=323= Thanksgiving: Photography

Before I type out a crazy ass long post about the past year, let me type out a post about my new found passion; photography.

Well, there isn’t any huge story about how I got into it. I simply went to school, they had a module on photography, I tried it and I fell in love with it! Something about being able to capture moments just makes the whole thing amazing. Seeing people do beautiful art with their photos is enough to get me hooked.

I remember showing my photos to Brian and he told me that I neede more compositions. Back then, I wasn’t exactly clear on what he meant. Until I watch DigitalRev TV! Not my first time promoting this channel, but they are that good!

Just watch that! HAHAHAHA!

I recall watching their review on the A6000, because I was really quite keen on getting the camera and was doing ‘research’.

Then I went on further to watch their other videos! Kai, Lok and Alamby were very charming and entertaining!

That was when I started admiring his photos. Like Kai would do these street photography shots that were very nice! Like compared to mine, his photos were easier to relate to. Then I realised what the difference was; The subject. My photos are only nice visually and maybe technically, like I will follow the rule of thirds, leading lines etc etc, but I seldom have a human character in my photos. Those that does have a subject, are the ones that are nice!

Street photography is going out to the street(duh) to take chance encounters and random accidents(according to wikipedia). These chance encounters and random accidents, wouldn’t it be rather odd if they were all of non-living things? It would be like shooting a pot of flowers waiting for it to magically lose balance and fall and shatter on the ground; it just doesn’t happen.  I guess no matter what, street photography needs to have a subject. It is a bit boring when you see a plain street with no humans walking on it. I guess that a photo is just a bit more relatable and interesting when there is a subject. I just realised that photographers aren’t just photographers; they are artistes.

Hence, I started shooting more people. Well, I am pretty satisfied with my photos so far. Though they still can’t match up to the works of Kai or Lok or the great Henri Cartier-Bresson, but everyone needs a start right? SO yeah!

Do view my photos ok? Give me more views on Flickr! Thanks! 😀

On top of learning more about street photography, I started learning more about my camera’s character. My Sony A6000 isn’t a Nikon D90 with two dials, but after using it for the past few weeks, I am getting rather comfortable with the camera. 🙂 Like the Electronic View Finder is a joy. It may not be as quick as an Optical View Finder, but it makes it so much easier because i can see how the photo looks like before i take it. Therefore, giving me quicker choices for the exposure. Though it has claimed to have the world’s fastest Auto Focus for mirrorless cameras, and has multiple good comments for the tracking AF, but so far, the easier thing for me is the single point AF and Manual Focus. It allows me to control more; to be able to choose what i want rather than to let the camera decide for me. I really don’t like MF! HAHA! I am a lazy photographer! However, it is still quite necessary for low light situations. The ISO performance so far has been good! Like I have been using ISO 4000 like it was ISO 2000! HAHA! Just makes my life a lot simpler without me having to use flash to blind people. The Wifi on it is really cool too!

I also learned lots about editing!
1. Everything looks more artistic in black and white.
HAHAHA! Its true guys! However, it isn’t that simple. Black and White Photos needs contrast! Like the blacks needs to be very black and the whites needs to be very white. There needs to be a distinction in tones. Just like in ink drawings, it is common to have only two tones; black and white, no grey at all. So when you have a photo with a lot of mid tones and very little black blacks, it actually is quite dull and doesn’t have that “pop” to it! Luckily in Lightroom i can tune the colours to be darker or lighter depending on what i want to get a better result.  Not sure if this is technically correct, so do correct me if i am wrong!

2. If 4×3 cannot, try 16×9
Erm… Bad example on my part! HEHE! Cause, I sometimes find that there are some of my framing on my side so i sometimes need to crop and edit. Sometimes even after cropping the framing is just bad. Hence, i tried changing the aspect ratio to 16×9 to get that cinematic look and cutting out the useless information to make what is in frame look better.

3. HDRs are awesome!
I love HDR or High Dynamic Range. You gotta love it! It capture details in the highlights and the shadows! Then from there, you just need to adjust to where you like it to be. If you want less information in the shadows for more contrast, you reduce the shadows. If the colour looks odd, edit it Lightroom! The possibilities for it is ending! However, it is almost impossible to do that if there was a moving subject because it needs time to change exposure for it.

SO yeah! Gotta love my Sony A6000! Well, really dreading school now. Don’t really want the year to end, can anyone please stop it from ending? D: SO strange to be the only one from my batch in my “LC”(or whatever new name it is called) next year. Oh well, still not prepared to not see Ga in Youth… -sigh- Its gonna be lonelier next year isn’t it? 😦 Oh well, stop pitying yourself and move on.

I just enquired on how the worship is gonna be like in Emerge and I am actually quite excited! Very cool because, it is quite likely that non-CAMY people will be leading worship! Not only that, we actually have only a few CAMY people in Emerge. It will be exciting to see how people step up and how we will train and teach them how to lead worship! 😀 I like how the boundaries between non-CAMY and CAMY people are going to be lifted. It will be great that we won’t be that exclusive as a ministry. Can’t wait to teach the next batch–the next young kid from emerge–on the drums! Worried, but excited!

Thinking of investing in a Djembe because with so few people, acoustic sets will be more often. Hence, a change of instrument may at least be different and more interesting. Not that a cajon is any bad, but i think there isn’t any harm playing a different instrument for worship! We will see! 😀

SO yeah, let me end here! Goodnight guys! 😀


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