=377= Reflections: Last Weekend

Well, I served again last week on both sides. Here is the story.

It started with me serving for G2 because right now, there is only Leb playing there. Sia Elaine would ask me if I can play on the week she is serving, but I never could confirm if there was an event happening that week. Hence, the G1 & G2 bands had to combine to serve at both services for several weeks. 

This time, I finally could confirm that I can play that week. Hence, I promised Sis Elaine to play for G2.

I felt that the rehearsals were a bit messy, but nevertheless, we ran through.

Then, on the actual Sat, I went down early to switch on the system and set up my drums to my liking.

To my horror, the church snare was severely untuned. I tried tuning it, several lugs were IMPOSSIBLE to tune I tell you! Really quite bad. I tried, but it was taking too much time, hence, I went and got Leb’s cymbals up to play.

Talking about cymbals, my 20 inch Vintage Bliss Ride was deemed unusable as a ride because of how incredibly washy and dark it was. It cannot cut through the mix well… 😦 it really is a pity because it really is such a nice cymbal! I believe if we got rid of the drum shield, my cymbal will be getting all the glory! Oh well!

Hence, for a person that really likes standard stuff(me), I decided to collect larger cymbals. I mean Hillsong’s drummer, Harrison Wood, plays:

  • 15 inch hats
  • 20 inch crash
  • 22 inch ride
  • 22 inch crash

I doubt I will get both a 22 inch ride and a 22 inch crash, but I am really considering getting the 22 inch energy crash ride. 

I know Leb really likes his 16 inch hats, but NAH! Cause if I get the Mono cymbal bag, I will have to keep the 16 hats in the main compartment, because the hihat compartment only accept cymbals up to 15 inches. Wasting space!

I really like the tone of the 15 inch bliss hihats too! Like it is sloshy and yet still very meaty. I have a theory that the larger the hihat, the darker the wash/slosh. However, there needs to be a limit cause the darker you go, the less cut you will get.

So now I have been redesigning my ideal setup! Taking a lot of inspiration from Steve Jordan!

  • 15 inch bliss hihats
  • 17 inch bliss crash(it really is THAT nice)
  • 20 inch vintage bliss crash ride(cause I already bought it)
  • 22 inch energy crash ride
  • 18 or 20 inch pang china

Ok back to the worship set. Once again, worshiping on stage is wonderful. I think there is this need for clarity and push for realism. Like, I just cannot hide any hidden feelings when I am on stage worshiping God.

However, it is true that G2’s hype and fire seemed doused. I am probably not a good judge because I never put in any ambience into my aviom mix and I am in an acrylic jail, so a lot of what I do to see how the congregation reacts is visual. I remember that back when I was serving in G2 that the leaders were hyped and were smiling when they worshipped God. There was this excitement.

This time round, everyone seemed… Familar, so used to/comfortable to worship. Almost as if they were no longer impressed that they can go into the presence of God. As if worship was just this trend that was so happening a year back and it isn’t popular anymore.

Oh well, I do not know if it was because a good deal of the expereinced leaders moved up, it was just sad. Legacies are meant to be left behind, not sticking together with me. What I mean by this is that the leaders in R-AGE isn’t responsible to create a hyped group of people(though they can), they are responsible for bringing up a group of people that is close to God and help them draw closer to Him and have that relationship with Him. If when that leader leaves the group to move up to YA, and all the members backslide, you know that they(the kids) were in Church for the wrong reason. I am not bashing the leaders! It is hard to balance between a place to belong and a place to know more about God. It is just sad when your legacy leaves with you. 😦 May my legacy never leave with me!

Burdened for G2, hope that they will experience God more and more and love him. 🙂

Worship went alright, some musical mistakes here and there, but we all worshipped God and that is the point.

It was what happened next that I wanna talk about.

After worship, I went to G2, sharing a cab with Bro Ken and Sheila. Thank you Bro Ken for paying! 🙂

I was really tired from playing drums. Seriously guys, try playing four songs, rehearsing before service and actually play for service. It is draining both physically and mentally.

I was thinking of putting my cymbal and bag down and taking the two hours out to go shoot photos! I just needed some me time you know. On the way in, I saw the befrienders outside of the hall and I was reminded that it was my team’s turn to serve, but I couldn’t because I was serving at G2!

The original plan was to walk from G2 to G1 taking photos while I go after service! However, since Ken was going to G1, might as well right?

So I greated them and Yun Ying went, “OH Kelvin you are here! You can talk to this boy….”

In my heart and mind, I was, OH MANNNN. I was seriously tired, I don’t wanna talk or meet anyone, ok maybe someone who is a good friend, but seriously don’t want to serve and speak to the guy. Nevertheless, I still did it. I mean, sure, I will miss like my alone time, but if God wants me to serve, I will serve lor. Just very sian.

Oh, also, on the Cab, Andre texted me to ask me if I could do sound the next day because he wanted to play bass on the Emerge band. Once again, very sian. Not sure if it is just me, but when you are tired, you don’t feel like doing something even if it is days away. I had that.

The boy that I was assigned to talk to left halfway during worship. I felt bad to do so, but I was really very happy, I can go shoot after worship! YES!

Then I decided to chat with Charissa, cause we were talking earlier on and she looked really tired. I am tired yes, but talking to friends is still one of the things that I like to do, it kinda refreshes me! So I just did it.

Then another newcomer came song and I was once again tasked to talk to him.

He is an interesting character. He came to church when he was in primary school and he came back to know more about the bible. I managed to share some general knowledge with him.

Then the zone party. Met Anada and her Friend Charis, they are such a weird bunch, SOOO quiet! Though Anada has been warming up to me, she hasn’t said Hi to me more than once… ._. I passed D a water balloon but it got passed back to me and Sheryl started playing with it. In a moment of a stupid decision, I flicked it and it burst. Aiyo stupid boy! I was just playing, but I didn’t think that the balloon was THAT fragile… ._.

I began shooting and Esther came up to me, wanting to shoot and I started to guide her along on how to shoot. Shooting provides a certain adrenaline. Thinking of factors like lighting, focus, shutter speed(not aperture, cause I always use aperture priority), ISO, subject, distance away. There is this dynamic process, especially with prime lenses. Photography isn’t a passive thing! It is very active, moving in and out to get the shot! Waiting for that decisive moment! It is my privilege to share that experience with Esther!

I think a part of me likes teaching because I like to share my experiences with people. Helping people to have the same pleasure and excitement as me!

Then I finally have some time with Jerome. I really miss my boys. We talked about cells and stuff, good to know that he is doing well! 🙂

Then sound engineering for the emerge band was very tough. There was just way too many factors. There were quite a few people on stage, to crowd control, troubleshoot, test lines, EQ, sending to mons and avioms and settle technical stuff for them was just really tiring.

It didn’t help that they had people that weren’t In the band on stage. I really like that the wall that CAMY used to have with the congregation is slowly becoming thinner, but sometimes, things can just proceed a lot faster if they don’t go on stage.

This is a minor pet peeve of mine, like for the sound check for monitors, don’t signal for “I cannot hear a thing” and shake your hands telling me there is nothing on your monitors! I know there is nothing on your monitors! Just signal up or down! If I have a problem, I will run up to troubleshoot, don’t worry! Oh, and signs for up or down should be given once that person is being EQ-ed! I am sorry, but it really is a bit irritating that I have to say, “On the mons?” For every instrument… -.- I can cut a lot of time of everyone was alert and ready for soundcheck.

I know, very minor things, I can live and work with it, but it is just very little things multiplied by the numbers on stage that wil make soundcheck a waste of good time

Sometimes I think if I weren’t such a technical person, I will be so much happier and less irritated with things. Just be a Creative and do my own thing because it is so much easier to do just that! Just play and leave all the hard work to someone else.

Nah, I chose this, I rather understand the tough and unseen part of the music on stage. Make my sound guy’s life much easier.

Bro Ken reacted to me settling technical things on stage rather differently this time. I remembered that last year when I was trying to settle something for Jun Kang’s Cajon mic, he just bugged me and told me sternly to go to cell. This time round, he spoke to me in a more understanding tone and also telling me to go to cell, but differently. Thank you Bro Ken for understanding and tolerating my technical temper.

Then for Emerge Maze Runner. Wah, the game was just so chaotic. I think I was really quite harsh on my words. Thing to watch out for. Seeing Denise step up to step in for our busy RLs, kinda made me a little envious, I mean, we are kinda in the same position, but she gets more roles in the leadership position. I guess because of me being more involved in the technical side of emerge too. Well, I kinda wanna try, but yeah, Denise is a better choice with MUCH better patience than me! Being technical is making me short tempered Sia!

Ok, on the more technical side of things, I think the task list kinda thing works better with smaller groups of people. Like if one group of like 10-12 were to complete the tasks rather than a whole region, it would have been WAY easier to handle and they will have more fun and they will be more engaged. However, I know that they are going for a regional kinda thing, so the group thingy doesn’t really work! You could mix the cells and form new groups, like what we did in regionals! That might be better!

However, if you REALLY REALLY want a regional as a whole thingy. You can have like a game show styled games. Something like I want one person from each cell to go out. So each region has like 4-5 people right? Then you make those 4-5 kids do a task together on stage which region can do it the fastest wins. Make sure that the task is doable, that they can all contribute and that people off stage can see them on stage. It will be engaging because it is their friends playing. It promotes bonding because it is kids of different cells coming together. It doesn’t have to be long either! Set a time limit like 5 minutes each task. Every different task change the 4-5 kids. Add special rounds for them to win special things or points. Tell them that you can actually use their points! Use their points to buy like snacks or goodies! Or maybe they can use their points for power ups for the next round to earn more points! Have them bid for the goodies each week. It will be quite epic! 

I dunno, it is all in my head, but I think that is the way to go for a mass regional/emerge kinda thing.

I had to solve some technical stuff for the newer bands too. Didn’t help them much, but I kinda wanna arrange some parts of their music! 

Oh well, It has been a long while since I was in training and probation! Thank God for blessing me with so much!

Lord, thank you for the past weekend! 🙂

Sorry for the japalang thoughts once again, thank you for reading what seems like a gear talk, a melancholy reflection, a rant, a words of joy all in one!

Ok! All is good! 🙂

One last point, learning when to stop being crazy is a skill, I see two people needing this skill right now. One of them, I am close to, one, not that much, I kinda wanna teach them. I saw what Kennaf saw me did when I was doing my stupid attention attracting acts back last year. Now I realise how immature and annoying I was. Oh well, still crazy! But at least I am controlling it right now! 🙂

Ok now down for sure!

FINAL FINAL POINT. I really like the “I’m going to ask her out tonight” story! I am going to write more on the story. I wanna take a photo and put at the front of the chapters like those cartoon art on Harry Potter books. Story writing is fun! Some of what Matt does is what I did, the others? I just think that Matt is that kinda guy! Stay tuned for the continuation of the story! Find out why is the title called that title! 🙂



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