=310= Words of Joy: Dumb and Meaningless 

The word for today is “Just let me do something dumb and meaningless tonight”.

Tonight while walking home, I had Olly Murs’s “Cry Your Heart Out” on the playlist and I saw across the road. I saw the farmilar playground. I decided to walk towards C’s block again. This time, not exactly melancholic, not exactly expecting anything. I just wanted to walk there because I felt that I am a bit tired of being head smart and just wanted to do something my heart would do! Just let me do something dumb and meaningless tonight!

I went there and kicked/hit all the benches and tables! Well, I just needed to do that tonight! Sure it is dumb and meaningless to everyone that don’t know what happened, but I am glad that I did it! 🙂

There is merit in doing the stupid things that I want to do but never did because I knew that they are stupid! So yeah! Was a good 10 minutes remembering certain events. Tonight, not feeling very melancholic at all! 🙂

Thank God for this strange feeling!

I actually wrote a longer post that is more melancholic about the past few weeks, but it was quite long and my phone ran out of battery! So yeah… Gonna post that soon!


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