=406= Words of Melancholy: Realisation

Today, I had a very hard realisation that we are really very different.

I honestly just wanted some attention and care from you. Well, looks like I am just always on the giving end. Does being stable and giving all the time equate to people thinking that I don’t need prayer and care from people?

Lord, I long for care and concern from people. Father, will you provide that?

Father, will you please satisfy me? May I never look to the left or right, but to you Lord. Father, stay with me, hold my hand, guide me, lead me to walk those few steps on water.

Thank you Lord! 🙂

Oh on another hand, I realised that I haven’t posted anything on Flickr for a while. Not because i haven’t shot in a month, but like I felt like I haven’t posted my works so i needed to get the output out. Like it is posting out, showing my work, then go make some more. SO yeah!

Here are 11 photos from Retreat 2016 that I am pretty proud of:


You will see some blur movement, I actually REALLY like it. A hand being blur doesn’t equate to a bad photo. Sometimes blur can help a composition. It was my first time shooting for a church event too. SO yeah, like I said, it was very different from street photography. It was capturing precious moments of posture and of people coming back to God and how the church loves people. Some of my proudest works. Haha! I am actually proud of most photos I post on Flickr. SO YEAH! Hope you will like them!

You can see two of my lens in action. the Canon FD 50mm f1.4 that flares and annoy the heck out of me and the Sigma 30mm f1.4 DC DN that focus annoys the crap out of me. Annoying lenses that I still love because they do give me good photos. So yeah! It is nice!

Thank you God for providing me financially for this hobby and passion.

All praise to God.



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