=396= Words of Melancholy: Grace

In one week, I just lost all respect for one of my childhood friends. I am just so disappointed with him.

Just watch yourself, can you honestly be proud of yourself? Can you go up to your parents tell them all that you had done and be proud of it? If you can, I have nothing to say.

I am honestly really fearful and angry.

I don’t care who you are, if you dare lay a single finger on the people that are dear to me, you will get it from me.

Such disgusting behaviour and lack of self control deserves to be scolded.

However, I also think that my other friend was just unwise. -.- Why reveal so much to people you barely know?

Please stay careful and wise, my friends.

There is always this phrase/meme online, “Find someone that you Like/love so much that you don’t want to f**k her”

I saw that and I am sad to say that our world has gotten things backwards.

Sex is good. God created sex to populate the world. Sex is a natural product of love. Not the other way around! 

The world had portrayed Sex as such a normal thing— as such a non-sacred thing that getting to know a person/love a person before having sex is not even the norm anymore.

The joy of intimacy is the reward for commitment.

I am glad that I have learned this young. Guys, please learn how to treasure yourselves and others.

Guard your hearts. Know that any form of intimacy, be it physical or emotional, should only be given if the person can commit to you. Don’t give your heart out so easily. Protect yourselves please. Sex should only be done in a marriage. 

Keep the marriage bed sacred.

I am thankful that people actually listened to me when I warned them about him. Thank you for trusting me.

Beyond all the fear and anger, God reminded me through D that we still need to love him. God, it really is incredible, you still love him. Father, I am so repulsed and disgusted, but Lord, you still loved him and would die for him and so I give thanks.

However, I still believe that if anyone should reach out to him, it should be a guy. I am sorry, I fear for your safety. So yeah.

God, thank you for loving all of us.



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