=316= Reflections: EXY Life

Ok well, I think I am a bit too tired to write the next part of the story, so just let me tell you what I am trying to write.

Well, if you read the previous post, though it is long, you would have caught the gist of the story. The main point of the story was the camp for jobs rather than interviews, not all the other details about Martin finding jobs or finding the Vice President Diana attractive.

I just really liked the idea of having a camp to see how a person is like rather than basing everything on the resume, appearance and interview. Kinda like a rejection for first impressions. I mean, sure, in an interview, people can look great and all, but what you want is that the employee work hard and have a good attitude towards working for you.

So back to how the story would unfold.

The objective of the camp isn’t to let the campers enjoy, it is to see the intangible. To see the right personalities and attitudes for the job. Then the group’s will compete with each other with difficult games and situations. Some people will blow their top. Some will be hard to work with. These people will be filtered out.

Well, Martin would find himself in a group with ten people. Out of the 10, 1 guy and 1 girl will be super arrogant, being loggerheads at each other trying to lead the group though it isn’t their job. They will be the one explaining that the camp is filtering out potential employees with games. 1 girl will be so quiet that you can’t hear her when she speaks. However, she will be amazing at reading, memorising and math. There will be another guy that is a complete idiot, but he is really buff and excel greatly at athletic games. His role in the group is to be the simple guy that loves to be with everyone. One guy and two other girls that will be developed at a later time, but likely the girls will be the two that will later on, betray the group. The guy might portray amazing abilities later on too.

Then finally the three main characters, that we will come to love later on. One of course is Martin. Second will will Dave, he will later on be in a situation where he betrays Martin and the group for his own sake but comes to regret it later. Last is the heroine, a girl that Martin would at first offend, but with the games and stuff, they became good friends after the second day.

The two leaders(full timers) of the group will be:
The nicest guy you will ever meet. Humble and nice to hang out around but will be slightly inconfident. 
An extremely confident lady with only her career in mind. She will at first display a foul and domineering personality. Then something will happen to humble her. You will come to love her too.

I was thinking that the camp will be the company’s way of seeing who to promote as well. Perhaps the leaders of the group with the most people being employed, will be promoted maybe?

Well, I would want our 3 main characters to get the jobs, but I have no idea how!

Then after that they will enter the office and have office politics. Of course in a more fun manner.

Well, it might be quite unlikely that I will continue EXY Life, it just takes up too much time, but i sure would like to see something similar to it in a movie or a manga! Of course, it isn’t exactly new, the movie, “the internship” had games for jobs theme too. Oh well!


=315= Stories to Tell: EXY Journey Part 1

“What am I even doing here?” I whispered to myself, questioning the system.

Well, I guess for anything I say to make sense to you readers, I need to go back to the start when I was at a reception trying to meet potential hirers, so that I can get a chance to get a job in their company.

Finding a job in today’s market is no joke… I graduated from TaiHo University six months ago, with a bachelor in business management. I thought that finding a job with a business degree would be no problem. How wrong was I…

The first month of job hunting was exciting because there were so many possibilities! The second month, I started to panic a bit. The third month started my mum started to nag more often, my friends all seemed to have jobs. Thank goodness for Joe being unemployed too. At least I am not the only one without a job. The fourth month was hell. Had so many arguments with my parents; telling me to be more open minded. The fifth, -sigh- at the end of the fifth month, Joe found a job. Now I do not have an excuse that “Joe is also without a job!” Hence, I got myself to ask Joe how did he find that job. Joe told me that he went to several receptions to try and meet important CEOs and gave his name card to as many as he could find and wait for a call.

I thought it was a good idea, hence I tried it. However, I think I was quite awkward. Every person I walk up to just leaves the conversation after I said a joke. I mean are my jokes THAT bad? 

Then, a gorgeous lady caught my eye. She looked like she was in her late twenties. Wearing what I thought to be her work clothes(a white shirt, a grey cardigan and a grey skirt with heels), she looked like she just rushed down from work, with her red lanyard and tag still on her neck. On a closer look, she wasn’t exactly very pretty in the sense of looks. Like she is, but something about her just seemed much more attractive. The way she moves. The way she laughs. The way she speaks. Something about her was just captivating.

I drew closer towards her and that was when I saw a ring. A ring on her left hand. A ring on her ring finger. OH MAN….

Hence, I shook off any thoughts about having a romantic relationship with her. However, I still wanted to know this beautiful lady. Therefore, I simply walked up to her and said my joke.


I am still unsure if my joke was funny or she was just humouring me, or maybe she was just weird. I shall not write that joke down in case she was just as weird as me!
We had a great conversation! Instead of spending the rest of the time talking to other people, I spent it all speaking to this lady.

Her name was “Diana.” I found out that we both liked the band “72 degrees.” I found out that she really like the drink that the buffet table provided. I found out that she was scared of birds. I found out that she was wearing contacts(don’t ask me how, I can’t recall either). However, I found out the most about her Husband. Like wow. Her Husband was just amazing. He is a doctor that has gotten himself a name for his research on hand surgery(she told me the whole term, but it was just way too difficult to remember.) Her Husband travels around the world to help the poor children; giving them medical care. He just bought her an expensive bag recently, a brand I rather not say because it will hurt my ego.

At the end of the reception, we went out together and she told me that she was actually looking for potential employees for her company. I jumped at the chance to tell her about me! I told her that I was a potential employee. She giggled and passed me her name card.

OH GOSH! I have been speaking to the Vice President of EXY Pte Ltd! One of the fastest growing investment companies in Singapore. From a crew of 5, they manage to generate 1 billion dollars of revenue in just 2 years. It was an amazing feat in the market! I wanted to join EXY since I was in my last year of university. I kept looking out for offers from their company, but I couldn’t find any offers online.

She was amused by my excitement and told me to arrange call her secretary up and she would arrange for me to have a chance at the job; passing her secretary name card to me.

So I waited until the next day to call up EXY. I was over the moon! My dream job had came to me without me even hunting too much! It was a dream come true. It took 4 rings till the secretary picked up the phone. (I counted because I was just that nervous) She confirm my particulars and told me that I was very lucky to be selected by Mrs Diana. 

Then the strangest thing happened, she reminded me to remember to pack 1 week worth of clothes.
“Wait what? What for?” I asked.
“Wait, Diana haven’t told you what this was? You are going for a one week camp and EXY would pick those people that they think fit the jobs”

WHAT?! A camp? Not an interview?

Finally we reached the present, at the camp. Like why am I even here? I was supposed to find jobs, not to have play around in a camp…

The camp was held at EXY’s camp site. I never knew they had something like this. The camp site was near the end of the island. From the outside it looked like any camp site. On the inside though, there weren’t any high obstacles or rock wall or anything like that! In fact, the walls, tables, chairs and equipment all look like it was in a office without cubicles. The hall was fully air conditioned, which just made the place surprisingly comfortable. 

“Hey Martin!” A voice from behind called up to me.

I turned around to see Dave. Dave was my friend from secondary school. Though we haven’t spoke in years, I was just glad that there was someone that I knew in the camp.

“DAVE! Oh wow! It has been way too long! How have you been man?” I asked.

“Not so good man, been job hunting for 6 months with no response or offers.” Dave replied with a slight tone of melancholy.

I sighed. “Me too man, it really is very difficult to find a job.’

Before Dave could say the next line, an amplified voice echoed through the hall.

“Good morning troopers!” The man greeted all of us, then paused a while. “Today, is the first day of the camp. Some of you might wonder, ‘why in the world are we using a camp to hire people?'” 

He continued, “I like to first say that we treat our employees like they are our family. So we like you people to enjoy yourselves like our family would, so we decided that a camp setting would allow people to bond and come into the family.”he continued.

“So this is how it will work, first, the 104 of you here will be divided into groups. There are 10 groups with 10 to 11 people in each group. Each group will be led by two full timers in EXY! The groups will then compete with each other until the last day on Wednesday! The group with the most points will win!”

Thus began the start of my EXY journey.

=314= Reflections: A Good Follower

I was just thinking. Why does society put so much empathsis on leadership qualities? Sure you can go on to tell me that a good leader is hard to find. That a leader have all the qualities you need. However, what if I told you that I have a solution better than a good leader?

The solution is good followers under that leader. Even the best leaders will have trouble handling the worse workers. In fact, over time, as I observed, I realised that following instructions is a skill. Following instructions can be just as hard as giving out instructions.

What?? How can that be? Trust me, it can be really irritating when you are trying to give instructions and their own suggestions and opinions. Sure it is good to have suggestions and opinion, but not to prove that you are right; but to ensure that the project goes smoothly. Different people have different expectations so don’t always think that your opinion is the best. Don’t always try to help, sometimes there is a need to shut up and listen. Don’t always give instructions, listen and follow them too. Only then will we be able to understand and be a good person to work with!

With good followers, the leaders wouldn’t burn out. With good followers, the leaders would not have to worry! 

So I have told myself this. Be someone dependable, that when someone needs you to lead, you lead and be in a role of a leader. When someone needs you to follow his/her instruction, you follow and be in a role of a follower. Learn both the art of leading and art of following. Be humble to learn. Learn more than you speak or do. Learn as much as you can when you are young and put it to good use and don’t throw the skills away!


=313= Worship on/off Stage: Those Who Love The Lord

Well, I am pretty shy about this, so yeah… HAHA!

Well, I am a pretty melodic person; I am HORRIBLE with lyrics. So when this song came about and the words managed to flow, i was REALLY surprised! SO yeah, my attempt for writing a song for God! πŸ™‚

Please give chance for the shaky singing and guitar playing! I only started playing guitar in August, so still a bit shaky ah! And I think my voice is kinda annoying! SO hopefully won’t hurt your ears too bad! HAHA!

But yeah! This song came out of the overflow from this season! singing of God’s grace after struggling so much! So I give thanks! πŸ™‚


Oh forgot to attach lyrics! Here there are!

Those who love the Lord
Will be alright
Those who love the Lord
Will be alright
F, G, Em, Am
He loves us even if we sin or stumble
F, G, C
He loves us all

Those who love the Lord
Will be set free
No more bondage or slavery
He had died to set us free from sin
We’ve been set free

Those who love the Lord
Will see Him face to face
Never mind any skin or race
Anyone who comes before him now
They will be saved

=312= Reflections: The Past Week

Well, I just woke up an hour before my alarm! So yeah, instead of just lazing in bed, I decided to reflect a bit!

Yesterday was awesome! Well, we started having cell in Gideon’s house! It was really comfortable and nice! πŸ™‚ I just think that it would only be fair to be doing something together there! Like play a game or cell kit or sharing! Just not everyone doing their own things trashing Gideon’s house and not hanging out with Gideon. No! So yeah! I really pray that the cell at Gideon’s will be good for the kids and they will grow closer together!

Several kids went missing since we moved to Gideon’s house too. 😦 So yeah, planning to move back to Salvation Army so that I can hopefully get them back.

Planning to have a Footsteps T-shirt. Well, I am really sad to be leaving Footsteps. I really want to have something that I can have as a momento! Hopefully something nice! Maybe we should have a T-Shirt design session during cell time!

Worship yesterday was awesome! πŸ˜€ I think it is a result of not using both metronome and avioms. Well, the past three sets serving was quite a pain because honestly speaking, I can’t hear people! The monitors were firing at me and I am just a bit afraid that if I hit any harder I would be unable to hear the band and I will go off time. Then on Saturday and Sunday, Caleb was there to give me suggestions. He told me to hit harder! When I did, it actually isn’t THAT bad! I can still hear! Well, I guess the main thing is to be so confident about what to play that you can play it even without the band!

Yesterday there was a spiritual release in my spirit again! After Sis Grace and Adler spoke to the congre, and we did the stop start and went for it during the climax, I was hitting with my whole spirit! Haha! So yeah! I really missed feeling that during worship!

On Saturday, during sound check, I did my first sound check as a PA. Haha! Cause Andre needed to serve in the children’s ministry. So he left haftway during circle time! Leaving no sound engineer to mend the board. So I just went for it Lor! Haha Super impromptu! I was able to get sound out! Hallelujah! HAHAHA! However, I was a bit confused with which monitor is which monitor! So yeah, I need to take note! Well, I think I did pretty ok I guess! Thank God Joel came after cell to G1! Really saved my ass! I was only able to get sound out for them! Not EQ or any of the fancy things that a PA should know too. So yeah! Thankful!

A bit affected by someone’s attitude and actions. Well, I really pray that he will grow up soon!

Really thankful for someone’s presence in my life now! Really give thanks for journeying with me! πŸ™‚ really appreciate it!

I really want to proceed with more guitar! Learn more skills, play better!

Drums, I really want to be a better drummer! Continue to drill things in! Now still need to practice playing sextuplets fills in time and not rush through the fills.

Thank you Lord!


=311= Reflections: Update

I haven’t been spending a lot of time here recently. The past few weeks was just me trying to get back into the momentum of school again. Honestly, I am quite tired.

Not that school has been exhauting(though it is), but because mentally and spiritually I haven’t really been on point. I am trying my best running on empty and that is just stupid! Been trying again though! So yeah! Watch me! I will be engergised mentally and spiritually again! πŸ™‚

The pinch of being single and lonely has been quite bad in these few months again. I am questioning my decisions again. Wondering what would have happened if I said the truth when I was asked “why are you treating me so well?”. Wondering what would have happened if I wasn’t such a coward and told her that I liked her? Sure, it doesn’t matter anymore, but I sure would like to know. Sometimes I sure wish to see the parallel worlds where I made decisions that I didn’t.

Oh how I wish I could get rid of the residual feelings.

I just wonder what would happen if I didn’t serve in ministry. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy serving and I believe I would definitely miss it if I stop, I just wonder what would happen. It does sound pleasant to be in a CCA in school, to have close friends from other places and be in leadership there and have a nicer resume. It does sound pleasant to be in a tertiary cell where I don’t have to be on alert all the time and be vulnerable with my cell members as a member.

Okay, enough of that depressing coveting. I am going to give thanks for what I have. I have brought up kids that I am proud to call them men. I have grown spiritually and technically. I am able to be creative and sharp in what I do! I am able to go home earlier than my friends with CCA! I am able to do the things I love! I bet I would have been bitter if I didn’t become a leader after I got my N Level results. Aiyo, I guess the grass is always greener on the other side!

I have gotten what I wanted. I asked God for friends that would support me and I could be vulnerable with them and I gotten them! I give thanks! The people who are reading this now are probably among those I give thanks for! Thank God that I have found favour in their eyes! Thank you guys! πŸ™‚

Hey I can play more songs on guitar now! πŸ˜€ HAHA! From that simple idea of just wanting to restring and try, I managed to play songs! I am really happy! I am now able to play E, Em, A, Am, A7, D, Dm, F, C, G, Bm chords! Well, still learning! But I am very grateful that I am able to play!

The bad part about playing a monotone instrument is that I have little clue about pitch instruments and chords! And quite frankly, I am a little bit annoyed. I mean after like 5 years of playing the drums, I have listened and played so many kinda of music and now that I want to write music I am stuck, because my instrument is monotone. Even if I can sing melodies that I like, Not knowing any chords or anything that will acompany the lyrics just doesn’t sit well with me! Writing “Speak your mind” was very cool and just proved that drummers can write songs! However, all the chords and stuff was done by Mindez. I want to write my own song myself! Hence, I started to play guitar! 

Of course, I am nowhere near anyone in terms of guitar skills, but I am slowly able to play and write melodies(not yet songs)! The greatest achievement so far was being able to play Qing Fei De Yi! Haha! Trying to play “The Heart Never Lies” now! Hope will be good!

I recently thought that suspenders looks amazing! Especially the shoulder holster type suspenders! Looks like you have a gun, but your really don’t! Haha!

I am also thinking off a shoe design so that there will be a shoelace revolution! Kinda like watch straps where you can just change and wear out! Kinda stumped, but yeah… The shoe design needs to be simple and yet class enough to look good with different shoe laces. I guess black and white shoes are will probably do the trick! Now I am thinking about how to make the shoelaces simpler and easier to change so that people will be willing to buy a second set of shoelaces! Haha, a bit strange, but yeah! That is how I am spending my time!

Recently, I thought about having a studio like room in my future house again. This time I thought about the structure of my studio! First, of course, with a floating floor so that it will not be as noisy! Then, it will have wooden floors then, I would put carpet down on it! Whenever I want to have a more livelier sound I would simple remove the carpet! The walls won’t be parallel. Thinking of it slightly convex. With the end to be curved and wooden. Then I wil be able to pull a curtain out if I want a more dead sound! Then, this room will double as a theatre system! So at the end, there will be a projector screen! The projector will be hanged at the back of the room! Hopefully the 3DLP technology will be cheaper by then! 8 speakers to give the full surround sound experience! Then, I want to have an analog board! With Mics! Then, a Macbook/Mac so that I can do any recording or song writing there! The walls at the side will absorb sound and double as a cupboard; storing all the instruments, cables and tables! There will be two kinds of seats there! One will be padded, kinda like a sofa, but for one person! Then when we are watching movie, we would combine the sofa seat together to form a bigger and more comfortable sofa! Then the second one would be those tall wooden stools that you seen in shows where people play guitar on top off! I just always wanted to have those wooden stools! The bottom of these chairs will have to have rubble soles! Just to make sure that it would not scratch the wooden floor. Haha, but yeah, still a Long WAY to go!

I want Logic Pro…. Argh…. Waiting for it to come on offer! Or like a new version!

I want a camera! Like something small and yet be able to take amazing photos! Kinda like Leb’s!

I want a video camera, just so that if I ever wanted to film something, I can.

I want a djembe! I forgot how to pronounce it again! Haha Sam help! I want a meinl Floatatune! The one played by Toca Rivera!

I want my own set of cymbals!

I want a Steve Jordan styled side kick!

I want a piccolo snare!

I want to reshell my triple fi 10! Come on! OFFER!

So yeah! Haha sorry if this post wasn’t very cohesive! Just all my thoughts vommitted out! So yeah! Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚


=310= Words of Joy: Dumb and MeaninglessΒ 

The word for today is “Just let me do something dumb and meaningless tonight”.

Tonight while walking home, I had Olly Murs’s “Cry Your Heart Out” on the playlist and I saw across the road. I saw the farmilar playground. I decided to walk towards C’s block again. This time, not exactly melancholic, not exactly expecting anything. I just wanted to walk there because I felt that I am a bit tired of being head smart and just wanted to do something my heart would do! Just let me do something dumb and meaningless tonight!

I went there and kicked/hit all the benches and tables! Well, I just needed to do that tonight! Sure it is dumb and meaningless to everyone that don’t know what happened, but I am glad that I did it! πŸ™‚

There is merit in doing the stupid things that I want to do but never did because I knew that they are stupid! So yeah! Was a good 10 minutes remembering certain events. Tonight, not feeling very melancholic at all! πŸ™‚

Thank God for this strange feeling!

I actually wrote a longer post that is more melancholic about the past few weeks, but it was quite long and my phone ran out of battery! So yeah… Gonna post that soon!