=312= Reflections: The Past Week

Well, I just woke up an hour before my alarm! So yeah, instead of just lazing in bed, I decided to reflect a bit!

Yesterday was awesome! Well, we started having cell in Gideon’s house! It was really comfortable and nice! 🙂 I just think that it would only be fair to be doing something together there! Like play a game or cell kit or sharing! Just not everyone doing their own things trashing Gideon’s house and not hanging out with Gideon. No! So yeah! I really pray that the cell at Gideon’s will be good for the kids and they will grow closer together!

Several kids went missing since we moved to Gideon’s house too. 😦 So yeah, planning to move back to Salvation Army so that I can hopefully get them back.

Planning to have a Footsteps T-shirt. Well, I am really sad to be leaving Footsteps. I really want to have something that I can have as a momento! Hopefully something nice! Maybe we should have a T-Shirt design session during cell time!

Worship yesterday was awesome! 😀 I think it is a result of not using both metronome and avioms. Well, the past three sets serving was quite a pain because honestly speaking, I can’t hear people! The monitors were firing at me and I am just a bit afraid that if I hit any harder I would be unable to hear the band and I will go off time. Then on Saturday and Sunday, Caleb was there to give me suggestions. He told me to hit harder! When I did, it actually isn’t THAT bad! I can still hear! Well, I guess the main thing is to be so confident about what to play that you can play it even without the band!

Yesterday there was a spiritual release in my spirit again! After Sis Grace and Adler spoke to the congre, and we did the stop start and went for it during the climax, I was hitting with my whole spirit! Haha! So yeah! I really missed feeling that during worship!

On Saturday, during sound check, I did my first sound check as a PA. Haha! Cause Andre needed to serve in the children’s ministry. So he left haftway during circle time! Leaving no sound engineer to mend the board. So I just went for it Lor! Haha Super impromptu! I was able to get sound out! Hallelujah! HAHAHA! However, I was a bit confused with which monitor is which monitor! So yeah, I need to take note! Well, I think I did pretty ok I guess! Thank God Joel came after cell to G1! Really saved my ass! I was only able to get sound out for them! Not EQ or any of the fancy things that a PA should know too. So yeah! Thankful!

A bit affected by someone’s attitude and actions. Well, I really pray that he will grow up soon!

Really thankful for someone’s presence in my life now! Really give thanks for journeying with me! 🙂 really appreciate it!

I really want to proceed with more guitar! Learn more skills, play better!

Drums, I really want to be a better drummer! Continue to drill things in! Now still need to practice playing sextuplets fills in time and not rush through the fills.

Thank you Lord!


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