=324= Reflections: 2015

How was the past year?

One word.


I never thought juggling between school and ministry could be so tiring. For the previous two years, the workload in school wasn’t that bad. Even though I had panic attacks and all, it all did not seem that big after I thought about it. This year, the time to do anything was so little that it just drained me. I now have so little time to prepare cell kit, do homework and revise, prepare for worship sets, I just don’t have that big a capacity to do it all. I have been sleeping later recently, my mind just becomes restless and I will surf the net until I am tired… 😦

I am really disappointed with my performance as a CL the past year. I just burned out halfway. I am really sorry for the kids I neglected. I am sorry.

For CAMY, I really enjoyed serving and worshiping God in the past year. However, whenever things pile up, I just get so off form… 😦

I don’t really like how I have become in the past year. I guess mainly because of the conflicts and events that happened, I became someone rather toned down and awkward. I no longer know how to make people laugh. It may sound rather minor, but it is not. Like come on, I want to have a good sense of humour. I want to have good people skills. However, I must refrain first, at least for the next half a year. Really need to beat the crap out of my flesh! Lord, help me again. 

Oh well, I think it may be good for me to take a break.

However, this year isn’t all THAT bad luhh. It was the year that I discovered many things about myself.

For one, I picked up many new skills in the past year. Photography, Guitar and “sound checking”(like really basic stuff only). The learning curve is extremely steep. However, I am enjoying it!

I did bring one of my boys back and I am grateful.

I asked for friends and I did get them! Though next year, one of them is gonna serve in a different ministry as I am! I need more friends! 😩

I need brothers that I can share my life with. A group of friends that I can pour my life out to and be vulnerable with them! I kinda wanna hang out with people my age or older! Pretty strange that I am the oldest among the CLs in my LC. Oh well, we will see I Guess!

I just got asked to teach drums in My Drum School! I am actually really interested, but I dunno… I don’t really have time… -sigh- Lord, please give me wisdom to choose and decide!

Something I really want to tell my kids is that they are really Young! They should try to discover and learn as much as they can! To find a passion. I should too! I should continue to find more things to learn. After all a guy that just stays there and do nothing is boring.

Oh well, let’s work hard for the next year and see how! πŸ™‚ excited!

Though I don’t really want school to start… Like noo…. I need more sleep!

Ok! Enough Then!

Let’s move on!


=323= Thanksgiving: Photography

Before I type out a crazy ass long post about the past year, let me type out a post about my new found passion; photography.

Well, there isn’t any huge story about how I got into it. I simply went to school, they had a module on photography, I tried it and I fell in love with it! Something about being able to capture moments just makes the whole thing amazing. Seeing people do beautiful art with their photos is enough to get me hooked.

I remember showing my photos to Brian and he told me that I neede more compositions. Back then, I wasn’t exactly clear on what he meant. Until I watch DigitalRev TV! Not my first time promoting this channel, but they are that good!

Just watch that! HAHAHAHA!

I recall watching their review on the A6000, because I was really quite keen on getting the camera and was doing ‘research’.

Then I went on further to watch their other videos! Kai, Lok and Alamby were very charming and entertaining!

That was when I started admiring his photos. Like Kai would do these street photography shots that were very nice! Like compared to mine, his photos were easier to relate to. Then I realised what the difference was; The subject. My photos are only nice visually and maybe technically, like I will follow the rule of thirds, leading lines etc etc, but I seldom have a human character in my photos. Those that does have a subject, are the ones that are nice!

Street photography is going out to the street(duh) to take chance encounters and random accidents(according to wikipedia). These chance encounters and random accidents, wouldn’t it be rather odd if they were all of non-living things? It would be like shooting a pot of flowers waiting for it to magically lose balance and fall and shatter on the ground; it just doesn’t happen. Β I guess no matter what, street photography needs to have a subject. It is a bit boring when you see a plain street with no humans walking on it. I guess that a photo is just a bit more relatable and interesting when there is a subject. I just realised that photographers aren’t just photographers; they are artistes.

Hence, I started shooting more people. Well, I am pretty satisfied with my photos so far. Though they still can’t match up to the works of Kai or Lok or the great Henri Cartier-Bresson, but everyone needs a start right? SO yeah!

Do view my photos ok? Give me more views on Flickr! Thanks! πŸ˜€

On top of learning more about street photography, I started learning more about my camera’s character. My Sony A6000 isn’t a Nikon D90 with two dials, but after using it for the past few weeks, I am getting rather comfortable with the camera. πŸ™‚ Like the Electronic View Finder is a joy. It may not be as quick as an Optical View Finder, but it makes it so much easier because i can see how the photo looks like before i take it. Therefore, giving me quicker choices for the exposure. Though it has claimed to have the world’s fastest Auto Focus for mirrorless cameras, and has multiple good comments for the tracking AF, but so far, the easier thing for me is the single point AF and Manual Focus. It allows me to control more; to be able to choose what i want rather than to let the camera decide for me. I really don’t like MF! HAHA! I am a lazy photographer! However, it is still quite necessary for low light situations. The ISO performance so far has been good! Like I have been using ISO 4000 like it was ISO 2000! HAHA! Just makes my life a lot simpler without me having to use flash to blind people. The Wifi on it is really cool too!

I also learned lots about editing!
1. Everything looks more artistic in black and white.
HAHAHA! Its true guys! However, it isn’t that simple. Black and White Photos needs contrast! Like the blacks needs to be very black and the whites needs to be very white. There needs to be a distinction in tones. Just like in ink drawings, it is common to have only two tones; black and white, no grey at all. So when you have a photo with a lot of mid tones and very little black blacks, it actually is quite dull and doesn’t have that “pop” to it! Luckily in Lightroom i can tune the colours to be darker or lighter depending on what i want to get a better result. Β Not sure if this is technically correct, so do correct me if i am wrong!

2. If 4×3 cannot, try 16×9
Erm… Bad example on my part! HEHE! Cause, I sometimes find that there are some of my framing on my side so i sometimes need to crop and edit. Sometimes even after cropping the framing is just bad. Hence, i tried changing the aspect ratio to 16×9 to get that cinematic look and cutting out the useless information to make what is in frame look better.

3. HDRs are awesome!
I love HDR or High Dynamic Range. You gotta love it! It capture details in the highlights and the shadows! Then from there, you just need to adjust to where you like it to be. If you want less information in the shadows for more contrast, you reduce the shadows. If the colour looks odd, edit it Lightroom! The possibilities for it is ending! However, it is almost impossible to do that if there was a moving subject because it needs time to change exposure for it.

SO yeah! Gotta love my Sony A6000! Well, really dreading school now. Don’t really want the year to end, can anyone please stop it from ending? D: SO strange to be the only one from my batch in my “LC”(or whatever new name it is called) next year. Oh well, still not prepared to not see Ga in Youth… -sigh- Its gonna be lonelier next year isn’t it? 😦 Oh well, stop pitying yourself and move on.

I just enquired on how the worship is gonna be like in Emerge and I am actually quite excited! Very cool because, it is quite likely that non-CAMY people will be leading worship! Not only that, we actually have only a few CAMY people in Emerge. It will be exciting to see how people step up and how we will train and teach them how to lead worship! πŸ˜€ I like how the boundaries between non-CAMY and CAMY people are going to be lifted. It will be great that we won’t be that exclusive as a ministry. Can’t wait to teach the next batch–the next young kid from emerge–on the drums! Worried, but excited!

Thinking of investing in a Djembe because with so few people, acoustic sets will be more often. Hence, a change of instrument may at least be different and more interesting. Not that a cajon is any bad, but i think there isn’t any harm playing a different instrument for worship! We will see! πŸ˜€

SO yeah, let me end here! Goodnight guys! πŸ˜€


=322= Reflections: Tooth Extraction

Today had been such a crazy day, in a good way! πŸ™‚

Well, first thing that happened today was my Wisdom Tooth Extraction, Surgery rather… It was extremely scary. When Dr Go, took out that needle, the metal kind that kinda looks like those precision screwdrivers, i was a bit frightened. Well, just closed my eyes and had that sting in my mouth. Right after that, i think because I swallow quite saliva quite often, when my lower jaw was numb, I instinctively stop swallowing saliva and it got quite nauseating. I just had to lie down, breathe and force myself to swallow my saliva. The nurse then gave me some warm water, that helped A LOT!

Then the most terrifying thing about the surgery was just the sound. The whirring sound, cutting the tooth and gum. Then, him cracking my tooth. Then, him stitching up the wound.

After that, the strangest feeling was not being able to feel my lower jaw and tongue. Like i can move it, i just can’t feel it! I can’t tell the difference between touching my tongue or lip. I guess the touching thing goes both ways. When my tongue touches the upper jaw, my upper jaw sends signal to my brain that there is something touching my upper jaw. Then, at the same time, my tongue also send the signal that it is touching something. Over time, the brain perceives this two signal together as the tongue touching the upper jaw and isn’t “surprised” by it. I can tickle my upper jaw with my tongue because my tongue couldn’t feel anything. Touching my stubby chin is pretty was pretty funny too!

Then, I got back home and have my gauze replaced several times, i think i ran through like 2-3 packets(each containing 5 gauze, i use 2 at a time) in just like the first 4 hours. Seeing me lose so much blood is quite scary too. As i couldn’t really feel my jaw, the saliva and blood just accumulated. When i spat it out, the residue was this sticky dark red liquid. Just gross!

Something torturous was being unable to drink or eat after the surgery for like 4 hours. With the residue accumulating, gauze in my mouth, it was quite gross and uncomfortable. It was so wonderful to be able to drink chocolate milk and mee sua.

Then, I had my lunch. I think my mum just made the best thing ever for me to eat in this no wisdom teeth period. She boiled some soup and then using the broth, she cooked mee sua, then added egg(dan-hua styled). It was so good! It was nice! I am happy to report that even though i haven’t had much food, it kept me satisfied.

After that, i went out with my mum to Ang Mo Kio to see the camera i wanted to buy, the A6000.

Well, I wanted to buy a camera ever since like I experienced DPG. Taking photos is really fun! So I just wanted to get myself a camera so i can continue to take photos even after i returned the Nikon D90 back to school.

I actually seriously considered quite a few things before jumping the gun. First, I wanted a camera that has all the features; Small, take great stills, take great video, be weather sealed, flagship of the company will be super cool, cheap etc etc.

I actually got my choices down to a few cameras, the Olympus OM-D EM5 Mark 2, OM-D EM1 and the Fuji XT-1. I guess i didn’t even give much thought to DSLRs. I watched so many videos on cameras and i just thought that mirrorless cameras are what will be the future. I love the Nikon D90 that I loaned, but it is really quite big and scary for people. I took it out in the MRT to review photos and everyone was looking at me already. Mirrorless cameras also has functions that i really like, but more on that later.

I actually really considered the Olympus models because my teacher is sponsored by Olympus! True Story! Just see the Olympus Global Photo Contest 2015, one of the judges is my teacher! Super cool! He traveled around the world taking photos, the life man! SO i just thought that if i bought Olympus, I could get some discounts because my school is gonna buy a few next year, so i thought i could ride along and get it cheaper.

However, few thing stopped me. One, sensor size, the OM-D series cameras uses the micro four thirds sensor. Which, is just a bit too small. Just go online and you can see all the complains about low light performance. The EM1 though their flagship model, doesn’t have good video. The EM5 even with good video, doesn’t have an as good weather sealing and grip(from what i watched online). Like just what is in the point in that? I thought flagships need to have EVERYTHING. My teacher has taken amazing shots with his camera though, i can’t deny. There are many reviews saying that the Olympus actually outperforms many other cameras due to its 5-axis stabilisation. However, the micro-four thirds problem just kept coming back.

I wanted to get the Fuji XT1 simply because Caleb uses it. Then afterwards my teacher also praised Fuji for their performance in low light. However, online reviews also said that the video and fast photos aren’t that great. I afterwards saw that the colour from it was a bit dull.

Then, halfway through it, i discovered the Panasonic GH4. If i had the money, i would have probably gotten it. It has the best reviews among all the models. Being a great video camera that can take great stills.

I lost count of the amount of camera review videos I watched over the last few months. Trying to convince myself that which camera am I getting.

I have seen the A6000 at this point, but i didn’t give it much thought, because I thought that it was more expensive. On top of that, it didn’t have a mic port. I thought it didn’t have a view finder too.

However, a few weeks ago, I saw the mirrorless cameras autofocus shoot out video and i saw that the host used the view finder! So i went to do some research.

Not only does it have a view finder, it was half the price compared to the OM-Ds and Fujis. I was just thinking, hey, maybe i should just get this camera. After all, it is competing with cameras twice its price and in some areas beating them! It has a bigger sensor than the Olympus; APS-C sensor at 24 mega pixels! Has great stills and video. Has a fast auto focus system and burst rate. The more i researched the camera, the more it impressed. There were many pros that like Nikon and Canon and went to Sony because of this camera!

It doesn’t have all the features i want though. It doesn’t have weather sealing. It doesn’t have a mic port. It doesn’t have fancy 5-axis stabilisation. It doesn’t have a long focal range kit lens. However, I just thought that for the price, I was getting myself a good camera for the money and I can vouch for it!

The original plan to spend my salary on was to save up 2k and buy myself a set of Istanbul Agop Sultan Cymbals. Then after that, go army, then save up for a guitar. Then after that, the camera. I decided to buy it now because I want to invest in it when i have the passion. Who knows if I will still be interested in Photography 2/3 years down the road?

However, I wanted the cheapest price in Singapore. Sony now has a promotion of $899. Then, I asked my dad if he could find someone that can sell me at a cheaper price. He got $878. I got a quote at $520 at Sim Lim, but my dad warned me not to buy anything there, so yeah… 😦 My mum found in the airport at $840. Then afterwards she got a friend to help and get a quote, she got $855 but with more free gifts than the others. Hence, we went to MS Colour at AMK Hub! It was cool! Got it and paid for it! I only paid $500 of it, cause my card had a limit, so my mum paid the rest. Really wanted to pay for the whole thing myself, with my own money, but yeah can’t.

I had so much fun shooting with it! Now gonna use it for my DPG Project! πŸ˜€

I lately have a guilty pleasure watching this youtube channel called “Digital Rev TV”. They are a photography Youtube Channel based in Hong Kong! They can make professional product videos that is easy to understand and entertaining! Just go watch!

Thank you for reading this LONG post, i am sorry, my reflections just linked to another and it just went on! Really need to make my thoughts more concise and to the point! But yeah, just love this platform cause i can be as long winded as i want. HEHE!


=321= Reflections: Quick

A quick selection of stories to write:
1. A blind artist and his wife
2. A travelling photographer’s love story
3. Why Madam Red hates red
4. Songs of the dark
5. Places of the past
6. Secret of the flat(The door)
7. The horror of not being able to speak


Oh well, I am just WAY too busy right now to write any of them. So better pen down the ideas before o forget them so I can remember to write them later. Ok! Back to studying!

Really feel like travelling around Singapore to take photos at each MRT Station. HAHA! Sounds lamer than my idea, but essentially that!

Really want to go to LA(not talking about the country), but yeah, wisdom tooth extraction… -sigh-


=320= Stories to Tell: Pandora Box

The pellets of water covered all over my body, washing off the foam along with the dirt. Oh what a pleasure it is to have all my worries be washed away together with the water.

I rubbed off some of the remaining foam and pressed for some shampoo. I continued to wash the shampoo of my hair.

“Bang!” The muffled sound through the doors of the washroom resonated through.

I got worried. What happened?

Hence, I raised my voice, “Ma, what happened?”

I received no reply.

I stopped the shower head and opened the glass door of the shower. I yelled again, “Ma, what happened? Don’t scare me!”

At this point, my mind started to overthink and speculate. I begin to panic. I quickly put on my clothes and when I was about to open the door, “NO! Stop! Do not open that door!” I heard my Mum’s voice through the door.

“What happened?” I asked while being a bit more relieved after hearing my mother’s voice.

“I have no time to explain to you” My mom said, sounding pretty rushed and panicky. Is it just me or she sounded like she is crying? “I will turn off your toilet lights, stay in there and make no noise! Come out only in the morning!”

“Wait! Ma, where is Da…”before I could finish my sentence, my toilet lights went out. I then heard my mum running away from my toilet door. 

Though I am normally scared of the dark, I can’t bring myself to be scared of it now. I mean something is makin…

Then I heard it.

A sound I heard before.

A sound that I will never forget again.

“Bang!” I heard the muffled bang again. This time it was clearer. I am pretty certain of what sound was that.

It was a gun shot.

I covered my mouth so as to not cry out loud. My tears started to pour. Bearing my mum’s instruction in mind, I restrained the urge to rush out of the toilet door or yell out,”Mummy, are you alright?!”

I used my fist to hit my thighs so that it will make as little noise as possible. Why? Why am I so useless? I can’t even protect my own Mother, what kind of a man am I? Where is Dad when she needed him.

That was when I realised that the first bang was actually my Dad getting shot.




I started weeping again. I sink down to the floor and used it to cover my face. The floor was still slightly wet from the shower, but I couldn’t even perceive it. My whole being was consumed by the thoughts of my parents being shot and them protecting me.

I have no idea how long I cried. I didn’t have my phone or a watch inside the toilet with me so I couldn’t tell the time. After crying for the longest period of my life, the tears ran out and my eyes were dry. I lightly released the tap, used my palm to collect the water and washed my eyes.

After washing my eyes, I looked around me and it was really too cramped. I put down the toilet cover and sat down. Just how much longer do I need to be in here?

The only source of light left in the toilet is the lamp outside of my house, shining through the toilet window. Ironically, the light shone directly at the toilet door.

Never did notice the toilet door with so much detail. It is wood I know, but I never did noticed that it was actually covered with a wall paper. The wall paper wasn’t pasted properly and you can still see some air bubbles. The door handle was the type that my old classroom had. It was those with the lever and the spring loaded lock button in the middle. The handle stared at me, as though mocking my existence as a Son. I can’t believe I didn’t have the guts to step out to protect my parents. How are they now? Should I go out now? What if they are shot and need me to go help them?

For the first time in my life, I felt so useless.

Another hour must have passed for now I am getting a bit sleepy. I really wonder if I slept and woke up, will it be a dream?

My eyes opened and I realised that my head was on the wall. The light outside was replaced with the warm sunlight. I have sat on the toilet bowl for the whole night.

It is morning. 

I can open the door now.

But will I dare to open it?

I do not know.

I fear that if I open it, my world would have changed forever.

The door handle mocked me again. Mocked me of my cowardice. Mocked my lack of resolution to stay alive.

I put my hand on the handle, not knowing if I should open the door.


Well, I decided to leave the ending a bit more open ended. Will he open the door? Will he not? If he does open it, what kind of a world is he opening to?

I leave you with a few endings, see which one(s) do you like.

1. He opens the door and realised that his parents didn’t die, they actually planned for a birthday party for him.
This ending is pretty lame, but yeah, it could be a possible ending.

2. He opens the door only to see the killer outside and he shoots him right away.
This ending quite anti-climatic. However, it does develop the killer. The killer won’t just be a robber. It will be a person with a grudge with his family and quite a sadistic one at that. Considering that he waited the whole night to torture him mentally, give him hope, only to take it away.

3. He walks out to see his parents on the floor. Passed out due to shock but still alive.
This ending would probably the best good ending. No one dies, he may have a grudge on the person, but now he treasures life WAY more. He will start to take care of his parents better too.

4. He walks out to see his parents on the floor. He put his finger out to feel for breath, but there isn’t any. He touches the body and the body was still warm. He could have saved them if he came out a bit earlier.
This is the most tragic. To be tortured mentally inside the toilet only to realise that you could have saved them; that you left them out to die. You will blame yourself for their deaths and be scarred for life.

After that, he will notice that his entire house was thrashed. All drawers were out, phone was thrashed too. He notices the door to outside. Now he has to make the decision of whether he wants to open the door or not. Will he dare to do it? What will motivate him to open the door to a world that just changed forever for him. What will motivate him to open the door to a physical world that is indifferent? What will motivate him to keep on living?

No, the right question is,

“How will he live his life?”


=319= Reflections: 衷飞

I figured I should start writing a post about the great 30 episode drama that Singapore had recently put out to educate(kinda) young people about the legacy of xinyao.

For those who do not know, xinyao is basically, Singapore’s music. It started in mid 1980s, where Taiwan songs were getting popular, but we as Singaporeans find it hard to relate to these songs, for the words and melodies aren’t from us. Hence, xinyao was created. Some people claim that xinyao died in the 1990s, others simply believe that xinyao is simply Singaporean music, that it has never died, that it simply changed over time.

It saddens me to see so many of my own people being unhappy with my own country. I said this and I will say this again, I love Singapore. I observe around me and I just give thanks for the place I live in. It is such a beautiful place with so much to give thanks for. The water is clean for drinking. The air is clean for breathing. There are trees everywhere. The transport system is great. The people knows how to live with each other despite SO many differences in race and religion. We have so much peace it is so easy to take for granted. Whenever I see someone old/injuired/pregnant/with a child walk right into the bus/MRT, people automatically stand up to offer up their seat. This may seem insignificant, but it really is something. I look around me and I just prayed, “God, thank you for this mini-paradise you have placed me in.” 

I remembered Mr LKY said something about racial differences. He said that the way to approach racial harmony is not by pretending that there are no racial differences. There are! But it is by accepting racial differences and learning to live with it. Tolerate it. Compromise. There is so much wisdom in this man that I just wished I could have seen him in his prime. 

Ok ok, back to xinyao. Well, my generation doesn’t seem to care about our own culture and music. Claiming that Singaporean songs/dramas/production doesn’t have any standard; claiming that it will never be as good as other countries. To a certain point it is true. Singaporean arts cannot compete with other countries NOW. However, how is it possible to compete when there is so little support?

The death of a culture is the death of its people. The idea isn’t to copy other countries’ dramas and music, the idea is to make our own. I mean who knew KPop would be as popular as it is? Did the Koreans copy other countries’ music? No, they made their own and it grew popular with other countries. Well, of course, easier said than done.

However, I still like to rebut my point, it has been proven with time that with great production/great artistes, Singapore products can be amazing. We are living in the era with Gentle Bones, Charlie Lim and The Sam Willows! And those are just three names! Productions like 衷飞 is really great! Just to prove that with great casting, great directing and great storyline, we can produce something as great or even better than overseas production!

Ok, now I am gonna talk about 衷飞 entirely, so <SPOILER ALERT>.

First of all, what exactly is 衷飞 about? 衷飞 is a drama about the Singapore music scene(duh). 衷飞 is the name of the music label company that these three good friends founded together. It was named after their band when they were young and was still writing and singing xinyao.

Hence, from the start to the middle of the drama, they will interweave between the current time to the past. It was quite interesting to see how things unfolded to the present. From YaFang being together with ChuFan, to YaFang being together with YiWei!

Ok let me talk about the casting for the drama! They nailed it! For dramas like this, the actors play a VERY huge role! It needs to be heartfelt and yet not too heavy! They needed young actors to act for the past and older actors to act for the present. It was just incredible!

Here are the casting:

Christopher Lee(present) and Brian Ng(past) as Yang Yi Wei.
– You can’t get any better than Christopher Lee for this kinda show! His acting is heartfelt and solid. The scene where he was overseas trying to rush back home to see his daughter, only to receive news that she had already passed away, was just wow… “I want to go home, I want to go home” was said when he was reduced to blubbering mess. At the start, I just wondered why he wasn’t the music genius instead of the business man of the group, but I came to love his character more and more! He really encapsulated “Yang Yi Wei”‘s character.

Brian Ng is not too shabby too. He made a wonderful young Yang Yi Wei. He portrayed him to be a humble young man that though he is poor, he made it up by having a tenacious spirit! Though he was poor, he wanted to play guitar, but he doesn’t know how to; he doesn’t even know that his guitar was out of tune! He then improved to a point where he sang for an audition and got in! Then later on, he wrote a song himself and actually won the competition! Brian Ng actually looked really comfortable when he sings(like the dubbing for him isn’t as bad as the other characters)! The story between Yi Wei and Ya Fang was such a beautiful one too! πŸ™‚ Brian Ng should act more now!

Tay Ping Hui(present) and Xu Bin(past) as Jiang Chu Fan.
We’ve seen Tay Ping Hui as a Math genius before, but now as music genius, he actually isn’t too bad! He has that slight awkwardness and yet brings out a certain stature as someone that knows music very well. The parts where he starts to write songs was quite funny! However, apart from that, Tay Ping Hui is a very good actor for that role! πŸ™‚

We all know Xu Bin can act! Him being a music genius here fits him very much! To be slightly arrogant and yet still caring, Xu Bin nailed the role! It was great!

Darren Lim(present) and Fraser Tiong(past) as Luo Da Wei.
I have found a new favourite actor, “Darren Lim”. I never did noticed him for good acting until his drama. I was so surprised at how good his acting was. His role allows him to let loose and be the joker of the group and yet when there is a need to be serious, he performed spectacullarly. His whole drama with Xue Li just made him such a relatable character. My favourite actors are the ones that aren’t popular for their looks, but popular for their acting. So far, the list goes, “Christopher Lee, Calvin Soh, Chow Chor Meng, Darren Lim, Xu Bin, Carrie Wong, Jessica Liu and Cynthia Koh”

I just love how Darren Lim portrays Da Wei. He is my favourite character in this drama!

Fraser Tiong is not bad too! He managed to capture the playfulness of Da Wei pretty well! In fact, they almost seem like the same person. 

Cynthia Koh(present) and Bonnie Loo(past) as Ya Fang. 
The personality of young Ya Fang was this quiet girl that is bubbly and cheerful. Bonnie Loo managed to capture that down! Really quite good! She should act more too!

Then the old Ya Fang is this housewife that always puts her family in front of everything. The transition from young to old for her was very good! The acting was really top notch!

Jacelyn Tay(present) and Erika Tan(past) as Irene.
As usual, Jacelyn Tay just produces results! I’ve seen her as a villain in the previous drama, Game plan, and she was a really good bad guy! In this show, she managed to be pure evil for a good part of the drama. Then, because of her love for Chu Fan, she started becoming more bearable and human. Near the end of the drama, she totally converted from a bad to a good character. However, in the last episode, she went back to being bad. You wil really pity her when she decided to give up her relationship for her career and who can blame her? Being good just got her hurt. Well, I can sympathise with her.

OK, I think this post just got WAY too long! So yeah! Go watch! It is A+++ apart from the bad dubbing of music and singing and horrible effects when Da Wei got hit by that car… Still good! πŸ˜€


=318= Reflections: Hair

As I am writing now, I am puzzled over which barber I should go from now on. Haha, well, I have been cutting my hair in the Malay barber shop, Sri Nada, for the past few years. I tried several barbers and salons the past few years and no other shop cuts hair better than Sri Nada. It is neat, quick and affordable. There was a salon that cut my hair pretty well, but it wasn’t very neat or even. Like I would have some strands of hair dangling out awkwardly… 😦

Well, then Compass Point had to be closed… -sigh- so I just went around to find something I would opt for. Trying K Cuts now, hopefully it will be good.

I actually went to calculate how much it would take to make an album! HAHA! The printing process isn’t THAT bad. It really depends on how many albums you print. Let’s just say 3 dollars for one CD, that will be $300. Of course, if you need mastering, that will take up more money. In fact, way more! But even so I would think like $1k is pretty safe. That is a lot of money to me of course, but considering that I need like $2k+ for a OM-D EM5 Mark 2 camera(maybe by the time I have enough, I would go for the EM-1 Mark 2 instead) and like $2k for cymbals. $200 for Logic, it isn’t really THAT bad. Another thing good about Logic is that it will save up on the money for booking the studio. A multi tracking is like $65 per hour. Just imagine the amount of time and money I need. It is quite feasible! I actually have an idea/plan! Oh well, let’s just see. πŸ˜€

Ever since I saw what Mr Lau did; taking a year to travel the world taking photos, then subsequently talking to Claire about it, I really want to now Sia… Haha! Sounds Super fun and cool! Maybe after army, I will backpack for a few months! 

Fiddling with an idea, I really want to meet up with someone and just talk. Still pondering.

Looking at a lot posts about Real 180, it just looks so cool and fun! Well, I shall see if I can go one day!

Listened to a recording of a rehearsal from May and I just cringe… Then during practice today, just so bad, Super off form with my strokes being so unclean… Aiyo, so bad sia! Need to practice practice practice!

I can play 小幸运 on the guitar! HEHE! I still can’t sing the words and tune without going out of breath though… I need to learn when to pause and breathe.

To the next song on guitar!

Going to emerge camp tmr and I haven’t even packed! Jialat! Hopefully it will be a nice time with both the kids and the Lord! πŸ™‚