=381= Words of Joy: Retreat

Today, two people spoiled my day. They are probably unaware of it too. This is coming from someone that just got off a hard day at work somemore. I am not going to mention anyone because nevertheless, they are still people I love and I want to protect them.

I just wonder sometimes if people actually know that, I dunno, I have feelings? People need to be more sensitive and think before they speak.

So instead I want to praise God for something this time round.

I can go for retreat!

I actually wanted it to be a surprise you know. I don’t tell anyone and I just go up and everyone is surprised to see me. However, me going for leaders briefing spoiled all the fun. Oh well.

It was quite a fun story.

First of all, know that I did not even think that I could go for retreat, because I was going for an internship and I was expecting all my weekends to be burned.

However, the company that I was posted to was quite good and I get most of my weekends off. That was something nice and while taking a break from ministry, I still can serve every once in a while.

I overheard my superior saying that June don’t have much events. So I simply asked Sis Tiff to help me look out for people that suddenly couldn’t go.

While I do want people to be ministered to in retreat, I really hoped for someone that suddenly could not. That is quite a grey topic. Oh well.

I didn’t actually find someone that suddenly couldn’t go until Jairus told the cell that his room mate suddenly couldn’t go. I was like, “hey, maybe I can go!”

So I was looking at the time table of the events and the event ends on Friday. So I just asked K what time does the event end. He told me probably 6. At the back of my mind, my heart just sank again. I mean, if the event ends at 6, Teardown until 7/7.30, return to office, it is 8 plus at least. However, I told K about what I wanted to go for and he told me that it is possible! Just take off Lor, just check with the production manager if there is enough manpower.

So I asked quite a few people. First Jairus, then, Tiff, then JoMoh, then Joshua himself because I didn’t have his number, then I had to go through JoMoh for the late bus too, taking over Randy.

I really cannot believe it because everything fell into place very nicely.

When I finally ran through R and he was willing to let me take off, I was really really happy.

I was absolutely delighted to go for retreat. It was honestly such a blessing.

It was crazy because, I was really depressed when I couldn’t go, but now that I am going, I just cannot believe that everything can happen in such a short period of time.

Lord, thank you for your providence.

I am depressed over that two people and this one person that I thought I was close to but really, I don’t think so. I think I am nothing more than an annoyance to that person and that person won’t even put me in that person’s mind. (sorry, not even going to give you the gender! HAHA!)

Oh well, it might just be my melancholy making me a bit pessimistic and making me overact. I just wish that I am someone that you can see as a strong support.

Charissa said something really funny and yet sweet to her cell kid about me today, so yeah! I am honoured! 🙂

Charissa also said something else, which made me think about my actions, are they really that subtle? I dunno?

Oh well, Lord, I look to you and I give thanks! Thank you Lord!



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