=333= Reflections: Me And Earl And The Dying Girl

Well, recently, I found out how to rip protected DVDs to my com. Hence, I tried doing it so that I can put movies into my phone and watch it whenever I want to.

The first movie I ripped was “Me And Earl And The Dying Girl”. And oh yeah, such a great movie! 😀

Just think about it ok? How in the world is it possible to make a tragic movie both sad and funny? The movie’s script was really good, to be able to capture the humour in the funny parts and capture the solid acting in the dramatic parts. That is just great!

Appealing to both the average person who knows little about foreign cinema and a foreign cinema expert, I think it really is a masterpiece!

So far I only spotted one continuity error. However, that can be argued that it was happening in Greg’s mind.

After watching again, two things stuck.

One was that I saw that this movie wasn’t about Rachel dying, it was about Greg making his first friend.  Throughout the movie you will learn that Greg has a Super Low self esteem and is afraid to call someone his Friend. Hence, he called Earl his co-worker. You will notice that he said things like, “but Rachel and I still became friends” and titles like, “the part when Rachel and I become friends”. So Greg actually opened up and accepted Rachel as his Friend. Hopefully, after Rachel’s death he will consider Earl to be his Friend.

Second was how it is actually possible to want to do something even though that isn’t want you wanted to do in the first place. Rachel said one line that just made the air stop, “Your mum forced you hang out with me. Earl forced you to show me your movies. Madison forced you to make a movie about me. So yeah, what part of this do you actually want to do?”

It is possible to want to do something after being forced to.

Ok just that.


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