=334= Gear Talk: Lenses

Argh! Having expensive intrests just suck! Now I want to buy so many things!

1. A djembe
This is for a good reason ok! I wanna buy it for ministry! I just think that a djembe sounds better than a cajon! Cajon just seem to have an identity issue! Like just stop copying a drum set can? Went to scout for it and found an extremely beautiful sounding djembe! It is $219 for a solid mahogany shell djembe! It was absolutely the best sounding djembe I heard and the price was really good! The only downside is that it is rope tuned. Meaning that it will take forever to tune the djembe and that replacing heads will be quite difficult too… :/ oh well, let’s see how!

2. Logic Pro
I really want to get it as a tool for song writing, but I am scared that I would not keep at it… Let’s see how again!

3. Lenses for my camera!
It is true, what good is a interchangeable lens camera if you don’t change lenses? Might as well buy a compact! I really want to buy two lenses, but no money! So kinda torn between the two! Number one is the Sony 28mm f2 lens for full frame. I really like what I have been reading about this lens. Well, first thing is that it is a lens for full frame! Which basically means that if I ever decide to upgrade to an A7 I can still use that lens! Of course, even the APS-C lenses can be used on full frame, but you know, in APS-C mode, which kinda defeats the purpose of a full frame sensor. Second, because my camera is APS-C, it gives me a crop factor focal length of 42mm! Which I think is great! It will be an amazing normal lens, imitating the human eyes! Just tried it, gave really nice bokeh! The second lens being the 18-105mm f4 G lens. I tried it and the speed just blew my mind. It was so fast to focus! :O very nice!

4. Zoom H2n
I want to buy this because of all the fun things I can do with it! It is gonna be quite a cool field recorder! Just imagine of all the worship sets I can record in SURROUND! :DDD It will be quite nice to have! šŸ™‚

I think I am really very Lor Sor over gear Sia! Haha! I think I can be the sales person alr! šŸ˜‚


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