=322= Reflections: Tooth Extraction

Today had been such a crazy day, in a good way! 🙂

Well, first thing that happened today was my Wisdom Tooth Extraction, Surgery rather… It was extremely scary. When Dr Go, took out that needle, the metal kind that kinda looks like those precision screwdrivers, i was a bit frightened. Well, just closed my eyes and had that sting in my mouth. Right after that, i think because I swallow quite saliva quite often, when my lower jaw was numb, I instinctively stop swallowing saliva and it got quite nauseating. I just had to lie down, breathe and force myself to swallow my saliva. The nurse then gave me some warm water, that helped A LOT!

Then the most terrifying thing about the surgery was just the sound. The whirring sound, cutting the tooth and gum. Then, him cracking my tooth. Then, him stitching up the wound.

After that, the strangest feeling was not being able to feel my lower jaw and tongue. Like i can move it, i just can’t feel it! I can’t tell the difference between touching my tongue or lip. I guess the touching thing goes both ways. When my tongue touches the upper jaw, my upper jaw sends signal to my brain that there is something touching my upper jaw. Then, at the same time, my tongue also send the signal that it is touching something. Over time, the brain perceives this two signal together as the tongue touching the upper jaw and isn’t “surprised” by it. I can tickle my upper jaw with my tongue because my tongue couldn’t feel anything. Touching my stubby chin is pretty was pretty funny too!

Then, I got back home and have my gauze replaced several times, i think i ran through like 2-3 packets(each containing 5 gauze, i use 2 at a time) in just like the first 4 hours. Seeing me lose so much blood is quite scary too. As i couldn’t really feel my jaw, the saliva and blood just accumulated. When i spat it out, the residue was this sticky dark red liquid. Just gross!

Something torturous was being unable to drink or eat after the surgery for like 4 hours. With the residue accumulating, gauze in my mouth, it was quite gross and uncomfortable. It was so wonderful to be able to drink chocolate milk and mee sua.

Then, I had my lunch. I think my mum just made the best thing ever for me to eat in this no wisdom teeth period. She boiled some soup and then using the broth, she cooked mee sua, then added egg(dan-hua styled). It was so good! It was nice! I am happy to report that even though i haven’t had much food, it kept me satisfied.

After that, i went out with my mum to Ang Mo Kio to see the camera i wanted to buy, the A6000.

Well, I wanted to buy a camera ever since like I experienced DPG. Taking photos is really fun! So I just wanted to get myself a camera so i can continue to take photos even after i returned the Nikon D90 back to school.

I actually seriously considered quite a few things before jumping the gun. First, I wanted a camera that has all the features; Small, take great stills, take great video, be weather sealed, flagship of the company will be super cool, cheap etc etc.

I actually got my choices down to a few cameras, the Olympus OM-D EM5 Mark 2, OM-D EM1 and the Fuji XT-1. I guess i didn’t even give much thought to DSLRs. I watched so many videos on cameras and i just thought that mirrorless cameras are what will be the future. I love the Nikon D90 that I loaned, but it is really quite big and scary for people. I took it out in the MRT to review photos and everyone was looking at me already. Mirrorless cameras also has functions that i really like, but more on that later.

I actually really considered the Olympus models because my teacher is sponsored by Olympus! True Story! Just see the Olympus Global Photo Contest 2015, one of the judges is my teacher! Super cool! He traveled around the world taking photos, the life man! SO i just thought that if i bought Olympus, I could get some discounts because my school is gonna buy a few next year, so i thought i could ride along and get it cheaper.

However, few thing stopped me. One, sensor size, the OM-D series cameras uses the micro four thirds sensor. Which, is just a bit too small. Just go online and you can see all the complains about low light performance. The EM1 though their flagship model, doesn’t have good video. The EM5 even with good video, doesn’t have an as good weather sealing and grip(from what i watched online). Like just what is in the point in that? I thought flagships need to have EVERYTHING. My teacher has taken amazing shots with his camera though, i can’t deny. There are many reviews saying that the Olympus actually outperforms many other cameras due to its 5-axis stabilisation. However, the micro-four thirds problem just kept coming back.

I wanted to get the Fuji XT1 simply because Caleb uses it. Then afterwards my teacher also praised Fuji for their performance in low light. However, online reviews also said that the video and fast photos aren’t that great. I afterwards saw that the colour from it was a bit dull.

Then, halfway through it, i discovered the Panasonic GH4. If i had the money, i would have probably gotten it. It has the best reviews among all the models. Being a great video camera that can take great stills.

I lost count of the amount of camera review videos I watched over the last few months. Trying to convince myself that which camera am I getting.

I have seen the A6000 at this point, but i didn’t give it much thought, because I thought that it was more expensive. On top of that, it didn’t have a mic port. I thought it didn’t have a view finder too.

However, a few weeks ago, I saw the mirrorless cameras autofocus shoot out video and i saw that the host used the view finder! So i went to do some research.

Not only does it have a view finder, it was half the price compared to the OM-Ds and Fujis. I was just thinking, hey, maybe i should just get this camera. After all, it is competing with cameras twice its price and in some areas beating them! It has a bigger sensor than the Olympus; APS-C sensor at 24 mega pixels! Has great stills and video. Has a fast auto focus system and burst rate. The more i researched the camera, the more it impressed. There were many pros that like Nikon and Canon and went to Sony because of this camera!

It doesn’t have all the features i want though. It doesn’t have weather sealing. It doesn’t have a mic port. It doesn’t have fancy 5-axis stabilisation. It doesn’t have a long focal range kit lens. However, I just thought that for the price, I was getting myself a good camera for the money and I can vouch for it!

The original plan to spend my salary on was to save up 2k and buy myself a set of Istanbul Agop Sultan Cymbals. Then after that, go army, then save up for a guitar. Then after that, the camera. I decided to buy it now because I want to invest in it when i have the passion. Who knows if I will still be interested in Photography 2/3 years down the road?

However, I wanted the cheapest price in Singapore. Sony now has a promotion of $899. Then, I asked my dad if he could find someone that can sell me at a cheaper price. He got $878. I got a quote at $520 at Sim Lim, but my dad warned me not to buy anything there, so yeah… 😦 My mum found in the airport at $840. Then afterwards she got a friend to help and get a quote, she got $855 but with more free gifts than the others. Hence, we went to MS Colour at AMK Hub! It was cool! Got it and paid for it! I only paid $500 of it, cause my card had a limit, so my mum paid the rest. Really wanted to pay for the whole thing myself, with my own money, but yeah can’t.

I had so much fun shooting with it! Now gonna use it for my DPG Project! 😀

I lately have a guilty pleasure watching this youtube channel called “Digital Rev TV”. They are a photography Youtube Channel based in Hong Kong! They can make professional product videos that is easy to understand and entertaining! Just go watch!

Thank you for reading this LONG post, i am sorry, my reflections just linked to another and it just went on! Really need to make my thoughts more concise and to the point! But yeah, just love this platform cause i can be as long winded as i want. HEHE!