=390= Reflections: Nickname

Over the course of a few years I have gotten quite a few nick names and have given some to other people. So yeah, let’s just see.

Hello Kitty – Only people from my secondary school calls me this. When I was Sec 1, I always hang out and play around with a few girls. I then began to call different people different nicknames. I can only remember one. I used to call Danise Sng, Dada bird. Haha! Stupid idiot. Then the group of girls one day just came up with this nick name, because you know, “KT EQUALS TO KITTY!” I just facepalmed. Then one day over MSN chat(yes, I was that old). A person made a remark that I am still grateful for till this day. That person said, “If you continue with this disgusting behaviour, you will have no more friends!” That was when it hit me. Me trying all these bad naming stuff and behaviour with these girls was incredibly bad. I pulled back from all the antics and I actually felt like I just lost a few friends, because I felt closer when I was planking and getting attention. Nevertheless, I learned to take a step back and look at myself.

George Bushy – This was a funny one. Back in Rhema a few years back. Eliot was my game group leader. So while trying to know everyone he asked for my name. Me being a stupid young boy, asked Eliot to guess my name. Then Eliot gave one of the most win reply ever! “You look like a George….” AAHAHAHAHA! Then that led to two people calling me George Bushy. These two people were actually quite dear to my heart. One of them actually haven’t been coming to church. 😦 -sigh- oh and it was also around this time that EnMing was my game group leader too! Who knew that he would become my leader for three years!

Kelv – probably my most well known nickname of all. I cannot remember when exactly, but I remembered who. It was Claire Carter that gave me the nickname. She was like, “Can I call you Kelv? Kelv sounds like a cool name!” Then I was rather pleased with the name because it wasn’t making fun of me like the previous two and it was honestly a cool hipster way of calling my name! Like Kel is very common with my name, but not Kelv! It was a very cool way of calling my name! So I just went with it and changed my FB’s name to Kelv Tan. Today, I don’t even notice the difference between calling me Kelv or Kelvin because everyone calls me Kelv already.

KellyYes Mindez; or should I say Desmond? Haha! Gotta mention it. I don’t even remember how it started. Mindez just thought it will be cool calling me Kelly… -.- oh well… It isn’t that bad! 🙂

Oh well, I just felt like posting a post on my nicknames. I probably have quite a few other ones, but my sick brain cannot remember it now! So oh well!

It was nice reflecting upon that and saw how God had moved in my life. Thank you God!


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