=401= Reflections: Finding Dory & At Cafe 6

Okay. Great movies overload. I just watched two REALLY good movies. For me, At Cafe 6 rank WAY higher than Finding Dory! If I compare Finding Dory to Zootopia, Zootopia easily wins. However, Finding Dory is pretty good too!

So yeah, spoiler alert! Please just go watch At Cafe 6 before reading! Please! It REALLY is THAT good. PLEASE. GO WATCH NOWWWW!

Ok! Let’s start with Finding Dory. I don’t know who said that Finding Dory was basically the same with more on nostalgia from the first film, but I really don’t think so leh. This is really more focussed on the pain of short term memory loss and the pain of losing a loved one. However, this explains a lot about the character. Like why he was able to read/speak whale etc etc. This was really a movie about just do it and don’t think so much. The deceive moment and Carpe Diem. Well, the emotions were pulled at the right parts and the suspense and humour was good! I like it pretty much!

Now, let’s go on to At Cafe 6. Just wow. The funny thing was that I never even planned on watching that movie. My mum and I were about to watch finding dory then ghostbusters. Then my mum was like, “do you want to change to that?”

So we just asked and it worked! 😁 YES!

Thank Goodness we did. I doubt anything in the cinema now can beat this movie. It was the same kinda feeling I had with Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. Spontaneous amazement.

Ok the first, the setting was a man walking in the rain with an umbrella. He saw a lady crying before a spoilt tire and asked her if she needed help. He then brought her into his cafe and made her a cup of coffee. He noticed her phone with messages from someone. He then asked her if it was a long distance relationship. He then starts to recount a story.

The first few parts were a lot like our times and Apple of my eye. Except! There was a clear definitive “I like this girl” from the start. It wasn’t a, “I like this guy but after hanging out with this guy, I liked him instead” thing. Or the, “I like this girl, but I don’t dare to say I like her” kinda thing. It was a “I like this girl and I want to chase her” kinda thing from the start.

This time round, the main guy wasn’t especially good looking. In fact, he was really normal/ordinary both in looks and in capabilities. And he doesn’t have that at first ugly then suddenly pretty/handsome kinda thing. No he was normal all the way. He wasn’t someone that is smart or like a big boss that could fight. He couldn’t play Basketball. There really isn’t much special about his character and because of that, you can relate to him SOO well. He was just a quiet person that loves to play around/doing dares. He stands up for his friends, even getting into fights for his friend. He was just a simple man that wants to get together with the girl that he likes. With all of that, you would really root for him. Kinda like Tsuru and Eri from Proposal Daisakusen.

The girl was very adorable and cute. I sometimes get REALLY annoyed when I see a drama and I see that the director or script writer had decided to make the girl character act cute. COME ON! No one likes someone that just acts cute. I think how to make a girl character cute and attractive is to have her act a bit mature but then actually have them have their own silly burst of awkwardness. Like in this movie, the guy was like “pinky swear!” The girl said, “How old are you alr? Still pinky swear!” After saying that, she still pinky swore with him. Smiled, laughed and rode her bicycle away! Then she always gets a bit embarrassed and looked away. It was very adorable and attractive! 

With his friend as his wingman, he was able to go out with the girl that he liked. Eventually, he made a promise with her that he would study and get into the same college as her. He then would get into a fight(same fight as the one above) and have a girl actually confess to him. When rejecting the girl, he told her that he liked Xin Rui and Xin Rui actually overheard him and gave him a hug afterwards. 

He then worked hard but still didn’t managed to get into the same college as her in Taipei.

He then tried to keep the relationship going by working part time jobs all the time and saving up money to take the train to Taipei to see her. They even do stuff like they would eat the same stuff even though they are in different cities!

You would then see an unravelling of what seemed like a beautiful relationship.

The girl, Xin Rui, started to mature and had quite a change in personality. She became more cheerful and ambitious. She started to try more things and discovered more and more. She fell in love with coffee making. She fell in love with magic. You will see her becoming more beautiful.

The guy, Ming Lü, was still a very simple direct person. He works hard to please the girl, but slowly realised how tough it had become. The girl with more dreams really wanted them to go to Seattle together to travel and taste coffee. However, Ming Lü, was probably unable to due to financial reasons. The girl really liked this cat, and when he asked the owner, he found the price too much. He received a crying call from her when she was afraid because someone followed her. He rushed to the train station only for the last train to leave. He took the earliest train there, only for her to tell him that everything was settled. Ming Lü probably felt useless after that because he was supposed to make her feel secure and safe and he couldn’t because of the distance. He then asked the girl what he want him to do now. The girl was a bit puzzled and said that “you already know what to do, don’t you?” Ming Lü just started asking quite forcefully.

After the whole thing, you will see him still thinking of ways to solve the problems among them and fix the relationship. He thought about giving her the cat, a phone etc etc. He even forced his friend to ride motorbike all the way to Taipei. It was then just a very emotional breakup. Kudos to the actors for acting so well and the director for having such amazing direction.

Then just when it couldn’t get any worse. He gave up on studies. Not only that. He received a call to hear that his Mum died. A back story’s on his Mum, his Mum was his only family. It was really heartbreaking after you see how his mum worked so many shifts as a nurse to support him. Then even supporting him in her own way. Disciplining while loving at the same time.

I laugh sometimes because I saw the character being so brave before a gangster, but so scared before his Mother. I mean a gangster would probably hurt him more physically, but why is does his Mother scare him more? Because his Mother actually loves him. He isn’t scared to be hit, but scared to be a disappointment to his Mother. His Mother worked SOOO hard for him only for him to disappoint her? It that how you repay someone that loves you and invested so much of herself to you? Of course not. That is why we as children should always hold our parents with Honour and let them have the authority over us.

So he walked away, wanting to be alone after receiving a consoling message from the girl. His friend came up to him to comfort him but he wanted to be quiet and alone. That led to a fight and Ming Lü eventually broke down.

Now let me focus on this Friend of his, Bo-Zhi. He is really quite a fun character. A more perverted Ko Teng, and a more funny and cute Taiyu. The friendship between them was just incredible to watch. From saving each other in a fight to helping out as a wingman to driving across the country in a typhoon while being sick. This character was so well thought out that the contrast between the characters worked out SOOO well! 

The last part of the story that he told was with a class gathering. Ming Lü asked Xin Rui to come and meet him. They seemed to have a good tension between them and the guy even asked the girl out. They went to set fireworks and the story ended there and it returned to the present.

Then it was the present, the cafe owner went home and on the letter was Xin Rui’s best friend’s name. Now t was when the audience went into shock. Did Ming Lü get together with the other girl?

NOWWW REALLY REALLY SPOILER ALERT AH! Below is the twist of the movie.

It was now that it was revealed that the Cafe Owner wasn’t Ming Lü, the Cafe Owner is actually Ming Lü’s good Friend Bo-Zhi. It was then that it was revealed that Ming Zhi took his own life and asked Bo-Zhi to help him fulfil Xin Rui’s dream.

Wow. It was such an amazing twist. Both UTTERLY depressing and funny at the same time. Trust me, you will understand why.

I loved how freaking real this movie was. The whole tone was a bit darker than its predecessors. I liked how the maturing if the characters. I like the mature way of handling stuff. I like how the characters actually work hard to keep a relationship going on. I like that it isn’t just a boy girl story, mixing in elements of family and friendship love as well. I like how this movie actually felt real and not just nostalgic. This really is at a different level from its predecessors.

I actually think that Ming Lü dying is a real option. I mean just look at him. He lost everything in such a short period of time. The relationship he worked so hard to maintain. His studies that his Mother invested so much unto himself. His Mother that he loved. Everything came crumbling down and I could totally see how his character developed was totally understandable even though it made his character less likeable and perfect, but that is the point! Not a fairy tale prince, but just a very ordinary human being.

It REALLY is a very good movie. If you just read everything and haven watched yet. Just go, you won’t be disappointed. It pulled me at all my heart strings. Wow, just wow.

Lord, thank you for this film!



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