=397= Words of Joy: Bible Context

Today I had the privilege of teaching cell lesson to two groups of people. Though one group had very little time, so I missed certain points in debrief, I give thanks that God had given me wisdom, ideas and creativity to condense and make such a hard topic fun and engaging. We had too little time, so like Miss Tan’s devotions was a bit rushed. Sorry Miss Tan! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

My lesson was basically on Bible Context. How the bible was being arranged and background of most of the bible. I wished that I would have learned this before i started leading. I remembered teaching a lesson in my first year of leadership on a psalm. I TOTALLY quoted the psalm out of context. I see words like God saved/salvation etc etc etc and i ascribed that to Jesus. For those not sure. Salvation in such psalms are often like war victories or how they escaped with their lives and not the salvation we know today, the believe in God and can go heaven. I asked Tat Wai how can i improve on my lesson. I was referring to the technicals like how to present the psalm better for example. Instead, he tackled the content. He taught me this chim word, hermeneutics. The word basically means studying/interpreting the bible with reference with its context.

When I started learning more, I began to see how much i didn’t know and how much I got wrong! I mean, anyone can just google a verse and just put in in their instagram post, but just how many of you are sure of what is the context of the bible.

I regret saying directly that Bible knowledge was quite bad, because it put me in a higher position, I forgot to say that I quoted verses out of context all the time back then. -sigh- STUPID BOY!

So I wanted it to be fun, games/activities, something that will capture attention and be fun. So I planned a simple game, i played this with footsteps before, so I was quite hopeful, cause if footsteps was engaged, it was quite likely that other people will like it.

So the game goes like this:

  1. Split the group into two groups
  2. Give each group a few pieces of paper with Bible Characters’ Names on them.
  3. Give them a set amount of time to arrange the characters in order in which the bible character first appeared.
  4. Check and see if the order is correct, if correct, award the team with one point.
  5. The group with the most points, will get something
  6. If after you played a few rounds and it gets boring, make the game harder by asking them to put the books of the bible that the bible character’s names first appeared.

It was really quite taxing to make sure and find out where exactly did the bible character first appear. Surprisingly the internet wasn’t THAT much help.

SO yeah! Here are all the bible character’s names i used:

  1. Adam – Genesis 2:20
  2. Seth – Genesis 4:25
  3. Noah – Genesis 5:29
  4. Abram – Genesis 11:26
  5. Lot – Genesis 11:27
  6. Isaac – Genesis 21:3
  7. Jacob – Genesis 25:26 (Could mean Jesus’ Grandfather)
  8. Dinah – Genesis 30:21
  9. Joseph – Genesis 30:24 (Could also mean Jesus’ Father)
  10. Moses – Exodus 2:10
  11. Aaron – Exodus 4:14
  12. Hoshea – Numbers 13:8 (Could also mean the last king of Israel)
  13. Joshua – Numbers 13:16
  14. Deborah – Judges 4:4
  15. Gideon – Judges 6:11
  16. Samson – Judges 13:24
  17. Ruth – Ruth 1:3
  18. Salmon – Ruth 4:21
  19. Hannah – 1 Samuel 1:2
  20. Samuel – 1 Samuel 1:20
  21. Saul – 1 Samuel 9:2 (Could also mean Paul the apostle)
  22. Jonathan 1 Samuel 13:16
  23. David – 1 Samuel 16:13
  24. Absalom – 2 Samuel 3:3
  25. Solomon – 2 Samuel 12:24 (His life shown in 1 kings)
  26. Ezra – Ezra 7:1
  27. Nehemiah – Nehemiah 1:1
  28. Esther – Esther 2:7
  29. Job – Job 1:1
  30. Isaiah – Isaiah 1:1
  31. Jeremiah – Jeremiah 1:1
  32. Ezekiel – Ezekiel 1:1
  33. Daniel – Daniel 1:6
  34. Jonah – Jonah 1:1
  35. Jesus – Matthew 1:1
  36. Mary – Matthew 1:16
  37. (Simon) Peter – Matthew 4:18
  38. Stephen – Acts 6:5
  39. Paul – Acts 13:9(7:58 for the first mention of the character)
  40. Timothy – 1 Timothy 1:2

I would always dig a little deeper every time i do a lesson, even if it was the same lesson. This time round, i learned that Isaiah could very well be written by two authors. It was super cool.

Not only that right, the kids were engaged leh! Like really quite good. I was so surprised with some people’s bible knowledge in cell. Like Daniel even knew about the split of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. I actually only found out when PJ said it this year! AHAHA!

I taught people sound as well. For me, I think that some people actually wants to learn stuff, (like drums, sound etc etc) but they just don’t dare to ask. I actually was such a person before. I actually wanted to learn a musical instrument back when i was in sec 1, because SOOO many people in TWISTERS were SOOOOO talented and could play so well, i kinda felt left out. I wanted to join CAMY, but I was scared that because i didn’t know the instrument, I wouldn’t get in. It was only until sec 3 that i started picking up the drums. Hence, now, instead of people asking me, i started to ask people. I asked if they wanted to learn. Interesting enough, I found more and more people interested.

I actually found like 4-6 people interested to do sound. So now, it is really up to me to go and train and raise them up. I want to teach them in a personal, loving and edifying way. Slowly slowly, let them try and be a sound engineer for emerge. I have high hopes! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am honestly thankful that Leb had trusted me for sound today. Thank God for good education and exposure.

Throughout the years, you will hear me claim that i have some strange spiritual gifting one. I remembered that i once said that i had the gift of conversation and the gift of melodies. AHAHA! SOOO Young. I just wanted to be a little special ok?

Beyond all the strange gifts that i claim i have, there is one that keeps coming back to me and i honestly think that I have that spiritual gift. The gift of teaching.

When we did the survey thing a few years ago, Kiat was like, “Can see.” i did again last year, same gift. This year, i haven’t do yet, but I have been exercising my gifts in many ways. I always have a burden to teach. Be it sound, drums or the Bible. I just want people to have it easier than me, to know and learn stuff easier. If everyone learned the hard way, there really isn’t a point for teachers. So God, please reveal more of me to me. Use my gifts for you! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you God!

It had been a good day!

I actually successfully argued myself into a corner on something. HAHA, I guess, Saying it out loud and arguing with myself is actually a way for me to realise it myself. OK!

Thank you God!



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