=303= Reflections: Vietnam

This is severely overdue! I actually tried typing this down, but i got so tired over the week due to G1! I will put it down on another post

Well, let’s start on my trip to Vietnam! Honestly speaking right, I am the type of person that really dislikes my plans to go wrong! Like even though I knew this trip was coming up, but I didn’t realise that it happened during the last week in furama… 😦 same for the next week, I have to attend my cousin’s wedding and hence can’t go for the first service in the new building… 😦

Oh well! But Vietnam was really nice! There are several parts to this trip let me start on the first.

The part where I fell in love with a Rolex
Erm, HAHAHA! What can I say about this! Well, we entered into the airport’s duty free shopping and along the way I saw a watch shop selling Rolex! With Rolex being so exclusive and expensive, you normally will be unable to check the prices online. Therefore, I checked the prices there! And Wah… It is insanely expensive! I looked around and saw the Rolex Datejust! And there were many variations and it looks good! At that time, I didn’t really like the fluted bezel of the watch, so I didn’t really cared to look at those! Instead I naturally went to see the pieces with the rounded bezel! It looked great! At it was $8k+…. 😦 so expensive!!!!

Then the following days in the trip, I will do my research on the Rolex Datejust whenever I had wifi! I was just thinking, if I ever got a Rolex, it will probably be my first and my last one! They are just so expensive you know… So if I buy a piece, I want it to look more expensive than a sports watch(aka, Rolex Submariner/Daytona). Even though a Sub might resell better, but, yeah, I watch a more dressy watch!

Just look at these two! I want the Roman numerals with a fluted white gold bezel! And with the oyster bracelet! The Datejust being one of the watches that Michael Buble wore just made me want it even more!

But of course, it is VERY expensive… $8k+ is obviously no joke! I want it though! Let’s save up and one day get it!
The part where I fall in love with my Casio F-94W
This watch

This is the $13 army watch! People who talked to me about this watch before will know that I don’t really like thick and bulky digital watches! I find them fat and tacky! Like I can see that it is trying to imitate the shape of a traditional watch, but hey, there is really no point doing that! It looks ugly! This watch however, goes against that! It is thin, small and sleek! Despite it being my cheapest watch, it probably has the most functions! You have to understand that in a Quartz or Mechanical watch, functions like that is a a feat of mechanical expertise! For a digital one, I don’t really know how it works, but it definitely is a whole other thing altogether! It has a day & date function. It allows you to see time in either AM/PM or 24 hour time!It has an LED light for you to see in the dark.  It has an alarm clock! It has a stopwatch. It is definitely more accurate than a mechanical. It is easy to set the time! It is just a great watch!

I remembered reading an article about how wearing certain watches would send messages to people. Wearing a Rolex for example, sends the message, “I’ve made it”. However, it can be used in a different way! Imagine a judge wearing a Casio, the message he would be sending is, “I am incorruptible”. To push this example even further, just imagine a pastor wearing a Rolex. The congregation would probably think that he had spent the offerings on his own personal watch! Therefore, it really isn’t the more expensive the better!

The Casio seemed a bit better! I think this watch is very practical especially for traveling! 🙂

I also started wearing this watch on the reverse side of the wrist! I saw some people do it and it looked great! It gives off a different feel altogether! However, I am not prepared to wear a thick mechanical watch on the other side! Reason being that it doesn’t look as good and it is uncomfortable for me!

Hence, i have been thinking of a design that is designed specially for people to wear on the reverse side of the wrist!

The part where I saw the huge difference between real and fake goods
It is REALLY different! On our first night in Ho Chi Minh, we went to the night market. We went around to shop for dried goods! Then we saw a glass case full of watches; filled up with fake Rolexes, Omegas, probably all the high end luxury watch brands! That actually got me interested! I mean hey! I know it is fake, but at the first glance, it looks real right? So I took a surveying glance but i didn’t buy any!

Then, on out last day, we were brought to a bugis streeet like place! Hence, i started to actually ask about the price of watches, to observe them properly and i was aghast! It was SOOO fake! I first asked to see an Omega speedmaster that i found to be quite nice! Took it up, tried the chronograph and it doesn’t work AT ALL! 😩 I am like, guys! Having three buttons on a watch isn’t just for looks only! It is like a stop watch! Hence, i decided if i was to buy a fake, it has to be without a chronograph! However, most designs has three buttons… -.- Even the patek Philippe designs…. I can’t believe how little work they put in to make a fake! I saw one “patex philippe” took it up and wore it, the “leather” strap buckle was falling apart. I took up a “Rolex Submariner” and the metal case and strap was probably aluminium! Just… -.-

The part where we fall in love with Vietnam
Vietnam is really a beautiful place! We went to Mui Ne and it had such beautiful scenery! They were very hospitable and friendly! Claire told me this before but i didn’t really get it until i got there! In Hong Kong, if you asked for the price for something and walk away they will scold you! Vietnam, they don’t do that at all! I quote my sis, they aren’t as cut throat as other countries! Their portions of food is VERY generous! Every meal we had was like a 9 course meal! Not that we are complaining, but we just found it to be quite wasteful! :/ The food there is pretty nice! Banh Mi, bread filled with stuff, was interesting! Pho of course, was VERY tasty! The fish sauce there was good! It was just a nice trip!

This is really such a beautiful place! 🙂

The part where we give thanks for our tour guide
This trip is rather different! We didn’t go on a guided tour! We hired a driver and a tour guide to drive us around! It was good! Our tour guide is really the best! When we were running out of Vietnamese money(dong) and wanted to pay in USD, the stall owner jacked up the price. Our tour guide without informing us, pulled out 1 million dong(yeah, 1 million there is like $63SGD) to pay for us! Then the next day, because we wanted to try their fried bananas, he actually bought it and waited at the hotel lobby for us! He told us that the average Vietnamese earns $250USD per month; that is like $356SGD. That is really little… Our tour guide reminds me of a man that works hard and excells in what he does! Someone like Mr Loh! It is amazing how these people can be such masters of their field! And I feel sad for them that they aren’t as recognised even though they are so amazing!

The part where we give thanks for staying in Singapore
There is just so much that we take for granted in Singapore that we don’t realise that it is a luxury. Exhibit A was the water. Drinkable water comes to us in our taps! In Vietnam, there are taps, but they are not good for drinking! Everyone drinks bottled water. It was so inconvenient. When we boiled water in the hotel, we couldn’t use tap water.  The water made me suffer a rash throughout the trip, it really made me give thanks for Mr Lee Kuan Yew again! Exhibit B, Traffic.  There are about 6 million scooters/motorcycles in the city! :O Crossing the road in Ho Chi Minh was just impossible. No one follows traffic lights or zebra crossings. Just…. Safety is another thing! I was always paranoid walking on the streets. Singapore is really blessed!

Over all, Vietnam was a fun trip! 🙂