=315= Stories to Tell: EXY Journey Part 1

“What am I even doing here?” I whispered to myself, questioning the system.

Well, I guess for anything I say to make sense to you readers, I need to go back to the start when I was at a reception trying to meet potential hirers, so that I can get a chance to get a job in their company.

Finding a job in today’s market is no joke… I graduated from TaiHo University six months ago, with a bachelor in business management. I thought that finding a job with a business degree would be no problem. How wrong was I…

The first month of job hunting was exciting because there were so many possibilities! The second month, I started to panic a bit. The third month started my mum started to nag more often, my friends all seemed to have jobs. Thank goodness for Joe being unemployed too. At least I am not the only one without a job. The fourth month was hell. Had so many arguments with my parents; telling me to be more open minded. The fifth, -sigh- at the end of the fifth month, Joe found a job. Now I do not have an excuse that “Joe is also without a job!” Hence, I got myself to ask Joe how did he find that job. Joe told me that he went to several receptions to try and meet important CEOs and gave his name card to as many as he could find and wait for a call.

I thought it was a good idea, hence I tried it. However, I think I was quite awkward. Every person I walk up to just leaves the conversation after I said a joke. I mean are my jokes THAT bad? 

Then, a gorgeous lady caught my eye. She looked like she was in her late twenties. Wearing what I thought to be her work clothes(a white shirt, a grey cardigan and a grey skirt with heels), she looked like she just rushed down from work, with her red lanyard and tag still on her neck. On a closer look, she wasn’t exactly very pretty in the sense of looks. Like she is, but something about her just seemed much more attractive. The way she moves. The way she laughs. The way she speaks. Something about her was just captivating.

I drew closer towards her and that was when I saw a ring. A ring on her left hand. A ring on her ring finger. OH MAN….

Hence, I shook off any thoughts about having a romantic relationship with her. However, I still wanted to know this beautiful lady. Therefore, I simply walked up to her and said my joke.


I am still unsure if my joke was funny or she was just humouring me, or maybe she was just weird. I shall not write that joke down in case she was just as weird as me!
We had a great conversation! Instead of spending the rest of the time talking to other people, I spent it all speaking to this lady.

Her name was “Diana.” I found out that we both liked the band “72 degrees.” I found out that she really like the drink that the buffet table provided. I found out that she was scared of birds. I found out that she was wearing contacts(don’t ask me how, I can’t recall either). However, I found out the most about her Husband. Like wow. Her Husband was just amazing. He is a doctor that has gotten himself a name for his research on hand surgery(she told me the whole term, but it was just way too difficult to remember.) Her Husband travels around the world to help the poor children; giving them medical care. He just bought her an expensive bag recently, a brand I rather not say because it will hurt my ego.

At the end of the reception, we went out together and she told me that she was actually looking for potential employees for her company. I jumped at the chance to tell her about me! I told her that I was a potential employee. She giggled and passed me her name card.

OH GOSH! I have been speaking to the Vice President of EXY Pte Ltd! One of the fastest growing investment companies in Singapore. From a crew of 5, they manage to generate 1 billion dollars of revenue in just 2 years. It was an amazing feat in the market! I wanted to join EXY since I was in my last year of university. I kept looking out for offers from their company, but I couldn’t find any offers online.

She was amused by my excitement and told me to arrange call her secretary up and she would arrange for me to have a chance at the job; passing her secretary name card to me.

So I waited until the next day to call up EXY. I was over the moon! My dream job had came to me without me even hunting too much! It was a dream come true. It took 4 rings till the secretary picked up the phone. (I counted because I was just that nervous) She confirm my particulars and told me that I was very lucky to be selected by Mrs Diana. 

Then the strangest thing happened, she reminded me to remember to pack 1 week worth of clothes.
“Wait what? What for?” I asked.
“Wait, Diana haven’t told you what this was? You are going for a one week camp and EXY would pick those people that they think fit the jobs”

WHAT?! A camp? Not an interview?

Finally we reached the present, at the camp. Like why am I even here? I was supposed to find jobs, not to have play around in a camp…

The camp was held at EXY’s camp site. I never knew they had something like this. The camp site was near the end of the island. From the outside it looked like any camp site. On the inside though, there weren’t any high obstacles or rock wall or anything like that! In fact, the walls, tables, chairs and equipment all look like it was in a office without cubicles. The hall was fully air conditioned, which just made the place surprisingly comfortable. 

“Hey Martin!” A voice from behind called up to me.

I turned around to see Dave. Dave was my friend from secondary school. Though we haven’t spoke in years, I was just glad that there was someone that I knew in the camp.

“DAVE! Oh wow! It has been way too long! How have you been man?” I asked.

“Not so good man, been job hunting for 6 months with no response or offers.” Dave replied with a slight tone of melancholy.

I sighed. “Me too man, it really is very difficult to find a job.’

Before Dave could say the next line, an amplified voice echoed through the hall.

“Good morning troopers!” The man greeted all of us, then paused a while. “Today, is the first day of the camp. Some of you might wonder, ‘why in the world are we using a camp to hire people?'” 

He continued, “I like to first say that we treat our employees like they are our family. So we like you people to enjoy yourselves like our family would, so we decided that a camp setting would allow people to bond and come into the family.”he continued.

“So this is how it will work, first, the 104 of you here will be divided into groups. There are 10 groups with 10 to 11 people in each group. Each group will be led by two full timers in EXY! The groups will then compete with each other until the last day on Wednesday! The group with the most points will win!”

Thus began the start of my EXY journey.

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