=393= Words of Joy: Crazy Weekend

Ok to answer why today was a crazy weekend, let me tell you what I was involved in!

First, I was serving, playing drums at both sides, G1 and G2, on the same day. Then after service, there was a turnover to bring the instruments down from the stage for the concert for Alpha Kickoff. Then, I was shooting for the event. (I didn’t know that I was the only photographer until the event started! :O) Then playing drums for the emerge side. Then resetting the stage.

It went very well though!

First was worship at G2! Playing the G2 drum set was reliving the good old feels. However, the kit was quite badly tuned and set up though. So I just did some tweaking. The snare went Super out of tune during worship. It gave me a super poingy sound. It was quite bad, but somehow it worked for the altar call! So yeah! Happy with it!

I am still getting used to placing the bigger crash as my main crash and the smaller crash as my auxiliary crash. The good thing about this is that it gives me more cut when I want more cut on the aux crash and more wash and wetness when I want to swell on the main crash. At G2, the crashes are just too small, it is a 16 and a 14. The 16 is very nice, but the 14? Ney, just a bit too dry alr. I like a wetter sound.

The set went very well! Though I did felt like the G2 side was like going through the same period of dryness that G1 had for years. There was this staleness. Nevertheless, I played my best and I thought that musically it was great!

G1’s atmosphere was a bit different, there was more excitement. Musically, everything was a bit smoother too! I actually still prefer the G2’s avioms. Like having more things really doesn’t make it better. I prefer having a simpler system and I prefer having a stereo drum aux so that I can blend the overheads in my ears well. Good and bad I guess!

I thought that the whole set went well because I managed to talk it out maturely with a leader. I had some misunderstandings and I just went ahead and told him about it and we chatted and it was cleared. Thank God. May all the conflicts in my life be solved maturely like that.

Then, the turnover was the crazy. I was given lesser cables than what I asked for, I got no power extensions and XLRs. So I ran up(physically up the stairs, no lifts involved) and took the power extensions meant for Dad With Dads! (I am sorry Miss Tan, I didn’t know😂) HAHA! Then I asked Long Ge about the cables and he got like three for me. It was just enough!

The stage configuration kinda changed as well. I didn’t know that Joel wanted them to stand at a certain line, so yeah, so there was actually no need for the snake cable at all. Then we couldn’t get the signal in for the keyboard. I changed the line, but still don’t have. I changed the DI still don’t have. So I just went direct to the DI, bypassing the snake and it worked! Praise God. One of the cables probably had some problem. 

Then the next was solving the reverb issue. The scene was strange. Like the effects and all were patched alr, but I wasn’t able to get any reverb out from the board. So I analysed. So the channel sends via aux to the effects rack, then from the effect rack it routes to the ST in. The ST in was on, was patched to Stereo LR, but no reverb. So after thinking about it and trying some stuff out, I eventually found out what was wrong. It was that I didn’t push the fader up for the ST in. So it didn’t send to Stereo LR. Felt a bit stupid after the whole incident, but yeah it was good that can be solved. 

Then, because some of the people giving their testimonies were nervous and forgot what they needed to say, Yun Ying asked if it was possible to kinda tele-prompt them. With the scripts that they had written beforehand. Ben, knowing that he had only one laptop and it was impossible to show the easy worship and teleprompt at the same time, he came up with a good idea. He used the PTZ camera(that we never used…) as a script prompting. Very good idea!

Then I started shooting. I think I really need to get a lens that is a bit more telephoto. Cause like 75mm field of view as my most telephoto is really quite little and I couldn’t isolate the subject well enough in such an event, when getting too close is a problem. I mean I cannot just go onto stage and take their faces right?

Now eyeing the Sigma 60mm f2.8DN Art Lens. Being the highest rated for sharpness on Dxomark! I really want! Only grievance, it is only f2.8. Sian. But it is cheaper than my current favourite Sigma 30mm. Though it does annoy me quite a bit. The autofocus on the 30mm DC DN is absolutely atrocious. Slow and inaccurate. Caused me some shots because it focused wrong. The manual focus on the lens is absolutely horrible as well. Like if you tried a vintage Manual lens or a full manual lens like my Canon FD lens, you will notice the the focus throw doesn’t go round and round. It will have a limit of how much to turn.

Having that is MUCH better. Focus by wire sucks! And especially on that lens! Tsk!

However, the lens also has given me some incredible shots! So for the time being I am still thankful for the lens.

The funny thing is that I have less grievance against my Canon FD f1.4 because it just had a different work flow! It is a full manual lens with no autofocus, it flares easily, cannot handle backlit subjects, has horrible rendering of the highlights and shadows and bad dynamic range. Despite all of that, I still love it because if the photo isn’t in focus, it was because I turned and missed focus and I will blame myself. However, with the Sigma, both auto focus and manual focus is just as unreliable. When I missed focus, it is because the lens missed it when I auto focus and when the motor just didn’t keep up with my turning. So annoying.

I guess the Canon being $90 lens and $27 adapter also contributed to me being a bit more forgiving. The Sigma was $410, almost four times the price! The shooting experience was just a bit different. I actually rather you give me a full manual lens to shoot! Give me an aperture ring and physical focusing and I will love the lens to bits! The colour, the details and sharpness were all very good! If only the shooting experience could be a bit better!

The event went well! I really liked Lost! Daniel’s voice was butter! Very accurate and smooth! The dynamics were great too! Exciting Penguins! I am a huge fan! 😍

Thank God for Jun Kang and Xin Yi for sending me home! Had a wonderful chat once again! 🙂

Then emerge service, cause like DWD needed to leave like right away right, so I had to return the power extension cord. So I went to ask Rowell for one. Thank God there was! Then we also needed mic stands, then we just got from the bethel’s backstage!

I actually really prefer the instruments on the ground! Cause I can at least see all of the musicians and have eye contact!

I really think that we are REALLY blessed to have our own hall and be able to do whatever we want with the hall. Be in bring instruments down, or decorate the hall until super different, I think it is honestly really a blessing. Lord, may this hall be a blessing to others as well!

Then after that, I went for a wake with friends. It was good. Part of being a good friend is simply to support a person when they are down and need support. I had a little time, might as well invest it in a friendship that might last for years. You know what, I don’t care already. I DON’T want friendships that will only last for a season. I want friendships that will last until I die. It is going to take significantly more work, but Lord, you can use me to pour my life out to people to love them! Thank you Lord!

Thank you for sustaining me Lord.

Two things on my mind now.

Recently, a few people has pointed out that I am a lot like Bro Leb. Like when I was sending Grace off right, she was like, “You look more and more like Leb” Haha I don’t exactly know how to feel, but I do respect Leb quite a bit, so it is an honour. The funny thing is that honestly, Leb and I don’t exactly spend a lot of time together. Like I spend way more time with Kennaf/EnMing/Elsa/my friends than with Leb. I think it is more of a technical person’s attitude and way of handling things. Like I told Ben Ben, Technical people all like the same one. All get irritated with stuff, all want to learn everything, all always ready for anything one. Oh and Josh got it wrong in the story, it wasn’t Leb that put out the fire, IT WAS MEEEE! HAHA! Then Bro Shav was like, “Yeah I told you alr, you look too much like him alr”

However, just for clarification, I am not out to imitate anyone! I just admire certain aspects of people and I just take after them I guess. I admire Leb’s capabilities and knowledge about so many different areas. I admire that he is always ready to help and solve problems. I admire that he gives his absolutely best when serving God and that was why I took after him.

I also admire other people too! I admire Kennaf’s ability to pin point spiritual matters and be able to minister in incredible ways. I admire that he is always there when you need him. I admire his upmost love for God and his people and his willingness to pour his life to the next generation.

I admire Elsa’s depth in the word. I admire her love and guidance for me. I actually really dunno why I am her favourite! I still find it funny whenever she tells people that! Though I am not saying that I am not proud of it! 😂 HEHE! THANK YOU ELSA! Heart heart deep deep! 😀

I admire EnMing’s ability to make practically anyone he had talked to comfortable with him. He knows how to play and tease and where is the line and the boundary. I admire his fervent heart for his people! No wonder so many Xiao Mei Mei loves him! 😂😂😂 EnMing please don’t kill me! Love you deep deep too! In all seriousness, I think that really the past three LCs(if you include this year’s tertiary cell) had been really good because of him wanting it to be like a family.

I dunno what changed. There is this change in my heart. I feel like like I can pour out more now. Sis Tiff, I think God really did touch my heart and expanded it. This life really isn’t about me. This made me a lot closer to the contact time cell. It was good. I am still the third oldest there, but somehow it clicked and worked. I am among friends.

I don’t know if they see me as a big Brother or a leader, I am just in this very strange position that is not higher or lower. So I am just beside them, helping them out! OH! Talking about that right! I need to prepare lesson this week!

The second thing was, my mum asked me, “Do you think you are blessed/gifted?”

The response was quite instant. Yes.

I am not arrogant or showing off or anything, but I honestly think that I am very blessed to be able to do so much. It all started out with a simple, I wanna play drums for the Lord on stage. Today, not only am I playing drums on stage, I am arranging music, I am doing sound, I am taking photos, I am doing video, I am doing productions, I am planing and helping out for events, I am solving problems, I am putting out fires and I am teaching.

God, you honestly just amaze me. You have given me SOOO much more than that insecure, weak good at nothing much Normal Acadamic student could have ever imagined for. I was never great in studies in primary school or secondary school, but you had given me a GREAT score in N Levels and now in school. I honestly never thought that I would ever do well in school back when I was in secondary school. My results were always bad. Today, my results are really not bad. 

Lord, thank you for blessing me with so many gifts and blessings. Father, I am so thankful. It really isn’t me.

So Lord, guide me God. May my gifts and blessings be only for you alone Lord! Even Solomon with all his wisdom could fall, so Lord, guard my heart from the devil. May my heart be tender and loving always. May my heart be after your’s!

Thank you Oh God! 🙂

I am honestly so blessed to have you!



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