=337= Reflections: Can I Pray For You? 

Well, during some J333s, I would just go up to Kennaf to ask for prayer. Yesterday I didn’t, because I was already sitting beside him. He prayed for Simon first. I actually wanted to ask him for prayer, but I just didn’t dare. Instead, he just asked me.

“Can I pray for you?” He asked.

I was jut like, yes please, then I just said, “Same Thing”

I have been struggling with that for so many years that I don’t even have to say out what it is for it to be known by Ken.

However, I really just needed that prayer to move. I can’t be running on empty can I?

After the prayer, I just wanted to pray for Kennaf because he seemed burdened by something(or maybe he is just tired, HAHA). Even so he still offers to pray for me, so I just asked him. I asked him what do you want me to pray about? He paused and said something that was just, wow. “I want to know God more. I just want to learn more about Him everyday of my life.”

At the back of my head I was just, “How does he get that desire?”

I went through 2015, probably the toughest year so far and I find myself taxed. I find myself just so dry. Haha, I used to find words like “dry season” and “pruning” so badly overused. Like whenever a Christian is having a tough time, they are always going through a dry season and a season of pruning. However, I just think that “Dry” is the right word.

I went through 2015 and I just find my desire becoming less and less, just how does Kennaf have that desire?

I can tell you, I felt so inadequate to pray that prayer. So inadequate. Here I am, this guy with little spiritual fuel and I am here praying for this man that has fuelled his life with God so much and wants more. I just.

Oh well, it was good to be in the presence of the Lord.

Yesterday, I realised that F is slowly coming out from her shell and actually talking to me. Some people would just have that fake facade of laughing all the time thing going on. Because laughing all the time kinda makes you look extroverted, you are making use of the look of an extrovert to have the image. However, it is pretty obvious when you see if they ever have meaningful or significant conversations or just superficial talk. Such people tend to talk superficially so that they kinda test the water before diving in. Which technically isn’t bad, but it just feels like they are claming up to themselves.

I am slowly able to to sextuplet/triplet fills! A big thing for me because I have been trying for a long time now! I finally can pull it out in a song! Now just wait until I can during a rehearsal! 🙂

I had a wonderful dinner with Lim Yun and Shawn. We just discussed about what makes the other gender attractive.

It is funny because both Shawn and my first answer was “Looks” HAHAHA!

Ok before you guys judge us for being superficial guys, let me explain!

Looks matter at the first glance. “Being attracted” has several meanings. One, being attracted to someone because of her looks. Shawn said that guys are very visual people and I totally agree. Being someone that takes photos, I tend to shoot people that are interesting looking, very often, the  interesting looking people are good looking, that is because my eyes think that they look good and instinctively step in to shoot the character. Two, we know that looks isn’t everything. So the answer we arrived at is looks at first, but personality in the Long run. Actually the girls that I am attracted to, are girls that present themselves in a certain way. Not like, they are super elegant because they present themselves well, but like they present themselves in their own skin. With all their weirdness and quirks. They are comfortable to approach people as themselves.

This may be a bit bad to say, but I kinda think that christians actually have a harder time to be comfortable in their own skin. Like because we were called to love and called to be slow to anger etc etc. Sometimes you can see christians trying to follow such laws to the point where they are actually so nice that they seem a bit fake. Which in my opinion, is actually a good thing. People of the world are all about “being yourself” but we were called to not follow the flesh but to follow God. It is more important to do right than to “be yourself”. However, being yourself and real is attractive. However, this life isn’t our’s, so who cares about being “yourself”, you should spent more time being more like God. I am saying this because I found this about myself too. Learning to give more of myself by getting more from God.

So yeah, nice chat. I give thanks.

Haha, well, Shawn asked me if there was a girl and the honest answer is no. Like I am attracted to several girls, but I haven’t pursued any of them. I mean like if you are in my course, you will have no time too! That aside, I do enjoy spending time with certain people more than others! So yeah, let’s leave it as that.

Thankful for friends that talk to me/texts me. I just much rather text slowly than to have instant replies. I get to think and have more meaningful conversations! 🙂


In the side note, quite excited to be part of the drum try outs this Sunday! 😀 It has been a long while   since I was Sec 4 trying out for drums! So I just give thanks that I get the privilege to go the full circle and back to try outs! 🙂

I kinda wanna try Astrophotography, so wish me luck! I hope I get nice shots! 🙂



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