=318= Reflections: Hair

As I am writing now, I am puzzled over which barber I should go from now on. Haha, well, I have been cutting my hair in the Malay barber shop, Sri Nada, for the past few years. I tried several barbers and salons the past few years and no other shop cuts hair better than Sri Nada. It is neat, quick and affordable. There was a salon that cut my hair pretty well, but it wasn’t very neat or even. Like I would have some strands of hair dangling out awkwardly… 😦

Well, then Compass Point had to be closed… -sigh- so I just went around to find something I would opt for. Trying K Cuts now, hopefully it will be good.

I actually went to calculate how much it would take to make an album! HAHA! The printing process isn’t THAT bad. It really depends on how many albums you print. Let’s just say 3 dollars for one CD, that will be $300. Of course, if you need mastering, that will take up more money. In fact, way more! But even so I would think like $1k is pretty safe. That is a lot of money to me of course, but considering that I need like $2k+ for a OM-D EM5 Mark 2 camera(maybe by the time I have enough, I would go for the EM-1 Mark 2 instead) and like $2k for cymbals. $200 for Logic, it isn’t really THAT bad. Another thing good about Logic is that it will save up on the money for booking the studio. A multi tracking is like $65 per hour. Just imagine the amount of time and money I need. It is quite feasible! I actually have an idea/plan! Oh well, let’s just see. πŸ˜€

Ever since I saw what Mr Lau did; taking a year to travel the world taking photos, then subsequently talking to Claire about it, I really want to now Sia… Haha! Sounds Super fun and cool! Maybe after army, I will backpack for a few months! 

Fiddling with an idea, I really want to meet up with someone and just talk. Still pondering.

Looking at a lot posts about Real 180, it just looks so cool and fun! Well, I shall see if I can go one day!

Listened to a recording of a rehearsal from May and I just cringe… Then during practice today, just so bad, Super off form with my strokes being so unclean… Aiyo, so bad sia! Need to practice practice practice!

I can play 小幸运 on the guitar! HEHE! I still can’t sing the words and tune without going out of breath though… I need to learn when to pause and breathe.

To the next song on guitar!

Going to emerge camp tmr and I haven’t even packed! Jialat! Hopefully it will be a nice time with both the kids and the Lord! πŸ™‚