=405= Reflections: My Mel Years

Today, someone new came into our service. He was very friendly and was really interested to learn more about Christianity.

Then after service, he asked a bunch of questions. Like questions about Christianity and like how if he accepts Jesus, what would be the consequence of that. I started going through the whole bible history, trying to explain concepts of like justification and sanctification. Honestly, I would have been unable to answer all of that if I haven’t went through my Mel years.

What are my Mel years? It was a period of my life when I was only interested in the concepts and apologetics. As a result, I started reading SOO many books. I started reading about what we believe in. It was interesting. I mean, after being Christian for so long. I still didn’t understand a lot of concepts.

As a result of that, I began understanding and could at least explain and say what I believe in.

I still do ponder and think about hard questions. However, now, I have a deeper understanding about the history and could understand certain concepts. So now, when asked, it is a matter of thinking before speaking. I still cannot quote like statistics off hand of course.

I also began to realise that knowing and understanding doctrine isn’t as important as experiencing doctrine. So yeah! Though I still love a good insight about our belief, I believe love is more important than knowledge. So I will pour out more love than I will argue. If explaining and discussing such things is showing love, then I will.

You can check out my more Mel days on my blog! The earlier years are more intellectual and concept stuff!

Oh God, please protect J. May he be healthy and well.



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