=387= Reflections: The Day I Took Down An Actual Fire

Yeah, just like the title says, I actually took down an actual fire today. It was crazy. 

I was shooting(photos) when I saw Shaun and Cheryl rushing to the sound booth seeking help, telling us that there is a fire. Without processing much, I simply ran forward. I saw the power extension cord caught fire. The only thing I could think of to do is to step on it.

So I did. 

I stepped and the fire became smaller. Ben Ben also went ahead to switch the plug off. People wanted to pour water, but J warned them not to because it was electricity. Leb told me to continue stepping.

And it finally went out after a while.

It was scary when I thought about it, but I honestly had no time to think or process anything. I thank God for this alertness as a technical person. I thank God for courage to rush to the fire rather than waiting for the other people to solve it.

I also tried praying for someone to receive the gift of tongues. I honestly had little faith. I prayed safety prayers. Like those prayers that keeps your prayer from not coming through. For example, praying for a surgery, saying that God will take care of her and heal her! Then say, but even if He doesn’t…

I need to have more faith in my prayers. To take the risk for prayers. To declare.

I grew in faith in several ways. I heard God telling me to tell him to pray for himself. And so I did. Then when the slow worship song was over, I just had to say, “It’s not over yet!”

I really had faith that God will come and give him the tongues.

And so we stood there during the whole praise song. Not going into it, but continue to have faith and pray.

I am actually not sure what happened.

I haven’t exactly confirmed if he spoke tongues or not.

I really wish that I will be given the oppotunity to continue to pray for him.

Oh well. I am rather tired. It had been fun. I really need to stop building up walls in my heart. Stop having that stupid pride.

Over the heart issue, really quite affected today. I just wish that I can be closer and more dependent on me.

It is ok!

God is good! 🙂


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