwards! So yeah! Let’s see how it would turn out! πŸ™‚


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