=332= Reflections: Drum Community

I started to give suggestions to the drummers of J333, not because I am arrogant(though I was SO afraid that I am and would approach them with a proud spirit), but because I just want to help them.

Now that I think about it. The way that I have gotten to my standard of playing was because of all the suggestions that Leb gave every time when I fail. The meticulous nit picking was what that sharpened my playing. Though, sometimes it is not that I don’t want to do something, but was because that I do not understand when or how to do it.

I personally do think that drumming is difficult. It really isn’t easy to have so many things happening at once. Having to coordinate your limbs. Having to keep time. Having to know where to do fills. Having to manage dynamics. Having to support the band when they do special stop starts and special arrangements.

It honestly isn’t, but I want to make it simpler. When we prayed during upper room, I had a desire placed in my heart. I want to start a drumming community in church. Maybe like have a special event when we just come and share ideas. Like, for those that are serving consistently to learn something from the pros and those that play well to teach. I want a platform for that. I do not know what, I just want a more encouraging and stress free environment to play and share tips with each other.

I also have another desire. To basically find someone, ask if he wants to worship with me and just book a room in church and just go. I want to create a platform where people can just come to worship God. I want a platform that allows people that aren’t musically inclined to worship God. Don’t know how, but I will think about it.

Thinking of investing in a Djembe too. As in I am quite tired of bending down to  play the cajon. I kinda want something like a conga! But I think a djembe will be better because it is lighter and smaller! Sounds nicer too! 😀

I think it will be a good investment, since the teams has been getting smaller, having a different instrument will kinda change things and have a different flavour for different weeks. Who knows? Maybe I might even play both for one set? 😀

Enjoyed my tertiary cell! Was good! 😀


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