=339= Worship on/off Stage: What is Worship?

Just let me take a quick break from studying the horrible module to blog, I guess I need to. If you guys are reading this, I covet your prayers! 45% for an exam is extremely frightening. 😦

Well, being on the worship team, we kinda need to be sensitive to the intangible and move in the spirit. Sometimes, we tend to use super bombastic words to express ourselves. Somehow or another, it just becomes jargon. I just wonder sometimes when leaders grow old and be a bit more mature and smart with their words, have they forgotten how to speak so that people can understand them?

I like straightforward answers. Straightforward answers that can help people to understand quickly and learn easily.

Of course, I am not saying this because I am super good at being straightforward, I need to work on arranging my thoughts and simplifying them, it is really my flaw. I am saying this because the church isn’t just for Christians, it is also for the lost. We need to learn how to simplify things better to allow people to understand. 

Today, I just learned something about worship. This is a straightforward answer.

“What is worship?”

Worship is when you are tired spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically and you still come before God to praise and honour him. Much like when you don’t feel like doing anything because you are tired, but you still make the effort to speak to your family because you love them. Worship isn’t defined by what you want to do, it is defined by what you do even when you don’t want to do it. Worship is defined by love.

Not a complete answer, but if we wrote about “what worship is” we will take forever and ever(all of eternity) to write a book about it. However, this answer is my answer today.

Worship is praising and honouring God even when I am tired.

Oh Lord, I am so tired. Please hire me rest.



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