=407= Words Of Melancholy: Tired

Right now, it is a feeling of weariness wearing me down. Honest! Not any spiritual burdens etc etc. I am literally tired.

I never thought that I would get used to this kind of lifestyle, but it honestly isn’t that bad. I mean. Yeah. From a bystander point of view, it is like a hard labour contractor kinda job, in some ways it is! However, it isn’t really that bad at all.

I really think everyone should at least try such a job once. Learn how to carry stuff properly, react to problems and danger quickly and be alert to see who needs help. Be a technical basically.

Life skills I have learned ever since I became a technical:

  1. How to push flight cases without it swaying to the left or right.
  2. How to load cases up without it falling down.
  3. How to react quickly to danger or problems.
  4. How to walk fast and how to offer help.
  5. How to lift heavy items without hurting your back. (Thank you Esplanade)
  6. How to follow instructions. (Oh you have no idea how hard this is)
  7. How to interact with co-workers.
  8. How to speak when someone is helping you. (learned from a negative example by the way, you have no idea how freaking annoying some people are to me when all I want to do is to try to help them. Tsk. Unappreciative fishes.)
  9. How to tolerate people. (You have no idea how irritating some people are)
  10. How to watch out for others even though you are doing your own tasks.

These are honestly very very very useful life skills that will stay with me (I hope) for years to come. My mum told me that my temper had been worse ever since my internship. Probably bah. I mean, technicals really have very short fuses. I try to be patient most of the time, but I honestly cannot stand bad attitude, hypocrisy and anger at simple/ridiculous things.

I know it is ironic, anger at anger. Just hear my out ok? I mean, COME ON! Can you please save your anger for something more worth your time? I don’t get it. Use your anger for more serious stuff please! Why get angry over things that can be solved easily? I hate it when people just cannot be a bit understanding and patient.

May I never be a person that I cannot be proud of. Lord, make me a man of God. A man after your own heart.

Thank you Lord for this 5 months.



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