=350= Reflections: Intern

So once again, I am an intern.

Well, these two weeks have been quite interesting. So in case you do not know, I am now interning in an events company. So far it has been great! I have been learning lots and the people are very nice.

This internship happened and it bought about so much change in my life.

One, for ministry. I have been serving ever since I turned 17. For both CL-ing and drums for the worship team. Being on internship in this industry just makes me unable to be free at night and on weekends. Hence, I kinda took a 5 month long break from ministry. I feel really bad because now Leb has to solo over at G2 every week and my co-cell leaders need to tank.

Two, for church in general. Work being at night and weekends also makes me unable to be fed by the church. So I have to learn how to feed myself properly. Honestly really respect those people who don’t got to church but still keep the faith going strong! That is you Y!

Three, is dinner at my grandmas. Ever since I was P5, I would have my dinner at my grandmas every weekday. Then when I hit Sec 2/3 I started going for J333, I stopped going on Wed. Then, when ministry started and LCs were on Fridays, that day is gone too. But never did I stop going for like 5 months. I am still trying to arrange, but it is so hard.

Four, practice for music. Not having a fixed schedule just made it so much tougher to practice anything.

Five, not being able to bring my camera everywhere I go. With my A6000 being so small, I used to bring it around with me everywhere I go. Whenever there was a nice moment or free time to shoot, I would. But I have a fear of my camera being stolen or crushed during such events, so I stopped bringing it around with me.

So all these changes really just shook my comfortable life. I kinda like to have a 9-5 job you know! Just that I don’t like to do what such jobs does. -sigh- first world problems.

So I made one change to my life to ensure that I will survive.

Six, change my QT time. It has been great! To be honest, my QT hasn’t been great. I do my QT at night, after everything, to kinda give thanks to God you know! But because it is after everything, I get either restless or sleepy, so I would give my worse time to God. Like it has been an issue for the longest time but I was just WAY too lazy to change anything. I considered changing my QT time to in the morning, thinking that is is a good move and that it will actually let me get things done. Never got to it. The trigger was the fear of not being fed for 5 months. Well, so I did it! I have been doing QT everyday in the morning for two weeks. It was great because it makes me think more about QT in the morning, distracting me from You-Know-What(people that knows will know). Then, being fed directly from the Bible and not through a sermon or through another person allows me to not have flawed doctrine. Not that being taught by a pastor will end up in flawed doctrine, but because sometimes the listeners will pick up the wrong points from the right teaching. For example, a man that does not know the Bible well, when they hear the phrase, “The bible is God’s word” the man might think of a scene with Ren men covered with a hood(like those cults), holding hands and chanting. Suddenly a flash of light shines in the center of the circle formed by them holding hands. Then a scroll magically floats down to the center and they call it God’s word. The pastor definetely wasn’t teaching something wrong, but the listener might assume wrong. (I certainly did when I was young! HAHA!) Learning straight from the word just allows you to learn from more direct source. (It isn’t the perfect source too, cause the Bible is written by humans, and how does mere words even capture what God is trying to convey? Not only that, there are translation errors too!) Changing this just allowed me to improve my walk with God.

In my internship, there are quite a few things to give thanks for.

One, if there aren’t any event, my job is basically 10-6, not as ideal as 9-5, but it isn’t bad!

Two, the people are nice! Enough said.

Three, the work benefits are good. While my pay isn’t as high as my friends, it certainly is a good company with good benefits.

Four, I am paired with Jun Yi. It is just great to have a friend with you you know. Having him with me just allowed him to kinda show me the ropes cause he did it before. However, I personally think that he is outperforming me, no surprise! He is more used to doing such things than me.

Like I just think that in an internship, it isn’t all about technical knowledge, it is also about people skills and learning how to get along with one another. I am still quite awkward with my colleagues at work, but so far so good. Made good friends today! 🙂

Five, I have been able to go to church so far. So I really hope I can continue to go there.

Talking about church. Today my supervisors chatted about the church. Like isn’t it just missing the point when we spend SOOO much money on the building? I actually totally agree. Like I honestly don’t think that expanding the church so that it can cater to more believers is a good enough reason to justify spending 60+ million on the building.

Like come on. We honestly do not need LED screens and the best equipment/instruments. Just think about the electricity bill pilling up when you install that. I mean, isn’t there a cheaper alternative? Like maybe a projector? I don’t know, perhaps a projector projecting that size of a screen might be more expensive in the long run.

However, I actually think that more money that the church gets should be put into missions and helping the poor and needy. Like while we are called to make disciples of all nations, i just think that Jesus was here for the weak and sick and not the strong and healthy. Shouldn’t our empantisis be on the poor as well? I would just like to see how out well dressed church members would react when we actually bring in hundreds of poor people to the church. I want to see their reactions. Will they reach out in love and smile at them and greet them? Or will they look disgusted and actually not want them there.

That is why sometimes I find the youth group rules are a bit restraining. I mean, sure I will not wear slippers and shorts to church. But what if the person I helped and bought is so poor that he can’t afford to buy a new pair of shoes and only have slippers?

Just think that it is true. Cultivating people to be a righteous people shouldn’t come before being a righteous person, setting the example for them to follow. I want to follow a man that is after helping people and having compassion for them.

Oh well, back to the internship, I learned lots! But no time to put into my school’s weekly blogs sia! But I here I am putting content out! Haha! Different I guess!

On the other hand, I reveived my results today! I am happy to announce that I maintained my GPA! 🙂

I really thought that it would drop this Sem. I really am not those faker kinda person(a harsh word will be hypocrite) that says “I am so going to fail, I am so going to fail” but then get great results in the end. I am really not trying to be modest when I said that I am worried for my results. I honestly was. Like for DA, the research for presentation was SO STRESSFUL! We couldn’t find anything substantial on the mixers we were supposed to find for. For ATE, though I studied SOOO hard, but I only got a 55/100 for the common test, not to mention that the exam was 45%. For Auto CAD, I wasn’t able to complete my drawing for both tests, though the second one performed a lot better.

I honestly thought that this Sem was gonna pull my GPA down.

But it didn’t, so I give thanks! 🙂 Thank You God for watching out for me!

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