=334= Gear Talk: Lenses

Argh! Having expensive intrests just suck! Now I want to buy so many things!

1. A djembe
This is for a good reason ok! I wanna buy it for ministry! I just think that a djembe sounds better than a cajon! Cajon just seem to have an identity issue! Like just stop copying a drum set can? Went to scout for it and found an extremely beautiful sounding djembe! It is $219 for a solid mahogany shell djembe! It was absolutely the best sounding djembe I heard and the price was really good! The only downside is that it is rope tuned. Meaning that it will take forever to tune the djembe and that replacing heads will be quite difficult too… :/ oh well, let’s see how!

2. Logic Pro
I really want to get it as a tool for song writing, but I am scared that I would not keep at it… Let’s see how again!

3. Lenses for my camera!
It is true, what good is a interchangeable lens camera if you don’t change lenses? Might as well buy a compact! I really want to buy two lenses, but no money! So kinda torn between the two! Number one is the Sony 28mm f2 lens for full frame. I really like what I have been reading about this lens. Well, first thing is that it is a lens for full frame! Which basically means that if I ever decide to upgrade to an A7 I can still use that lens! Of course, even the APS-C lenses can be used on full frame, but you know, in APS-C mode, which kinda defeats the purpose of a full frame sensor. Second, because my camera is APS-C, it gives me a crop factor focal length of 42mm! Which I think is great! It will be an amazing normal lens, imitating the human eyes! Just tried it, gave really nice bokeh! The second lens being the 18-105mm f4 G lens. I tried it and the speed just blew my mind. It was so fast to focus! :O very nice!

4. Zoom H2n
I want to buy this because of all the fun things I can do with it! It is gonna be quite a cool field recorder! Just imagine of all the worship sets I can record in SURROUND! :DDD It will be quite nice to have! 🙂

I think I am really very Lor Sor over gear Sia! Haha! I think I can be the sales person alr! 😂


=333= Reflections: Me And Earl And The Dying Girl

Well, recently, I found out how to rip protected DVDs to my com. Hence, I tried doing it so that I can put movies into my phone and watch it whenever I want to.

The first movie I ripped was “Me And Earl And The Dying Girl”. And oh yeah, such a great movie! 😀

Just think about it ok? How in the world is it possible to make a tragic movie both sad and funny? The movie’s script was really good, to be able to capture the humour in the funny parts and capture the solid acting in the dramatic parts. That is just great!

Appealing to both the average person who knows little about foreign cinema and a foreign cinema expert, I think it really is a masterpiece!

So far I only spotted one continuity error. However, that can be argued that it was happening in Greg’s mind.

After watching again, two things stuck.

One was that I saw that this movie wasn’t about Rachel dying, it was about Greg making his first friend.  Throughout the movie you will learn that Greg has a Super Low self esteem and is afraid to call someone his Friend. Hence, he called Earl his co-worker. You will notice that he said things like, “but Rachel and I still became friends” and titles like, “the part when Rachel and I become friends”. So Greg actually opened up and accepted Rachel as his Friend. Hopefully, after Rachel’s death he will consider Earl to be his Friend.

Second was how it is actually possible to want to do something even though that isn’t want you wanted to do in the first place. Rachel said one line that just made the air stop, “Your mum forced you hang out with me. Earl forced you to show me your movies. Madison forced you to make a movie about me. So yeah, what part of this do you actually want to do?”

It is possible to want to do something after being forced to.

Ok just that.


=332= Reflections: Drum Community

I started to give suggestions to the drummers of J333, not because I am arrogant(though I was SO afraid that I am and would approach them with a proud spirit), but because I just want to help them.

Now that I think about it. The way that I have gotten to my standard of playing was because of all the suggestions that Leb gave every time when I fail. The meticulous nit picking was what that sharpened my playing. Though, sometimes it is not that I don’t want to do something, but was because that I do not understand when or how to do it.

I personally do think that drumming is difficult. It really isn’t easy to have so many things happening at once. Having to coordinate your limbs. Having to keep time. Having to know where to do fills. Having to manage dynamics. Having to support the band when they do special stop starts and special arrangements.

It honestly isn’t, but I want to make it simpler. When we prayed during upper room, I had a desire placed in my heart. I want to start a drumming community in church. Maybe like have a special event when we just come and share ideas. Like, for those that are serving consistently to learn something from the pros and those that play well to teach. I want a platform for that. I do not know what, I just want a more encouraging and stress free environment to play and share tips with each other.

I also have another desire. To basically find someone, ask if he wants to worship with me and just book a room in church and just go. I want to create a platform where people can just come to worship God. I want a platform that allows people that aren’t musically inclined to worship God. Don’t know how, but I will think about it.

Thinking of investing in a Djembe too. As in I am quite tired of bending down to  play the cajon. I kinda want something like a conga! But I think a djembe will be better because it is lighter and smaller! Sounds nicer too! 😀

I think it will be a good investment, since the teams has been getting smaller, having a different instrument will kinda change things and have a different flavour for different weeks. Who knows? Maybe I might even play both for one set? 😀

Enjoyed my tertiary cell! Was good! 😀


=331= Thanksgiving: JED! 2014

Whatever that I wanted to said about LC 2014 had been said before on this space already. Hence, I just wanna say that I am glad and so thankful to have such a group of friends here.

Well, QiYi asked if I was bored and honestly I wasn’t, I guess just having the company was enough for me. We might not have done much, but I am just thankful that we came and spent some time together just being in each other’s presence.

I guess gatherings like this just kinda got a bit awkward. Cause technically it isn’t a cell anymore, so while we know that the triple Es were our cell leaders, when we meet up, it is solely based on the fact that we were good friends and want to meet up and just spend some time together. No longer because we are coming together to meet and listen to the triple Es speak and have us share.

That isn’t a bad thing honestly! I kinda enjoy that we still put in effort to put time out to meet. However, it kinda gets a bit aimless, hence, it just got a bit awkward. Just a little bit. Perhaps we should really plan something more productive! Maybe sharing something more objectively rather than speaking among ourselves. Maybe just maybe!

I really regret not sharing my heart out during one of the meetings we had! Kinda want to invest in this group of people more! Oh well, thank God for this family! 🙂  

Well, it is good to not be on alert. To just stay put and not be on a superior/higher/more experienced/senior/older/wiser blah blah blah role. Just enjoyed listening to people rather than speaking all the time.

I asked all my mentors, leaders and close friends to pray for me over one issue in my life and that is to be able to trust and be vulnerable with people. I kinda find it hard to do that after events that happened over the past three years. I personally don’t really what a lot of friends. I just want to have a few close friends. However, I had a bad track record. The friends that I invested deeply into just slowly faded away out of my life. It really hurt when that happened. Caused me to close up to many people. I mean sure, we may not be as close as a particular season, but don’t shut me out of your life completely can? Hey, it may not mean a lot to you, but I really put in a lot of myself to maintain a friendship. Just because we stopped talking for a few months, we just become strangers? How does that even happen? Come on! I don’t really want to be hurt anymore. I kinda had enough. I don’t want to invest so much and get so little in return.

Tiff was very good at drawing out my heart’s emotion. I tend to hide it behind several other things that are problems too, but not the main problem. She then told me that when there is a perspective shift that life will be much more enjoyable and happy. The change being to realise that this life doesn’t belong to me. If this life belongs to God, then I really don’t have much to worry about don’t I? Failed friendships, failed relationships, failed ministries are not what defines me. God is the one that defines me. God holds my life and I live for him and not me. When that change happens, my achievements don’t matter anymore, it is whether I am doing what God is telling me to do that matters.

I observed and started to really admire PJ as well. I actually had heard quite a few bad comments about PJ’s style and work flow etc. However, when I look at him up close and see him try his best to do what God is telling him to, I cannot say that what he does isn’t right. He really cares and prays fervently for the youth ministry. Whatever changes he dreams of is for the good of the young people. He is trying his best to do what God tells him. Have you seen his spirit? His spirit was amazing. Look at him up close. Look at how he worships and prays. Look at the posture that he puts himself in. Hear the words he speaks. Hear the amount of faith he has in his words. That is a man of God.

Just like how life will continue to unfold as long as you pay attention to it. God’s words will continue to unfold and be revealed when you pay attention to it. The people that prayed for you. Start to take note of what they say. Old or young. Simple or complicated. General or specific. Start listening. The people that are placed above you and under you. Start to admire qualities that they have and exercise that. Start to admire young people and what you can learn from them. The people around you, start to invest and form strong bonds and friendships.

Haha, something made me happy today too! 🙂 so yeah!

Now, just let me rest and sleep so that I can wake up for tmr’s 8am lesson!


=330= Reflections: Inception

Cobb: I can’t stay with her anymore because she doesn’t exist.

Mal: I’m the only thing you do believe in anymore.

Cobb: I wish. I wish more than anything. But I can’t imagine you with all your complexity, all you perfection, all your imperfection. Look at you. You are just a shade of my real wife. You’re the best I can do; but I’m sorry, you are just not good enough.


Watched Inception again, was so impressed with the movie when i watched it in the cinema back in 2012. Loved it, watched the movie online, bought the DVD, watched it again.

I watched the show and this particular sentence reminded me of Full Metal Alchemist! HAHA! Well, totally unrelated, but totally as awesome. Well, just a back story, FMA is an anime about two brothers that lost their bodies when they tried to bring back their deceased mother from the dead with Alchemy, a science in their world, and failed.

I just wanna say, it takes more than just Water (35 L), Carbon (20 kg), Ammonia (4 L), Lime (1.5 kg), Phosphorous (800 g), Salt (250 g), Saltpeter (100 g), Sulfur (80 g), Fluorine (7.5 g), Iron (5 g), Silicon (3 g) and fifteen traces of other elements to make a human. It takes more than just memories to make up a person.

Even if you think you know everything about a person, trust me, continue to talk, you guys will realise something that you don’t know about the other party.

That brings me to “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”

Life will continue to unfold as long as you pay attention. It is possible to know more about someone after he/she dies. Lovely truth.

Kinda wanna read the book now! HAHA!

Ok just this! 🙂


=329= Reflections: Nexus

Well, I was asked to serve for the Nexus Weekend a few weeks back. Several things happened that actually made Nexus a very special event today.

One, was how I found time for it. When I was first asked to serve, I was a little worried because I would be serving at Elevate that weekend too. However, Jun Kang asked me to swap with him the week before, hence that freed up my week. This past week was C&I Week, hence, there wasn’t much work to be done! Thank God!

Two, was how I was ministered to during rehearsal and broke down during rehearsal over the song “Forever”. Having gone through such a rough period, it was really overwhelming when I can worship in abandon again.

Three, was how I was humbled again by music. Humbled by how much I don’t know about it. I guess i grew complacent over the past year; not practicing much and expected myself to perform well, just can’t believe I am that arrogant. When I missed the 3/4 bar in “Whom Shall I Fear”, I knew I need to be humble again. No point being proud when you are no where near good.

Four, how the word, “Play for God and not man or myself” stuck. Bro Isaac pointed it out about a month ago that he observed me and that I seemed to be seeking approval from people for my playing and not worshiping. Brian said the same thing. I guess when multiple people point out the same thing, it is time to stop. Stop and genuinely worship God.

Five, how Brian’s “Have Faith!” was etched into my memory and encouraged me. Just that.

Six, how God spoke to me during J333 this week,

Seven, how I spoke to God during altar call yesterday. Might post another post talking about that.

Eight, how Josh sent me a message to pray for me.

Nine, how I worshipped listening to the spoken word portion.

Ten, Jenn Hui actually said that i played good and worshipped! HAHAHA! Well, I am really honoured because of that! Jenn was Jon Wong’s drum teacher and was the owner of the Mapex snare that Leb uses, really quite happy when Leb said that he said that! Then he came up to me to said that i played well too! Would have loved to chat more, but you know, i had to rush down to sanctuary. He added me on facebook! HAHAH!

This service will probably stick with me for a while. Thank you God for giving me the ability!