=309= Reflections: A Good Boss

It is about time that I gave one of my posts to my one and a half months in the media team of GAOG!

Well let me talk about something else first!

I remembered chatting with a group of friends and I recalled one of them asking another if his/her boss is good. The person replied that no boss is good.

I have to say that this internship proved this statement wrong! I think my bosses were amazing people and I truly admire them!

Throughout this attachment, the person I really grew to admire was Bro Chris! He is really the ideal boss! He is stern and strict for certain issues because he has to be(as a boss, one really need to be stern sometimes to get things done), yet, he finds the right line to jump over and be loose and joke around with his subordinates! He is probably the one that puts in the most effort in the media team! Skipping meals to settle stuff, constantly on the ball to do things; giving his all to ensure that the media for the church doesn’t go wrong! He protects his crew when they get heat from the other departments. He spends money to treat us even though he doesn’t need to! I have seen this man work his ass off for the church and I really admire him! He always has this sense of composure!

 The night after the dedication service, when I stayed back to listen to the media team have a meeting from 11.30pm-1am was an incredible sight. Well, the full dress rehearsal wasn’t very good and he had the media team stay back to brainstorm on how to settle the problems. It is never easy when one has to be in the shoe of a leader/boss trying to get everyone to work together! His ability to lead and point everyone back to the main point was very good! Lord, if I do become more a leader, can I be one like that?

Rowell, technically my supervisor was incredible too! Rowell is not only a boss to me, he is also a friend! I find that whenever there is someone of higher standing, it is hard to find the balance between Friend and boss! Somehow or another, Rowell managed to balance both! I really give thanks that he saw me as an equal even though I was only an intern! He has taught me much! From technical things to work ethics! I can’t ask for a better supervisor! 🙂

Brian! Well, I really cannot miss the first person I knew from the media team. I am so sorry for dropping your camera(if you ever read this). I am really sorry! I am amazed at how fast your can get over things! I am amazed at how much you rely and depend on God! Brian! Thank you for looking out for me so much!

Long Ge! Thank you for being the person to show me the ropes! From helping me to learn how to on/off the system to teaching me how to set up something! I am really thankful that you were patient with me! 

Thank you for this experience!

I really admire everyone in the media team for how they balance work with their family! You enter Esplanade and you hear people giving up a lot of time with family to work for the show, but I much rather want to be a man that balances between the two! Lord, please help me to do that even now!

Lord, please help me in this area! Father, please give me opportunities to help me! Father, help me to trust that you are good and that my future is in your hands!

Thank you Lord!


On another side note, I noticed that someone friendlier to me now, well, I give thanks! 🙂