=316= Reflections: EXY Life

Ok well, I think I am a bit too tired to write the next part of the story, so just let me tell you what I am trying to write.

Well, if you read the previous post, though it is long, you would have caught the gist of the story. The main point of the story was the camp for jobs rather than interviews, not all the other details about Martin finding jobs or finding the Vice President Diana attractive.

I just really liked the idea of having a camp to see how a person is like rather than basing everything on the resume, appearance and interview. Kinda like a rejection for first impressions. I mean, sure, in an interview, people can look great and all, but what you want is that the employee work hard and have a good attitude towards working for you.

So back to how the story would unfold.

The objective of the camp isn’t to let the campers enjoy, it is to see the intangible. To see the right personalities and attitudes for the job. Then the group’s will compete with each other with difficult games and situations. Some people will blow their top. Some will be hard to work with. These people will be filtered out.

Well, Martin would find himself in a group with ten people. Out of the 10, 1 guy and 1 girl will be super arrogant, being loggerheads at each other trying to lead the group though it isn’t their job. They will be the one explaining that the camp is filtering out potential employees with games. 1 girl will be so quiet that you can’t hear her when she speaks. However, she will be amazing at reading, memorising and math. There will be another guy that is a complete idiot, but he is really buff and excel greatly at athletic games. His role in the group is to be the simple guy that loves to be with everyone. One guy and two other girls that will be developed at a later time, but likely the girls will be the two that will later on, betray the group. The guy might portray amazing abilities later on too.

Then finally the three main characters, that we will come to love later on. One of course is Martin. Second will will Dave, he will later on be in a situation where he betrays Martin and the group for his own sake but comes to regret it later. Last is the heroine, a girl that Martin would at first offend, but with the games and stuff, they became good friends after the second day.

The two leaders(full timers) of the group will be:
The nicest guy you will ever meet. Humble and nice to hang out around but will be slightly inconfident. 
An extremely confident lady with only her career in mind. She will at first display a foul and domineering personality. Then something will happen to humble her. You will come to love her too.

I was thinking that the camp will be the company’s way of seeing who to promote as well. Perhaps the leaders of the group with the most people being employed, will be promoted maybe?

Well, I would want our 3 main characters to get the jobs, but I have no idea how!

Then after that they will enter the office and have office politics. Of course in a more fun manner.

Well, it might be quite unlikely that I will continue EXY Life, it just takes up too much time, but i sure would like to see something similar to it in a movie or a manga! Of course, it isn’t exactly new, the movie, “the internship” had games for jobs theme too. Oh well!


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