=355= Stories To Tell: Ideas

I actually have quite a few story ideas that I want to write out, but they either just have too much detail in the story for a short story or I just got too busy with life to write them out. So yeah, here are some of my story ideas:

Story Ideas:

1. A man with amnesia that can only remember from his teens. Written from his teens memories, then when he woke up, he was already in his 30s

2. A Low IQ man(a fool) that wants to be a church staff

3. A Joyful waiter(someone that waits).

4. A man left a bag in a room. A woman saw the bag and took it. When she returned home, she opened the bag and saw the photos of man. She was amazed by the photos and wanted to know the guy.

5. A girl breaks up with his boyfriend on the day of prom, not giving him a reason. She even broke up with him over the phone. The guy tried to salvage the relationship, but failed.

Three years later, the man bumps into the girl. The girl was carrying a two year old boy.

6. A man that cannot sleep. He isn’t tired. He just doesn’t remember sleeping. He always end up in the middle of the day without remembering that he slept. He lives his life normally everyday even without knowing what happens during those 8 hours of “sleep”. The story will unfold as he gets suspected for a murder and he couldn’t account for the 8 hours he was “asleep?” The man will have to seek clues and find out what he has been doing during this 8 hours of sleep Everyday.

7. A man opened a chicken rice stall. However, he doesn’t have much business. One day, a food critic came by to eat and commented that his chicken rice was the best he ever had. The food critic came back the second day. However, on the third day he went to eat something else. The stall owner asked him why he isn’t eating his chicken rice. The food critic explained that it is boring to eat the same thing three times in a row; he will get sick of it. He challenged the stall owner to make chicken rice exciting. Saying that if he is able to make him go back to his stall everyday in one week, he will have an unbeatable chicken rice stall. 

8. What is in the safe?

The man said that his treasure is in the safe in his room. His children wants his inheritance. They kept fighting over the inheritance. Then it’s revealed what is in the safe after he died.

9. A girl and a boy were best friends for a long time. However, ever since the girl started work, they haven’t been able to hang out at all. One day, the girl received a call and was told that the boy had passed away. At the wake, the boy’s mum passed the boy’s dairies to her, telling her that she read it and that the girl should too. The girl starts to read the dairies. It unveils the 10 years that the boy has been together with the girl and how he fell in love with her. 

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