=352= Reflections: Monster

Well, this actually wasn’t the first time I read this manga. The first time I watched the anime, I was probably still in secondary school. I got a bit overwhelmed and bored halfway.

I think I was reading this article about the top 10 darkest, mind bending anime of all time. The last one was Monster.

This time round, I was hooked. It is SOO good!

The story basically goes like this. A kind doctor with a belief that all lives are equal, saved a boy’s life over the mayor’s life because the boy came to the hospital first. This led to him being unable to promote and was told that he will never be promoted.

However, one night, all three of his superior doctors died and the boy that he saved and his sister disappeared.

Nine years later, the boy came back as a serial killer. Now the doctor has to put an end to the Monster that he brought back to life.

The whole story line is very complex and yet it is quite thrilling. The story and art has such a hold on the actual emotions of the situation. From the first chapter, it showed the corruption of the doctors, prioritising publicity over results, claiming that not all lives are equal. Already a very dark and complicated situation. As you read on, it unfolds a dark mystery with a repeating themes of worth; with questions like, “Are you wanted?” “What if your Mother doesn’t want you?” Being asked.

Despite being a dark manga, the series manages to add in chapters where there is redemption and grace. Touching the heart and making you wish for the safety of the characters.

I personally think that out of the series. Chapters 98 and 99 are the two of the saddest chapters. I let Charissa read this two and she was so angry at one of the characters.

Warning though! It is a little graphic.

Here is the link!http://www.mangareader.net/monster/98

I think that these two chapters are the best of the series. I mean like if you don’t take the mystery into account.

I just think that this series has it’s way of capturing humans in the most realistic way. Especially empathising on the dark and cruel side of humans.

The cruelest thing you can do to someone isn’t to kill him, but to tell him that no one in the world wants him and make him realise this himself. That there is no point living and have him kill himself.

I think why I thought that these two chapters were interesting(not in a happy way ok), was how relatable it was. It give you a small boy as a character, making you feel sorry for him and yet understand him to some point.

Milosh is in an orphanage and he has been wandering around looking for his mum. It was said that his mum is a prostitute and left him there. Milosh has been going around to find his mother. He doesn’t remember how his mother look like, but he claims that he will know when he sees her. He then said that he will definetely find her because her Mother will recognise him too.

“Anna” just went forward and asked the worse question ever. Not “What if your Mother doesn’t recognise you?” But “what if your Mother recognises you but pretends that she doesn’t?”

“Were you even wanted in the first place?”

“The world is all death anyway”

“Anna” then brought Milosh to the red light district to find his Mum, drilling that if he walked through and couldn’t find his mum, then he is unwanted.

You see a small boy in a huge world.

He then sees how dark the world is through many instances with prostitutes and pimps.

People taunting him that he knows about 50 women who could be his Mother. Implying that they are all women that wouldn’t want their child.

He meets a prostitute that hugs him, the prostitute’s friend asked if Milosh was her Son, she replied, “NO WAY!”

He sees a prostitute spitting gum. He gets reminded of “Anna”‘s words, “were you wanted?”

He finds a man weeping. He asked why is he crying but gets no answer. Giving Milosh the idea that he is going to grow up and become that.

He sees a man doing it with a prostitute. (I am sorry, it really is very dark and graphic) the prostitute didn’t want to do it in front of Milosh. The man demanded that she does whatever he says because he is the customer. Milosh got uncomfortable, looked away, ready to walk away, but the man told Milosh to stay and look; probably because it turns him on. (I am sorry, this series is like that) He then told Milosh that he is a teacher, telling him that he is a perfect gentlemen among the parents in his school. Killing all trust Milosh has in teachers. The teacher then paid Milosh money for watching.

The last person he saw was this dying lady. The lady asked Milosh for money. The lady snatched what Milosh had and ran away.

Milosh then was convinced that whatever “Anna” said was true and he decided to end his life by jumping of a bridge.

Dr Tenma and Grimmer managed to find him before anything happened and stopped him from jumping. Milosh then saw a butterfly on the ground and stepped on it to kill it. Grimmer saw that and was shocked.

Grimmer then looked at Milosh straight in the eyes and asked him what did he see back there and what did he learn. Grimmer then told Milosh the truth.

That he has no mother, but there is a reason why you are born. You were born because someone wanted you. (If not, she would have just went for an abortion you know, but maybe that era don’t have) someone wanted you.

Mr Grimmer then started weeping as well while hugging Milosh.

I just think that the final scene is so powerful. It is grace. I see something so prominent in people. That people will cry when they say the words that they want to hear the most but never heard to someone else. Mr Grimmer never had someone tell him that he is wanted, so when he told Milosh that he is wanted, he is actually speaking the words that he is broken from not hearing. That is why he broke down. Mr Grimmer is the best next to Dr Tenma in this series.

I am so sorry for this morbid story, but it really is very good. The ending wasn’t very satisfying to me, but it is good. šŸ™‚

I think I like this story because it showed how morbid, how twisted, how messed up the world is and yet showed us that there is grace.

This story really shows grace and redemption very well.

If you are into this kinda genre, it is perfect.

Ok! Done!


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