=314= Reflections: A Good Follower

I was just thinking. Why does society put so much empathsis on leadership qualities? Sure you can go on to tell me that a good leader is hard to find. That a leader have all the qualities you need. However, what if I told you that I have a solution better than a good leader?

The solution is good followers under that leader. Even the best leaders will have trouble handling the worse workers. In fact, over time, as I observed, I realised that following instructions is a skill. Following instructions can be just as hard as giving out instructions.

What?? How can that be? Trust me, it can be really irritating when you are trying to give instructions and their own suggestions and opinions. Sure it is good to have suggestions and opinion, but not to prove that you are right; but to ensure that the project goes smoothly. Different people have different expectations so don’t always think that your opinion is the best. Don’t always try to help, sometimes there is a need to shut up and listen. Don’t always give instructions, listen and follow them too. Only then will we be able to understand and be a good person to work with!

With good followers, the leaders wouldn’t burn out. With good followers, the leaders would not have to worry! 

So I have told myself this. Be someone dependable, that when someone needs you to lead, you lead and be in a role of a leader. When someone needs you to follow his/her instruction, you follow and be in a role of a follower. Learn both the art of leading and art of following. Be humble to learn. Learn more than you speak or do. Learn as much as you can when you are young and put it to good use and don’t throw the skills away!