=351= Relfections: First Official SE

Today was the first service that I sound engineered for.

Well, somehow Leb entrusted me with the board. I am actually quite inexperienced to it. However, after doing sound check for quite a few times, it just got a bit better and I was able to do sound engineering decently. I think the most important part about SE-ing is simply being able to spot the problems and know how to solve it.

I remembered a few things I have learned about EQ. One, EQ is for the instruments to sound good, not to make it fill the spaces in the frequency range. Meaning, filling up most of the frequencies to make your sound more full is actually the responsibility of the Musician and not the SE. There is a limit to how you can change the fundemental tone. Alberto told me that the best is not EQ, because when you EQ, the sound just becomes very thin or very thick, having no EQ is the best. I actually think that it makes sense. However, if there is EQ, why not just use it? Just don’t pull or push frequencies too much, the more you push/pull, the more horrible it will sound. Therefore, whenever you find your EQ strange, just put everything back down flat, then work from there.

Then, I also started to kinda “teach” people about sound engineering. Though I definetely believe that Leb is in a better position to teach than me, I think it is possible to start teaching people what I know. It’s like the drums workshop back then. I wasn’t at all great at drums, but I wanted to teach and people wanted to learn, hence, it just happened. I hope the people I teach sound to will continue to learn though! It is very important to continue to sharpen the craft and persevere even when you do something wrong! πŸ™‚

Then today was jealous day again. Hiya, I need to stop coveting over things that I cannot control.

Then after that, I had a nice chat with Shena. I think it has been a while since I last chatted with her like this and it was nice! πŸ™‚

Work was interesting! Oh crap, I haven’t done up my Weekly Blogs yet! Jialat! Oh well, let’s think about that tmr


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