=357= Words Of Joy: Best Work

Well, amidst all the melancholy of this season, there is joy too. One of the best things that happened to me is getting that Canon FD f1.4 Lens. That lens had allowed me to have shoot some amazing imagery! It is honestly some of my best work. It actually could not resolve as much detail as my kit lens, but the effects that it can create was just spectacular! Having a f1.4 actually made me pay more attention to lighting. I honestly think that what differentiates a good photo and a great photo is often just the lighting. If you can light your subject well, it will become some of the most amazing imagery that you can find! My lens is a bit hazy wide open, giving my photos the dreamy dreamy look! Which is good but the depth of field is quite hard to control and manually focus. These are honestly some of the best images that i produced. The lens really doesn’t shine with far away subjects, because it is a full frame lens on an APSC body, but it really produce some of the most stellar images with close subjects! AMAZING!

Do see my recent photos here.

Oh on the sad end. My kit lens cannot communicate with my camera, meaning i have no wide/normal lens for shooting. As in I do love that Canon FD lens, but honestly, 75mm is really too tight for close shooting. I hope the warranty can fix it. If not, i think i will have to  buy a replacement. I really like the 18-105mm f4, but it is so big and clingy. SO i think if i would get a replacement zoom lens, it will be the 16-70mm f4 Ziess Lens. however it is about like $300 more than the 18-105mm. I don’t know, I think I prefer the Ziess because it is Ziess and that it isn’t focus my wire. Focussing by wire just sucks BIG time. Hopefully it will be a good price.

Once again, things are looking up!



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