=364= Words of Melancholy: Tired

Gosh, I have no idea how I can be SOO tired.

Oh well.

My heart is in pain from suppressing all my feelings.

Oh well.

Not in any state to do anything, but you know, heart over mind, I need to mind over heart.

It honestly sucks that I am so tired.

Wanted to go for lunch but cannot because I am so freaking tired.

And honestly I don’t really like Astons, expensive for not much! Of course, it is better than some places, but still, nah.

Sorry! HAHA! I am earning an intern’s pay.

Just how do secondary school students afford this kinda food every single week?

I guess I am feeling a bit inferior and useless once again. I mean like I can still go for service but I haven’t been teaching much. I cannot control the crowd well enough. Cannot play and serve. Even in SE-ing, couldn’t exactly perform well as well. -sigh-

I do need to stop being so negative and self pitying myself.

Look to God you idiot. Look to God and find your worth in Him.

I am tired, please give me rest Lord!


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