=369= Reflections: Report

Haha, let me share my horror story.

Yesterday, I started doing my report. There were a lot to write on  and I was already quite overwhelmed. Even so, I managed to finish the report until the most content intensive part, the demonstrative assignments. After having  a slight writers block, (or report writer’s bored) I saved my document and went to sleep.

Today, when i started working on it again, I couldn’t find my document. I freaked. I mean, NO. COME ON. That was already SOOOO much work!

Nevertheless, despite my anger and frustration, I had to calm myself down and redo everything. -sigh-

Oh well, the report is done, WAY over the file size limit, I am satisfied with it, so yeah! Happy with the result. So far so good.

Thank God that I was able to finish the report in time in half a day.

Grateful for support. I noticed that in this period of my life, I can honestly enjoy it. Strange thing is that this is kinda the first year in a long while that i felt like this. The past few years were years of me complaining and lamenting over how hard my life was.

I recall a period of time when “this year was the best year ever” was the phrase i used every year. Then the past few years were hard and tough years to bear. With broken friendships and relationships. Failed ministry. The burden was just so heavy the past few years that when things starting to look up, i was a bit surprised. I thought that life was just going to be like that(heavy and tiring) ever since I been struggling so hard every year, but no, God is good, he gave me the best few months of this year and i am thankful.

I have less burdens weighing me down, ministry is looking up, new but strong relationships are being built and skills getting polished.

I don’t want to jinx it, but yeah, this few months had been great so far.

Few desires of my heart though.

  1. Be able to get new gear, probably have to have a Gear talk to get it out of my system
  2. Be able to support my peers around me
  3. Be able to teach and raise a new group of technical people in youth
  4. Be able to teach and raise a new group of drummers
  5. Be able to lead in something I am not too comfortable sharing
  6. Be able to have new friends that will support me and we will pour into each other’s lives
  7. Be able to overcome
  8. Be able to love people like Jesus did

Haha, and surprisingly none of those desires include “moving up to YA”

I said this before, I think YA is a wonderful place where it seems so fun to be a cell kid again. However, being encouraged by this year, I don’t think it is time for me to move up to YA just yet. Not yet. I think I still have much to offer and the youths have so much potential to grow. I want to see revival happening in G1.

I hope R-AGE will be home to many and church will be the hospital for the sick and needy and not for youngsters to hang around to find girlfriends and boyfriends. I want to see R-AGE grow in compassion.

I have high hopes for my ministry! I want to see it grow! 😀

Ok now! Good Night! 🙂



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