=329= Reflections: Nexus

Well, I was asked to serve for the Nexus Weekend a few weeks back. Several things happened that actually made Nexus a very special event today.

One, was how I found time for it. When I was first asked to serve, I was a little worried because I would be serving at Elevate that weekend too. However, Jun Kang asked me to swap with him the week before, hence that freed up my week. This past week was C&I Week, hence, there wasn’t much work to be done! Thank God!

Two, was how I was ministered to during rehearsal and broke down during rehearsal over the song “Forever”. Having gone through such a rough period, it was really overwhelming when I can worship in abandon again.

Three, was how I was humbled again by music. Humbled by how much I don’t know about it. I guess i grew complacent over the past year; not practicing much and expected myself to perform well, just can’t believe I am that arrogant. When I missed the 3/4 bar in “Whom Shall I Fear”, I knew I need to be humble again. No point being proud when you are no where near good.

Four, how the word, “Play for God and not man or myself” stuck. Bro Isaac pointed it out about a month ago that he observed me and that I seemed to be seeking approval from people for my playing and not worshiping. Brian said the same thing. I guess when multiple people point out the same thing, it is time to stop. Stop and genuinely worship God.

Five, how Brian’s “Have Faith!” was etched into my memory and encouraged me. Just that.

Six, how God spoke to me during J333 this week,

Seven, how I spoke to God during altar call yesterday. Might post another post talking about that.

Eight, how Josh sent me a message to pray for me.

Nine, how I worshipped listening to the spoken word portion.

Ten, Jenn Hui actually said that i played good and worshipped! HAHAHA! Well, I am really honoured because of that! Jenn was Jon Wong’s drum teacher and was the owner of the Mapex snare that Leb uses, really quite happy when Leb said that he said that! Then he came up to me to said that i played well too! Would have loved to chat more, but you know, i had to rush down to sanctuary. He added me on facebook! HAHAH!

This service will probably stick with me for a while. Thank you God for giving me the ability!


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