=368= Words Of Joy: Constance

Alright today is a day to remember.

One, I just bought the most amazing sounding cymbal I have ever heard in my life. It is a Dream Cymbal Vintage Bliss 20 inch crash ride.

It is honestly has whatever I wanted from a ride cymbal. It has enough stick definition with the underlying wash. It crashes SO well, with SO much body. It is so light and sensitive!

I actually wanted to check out the bliss line today just to see if the sound was what I wanted. The bliss were ok, like just a very standard cymbal tone. I saw the cymbal. Then I played the cymbal. Then I was like, WOW! I tried so many other cymbals but I kept coming back to it. I asked for the price, it was $219. I was practically sold. A cymbal of this build and sound for Zildjian would cost like 2-3 times the price. I am comparing it to like the keropes and Constantinoples.

I played the keropes in music gear and I am like, it is not even half as nice as the vintage bliss. Honest. I was freaking out in the store going, “OH MAN…. WOW…” Haha!

So I called my mum to tell her about it. She allowed me to buy it and the rest is history. I just bought the most beautiful sounding cymbal I have ever heard. I am sorry Zildjian/Sabian/Paiste/Meinl/Istanbul I just found the brand of cymbals I am going to buy.

The Dream cymbal prices were incredible. Like hi-hats were like $250, a 17 inch was $179. I can practically have a whole set now for under a thousand. That to me is a no brainer. I really want a Tri-hat. The options to have a set of three lines of cymbals in a pack just makes it fun and cool to mess around with.

Oh and I named it “Constance.” I know I planned for the name to be for a snare, but when I hear the beauty and sound, there is just no doubt that it is a Constance. Hence the title. 

Two, caught up a bit with Ga. it was very nice! I know I see her as a spiritual Mum, but I can really treat her as a Sister too. So yeah! 🙂

Three, receiving prayer from Bro Ken and Josh. Both of them minstered to me so much.

Four, telling God, “I Love You.” It is good to be in the presence of the Lord.

Five, be honest about my doubts with E’s Friend. R was an agnostic. I just wanted him to feel more comfortable, so I told him that even I as a Christian doubt sometimes. Telling him about my doubts and all. I don’t exactly know how to express my faith in words. I hope whatever I have done doesn’t scare him away.

Six, nice dinner with Ming Ge Abd Rebecca. Nice meal.

Ok going home now.

Good day. 🙂



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