=358= Reflections: Still Heart

My heart is surprisingly still over an issue tonight. I thought I would react differently, but I didn’t and I totally surprised myself. I was over thinking at first, but when the issue happened, it was alright. So I am good. I am happy. Glad and not bitter. I guess that is what it means to be grateful. Yes it is.

I am grateful for this constant.

Hope this constant lasts long so that the pillar will stand and the ceiling in between the pillars will stand for a long long time.

I was really touched when Bro Ken honoured and thanked us during his sermon today. Though it has been a great journey in Emerge and I have been doing quite well, it is still quite a thankless job. I really needed to hear someone appreciating us.

I on the other hand need to thank God for my life and stop being so negative and bitter. I don’t deserve it because I don’t own any of it. God does.




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