=388= Words of Melancholy: Retreat

Well, let me rant here for a moment.

I think I am just lonely, but sian, I feel like I am just a bit worthless and useless now.

-sigh- Bear with me alright.

I guess it is the person too. I am really rather sanguine. I absorb a lot of energy from people’s response to me. That also means that I absorb negativity just as much. Once I get a bad response, especially from someone dear to me, my mood just swings and I fall down like an irritating low self esteem melancholic.

I am feeling rather hurt from all the response I just got from an individual. It really hurt. Not that the person hated me and wanted to hurt me, but slight annoyance also makes me depressed. I want to talk and chat but because of what I say and ask, I offend. I just don’t know how to approach this person. Even though this person is so dear to me.

Not that we are no longer friends, I just feel that maybe I will be treated better if we knew each other later. Perhaps it was time that amplified the flaws of my personality. I just cannot. -sigh- Lord, teach me how to react.

Thank you God.