=311= Reflections: Update

I haven’t been spending a lot of time here recently. The past few weeks was just me trying to get back into the momentum of school again. Honestly, I am quite tired.

Not that school has been exhauting(though it is), but because mentally and spiritually I haven’t really been on point. I am trying my best running on empty and that is just stupid! Been trying again though! So yeah! Watch me! I will be engergised mentally and spiritually again! 🙂

The pinch of being single and lonely has been quite bad in these few months again. I am questioning my decisions again. Wondering what would have happened if I said the truth when I was asked “why are you treating me so well?”. Wondering what would have happened if I wasn’t such a coward and told her that I liked her? Sure, it doesn’t matter anymore, but I sure would like to know. Sometimes I sure wish to see the parallel worlds where I made decisions that I didn’t.

Oh how I wish I could get rid of the residual feelings.

I just wonder what would happen if I didn’t serve in ministry. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy serving and I believe I would definitely miss it if I stop, I just wonder what would happen. It does sound pleasant to be in a CCA in school, to have close friends from other places and be in leadership there and have a nicer resume. It does sound pleasant to be in a tertiary cell where I don’t have to be on alert all the time and be vulnerable with my cell members as a member.

Okay, enough of that depressing coveting. I am going to give thanks for what I have. I have brought up kids that I am proud to call them men. I have grown spiritually and technically. I am able to be creative and sharp in what I do! I am able to go home earlier than my friends with CCA! I am able to do the things I love! I bet I would have been bitter if I didn’t become a leader after I got my N Level results. Aiyo, I guess the grass is always greener on the other side!

I have gotten what I wanted. I asked God for friends that would support me and I could be vulnerable with them and I gotten them! I give thanks! The people who are reading this now are probably among those I give thanks for! Thank God that I have found favour in their eyes! Thank you guys! 🙂

Hey I can play more songs on guitar now! 😀 HAHA! From that simple idea of just wanting to restring and try, I managed to play songs! I am really happy! I am now able to play E, Em, A, Am, A7, D, Dm, F, C, G, Bm chords! Well, still learning! But I am very grateful that I am able to play!

The bad part about playing a monotone instrument is that I have little clue about pitch instruments and chords! And quite frankly, I am a little bit annoyed. I mean after like 5 years of playing the drums, I have listened and played so many kinda of music and now that I want to write music I am stuck, because my instrument is monotone. Even if I can sing melodies that I like, Not knowing any chords or anything that will acompany the lyrics just doesn’t sit well with me! Writing “Speak your mind” was very cool and just proved that drummers can write songs! However, all the chords and stuff was done by Mindez. I want to write my own song myself! Hence, I started to play guitar! 

Of course, I am nowhere near anyone in terms of guitar skills, but I am slowly able to play and write melodies(not yet songs)! The greatest achievement so far was being able to play Qing Fei De Yi! Haha! Trying to play “The Heart Never Lies” now! Hope will be good!

I recently thought that suspenders looks amazing! Especially the shoulder holster type suspenders! Looks like you have a gun, but your really don’t! Haha!

I am also thinking off a shoe design so that there will be a shoelace revolution! Kinda like watch straps where you can just change and wear out! Kinda stumped, but yeah… The shoe design needs to be simple and yet class enough to look good with different shoe laces. I guess black and white shoes are will probably do the trick! Now I am thinking about how to make the shoelaces simpler and easier to change so that people will be willing to buy a second set of shoelaces! Haha, a bit strange, but yeah! That is how I am spending my time!

Recently, I thought about having a studio like room in my future house again. This time I thought about the structure of my studio! First, of course, with a floating floor so that it will not be as noisy! Then, it will have wooden floors then, I would put carpet down on it! Whenever I want to have a more livelier sound I would simple remove the carpet! The walls won’t be parallel. Thinking of it slightly convex. With the end to be curved and wooden. Then I wil be able to pull a curtain out if I want a more dead sound! Then, this room will double as a theatre system! So at the end, there will be a projector screen! The projector will be hanged at the back of the room! Hopefully the 3DLP technology will be cheaper by then! 8 speakers to give the full surround sound experience! Then, I want to have an analog board! With Mics! Then, a Macbook/Mac so that I can do any recording or song writing there! The walls at the side will absorb sound and double as a cupboard; storing all the instruments, cables and tables! There will be two kinds of seats there! One will be padded, kinda like a sofa, but for one person! Then when we are watching movie, we would combine the sofa seat together to form a bigger and more comfortable sofa! Then the second one would be those tall wooden stools that you seen in shows where people play guitar on top off! I just always wanted to have those wooden stools! The bottom of these chairs will have to have rubble soles! Just to make sure that it would not scratch the wooden floor. Haha, but yeah, still a Long WAY to go!

I want Logic Pro…. Argh…. Waiting for it to come on offer! Or like a new version!

I want a camera! Like something small and yet be able to take amazing photos! Kinda like Leb’s!

I want a video camera, just so that if I ever wanted to film something, I can.

I want a djembe! I forgot how to pronounce it again! Haha Sam help! I want a meinl Floatatune! The one played by Toca Rivera!

I want my own set of cymbals!

I want a Steve Jordan styled side kick!

I want a piccolo snare!

I want to reshell my triple fi 10! Come on! OFFER!

So yeah! Haha sorry if this post wasn’t very cohesive! Just all my thoughts vommitted out! So yeah! Thanks for reading! 🙂